causes rapid appearance of fatty hair Every woman knows that it is healthy,beautifully arranged hair is the best decoration. Wanting to have a stylish hairstyle, they spend a lot of time and money on beauty salons, masks, balms and shampoos. From time to time, many of them face an unpleasant situation, when by the end of the day the hair becomes dim, lose volume, stick together. Why do hair quickly become fat? These transformations are associated with increased sebum separation. In the deep layers of the skin, near the hair bulbs, sebaceous glands are located, and on the surface of the head are the mouths, connected with glands by thin excretory canals. With normal functioning they are only useful, since a small amount of sebum strengthens and protects the hair. Sometimes, as a result of the impact of a number of factors, glands may malfunction. Strengthening the activity of sebum secretion can lead not only to oily hair, but also cause their loss, the appearance of dandruff. To get rid of this problem, you need, first of all, to find out why the hair is fatty. There are a number of reasons, external and internal, causing increased activity of the sebaceous glands. Let's consider each of them. the cause of fatty hair can serve as a malnutrition

Improper care

  • First of all, it is necessary to select correctlycosmetics - they should be designed specifically for oily hair. A good effect will be shampoos and masks with an extract of seaweed, nettle, oak cortex, lavender, marigold, containing a complex of vitamins A, B and E. In especially severe cases, you should look for medicinal shampoos in pharmacies.
  • Regular use of a hair dryer andhair styling can also lead to a deterioration in their condition. Owners of fatty hair better to dry them in a natural way, and if necessary, use only light styling products that do not make your hair heavier.
  • Frequent combing of fatty hair, the habit of constantly adjusting the hair and the scalp massage promote the spread of fat from the scalp along the entire length of the hair.
  • There is a misconception that fightingOily hair helps to wash your hair. This is not true. Due to the very frequent use of shampoo, hair is heavily overdryed, which causes the sebaceous glands to intensify their work.
  • Do not neglect the hats in winter and hot summer. The effects of temperature changes can adversely affect even healthy hair, not to mention distressed and fatty.

General condition of the body

  • One of the reasons why hair is fast becomingfat, can become heredity. The tendency to fatty hair is transmitted by genetic means, in this case it will not be possible to completely get rid of the problem, but it is possible to improve the condition of the hair with the help of properly selected care products.
  • Increased secretion of the sebaceous glands may bea side effect caused by the taking of certain medications that disrupt the nutrition of the hair and the functioning of the scalp glands. In this case, consultation with the attending physician is necessary. In any case, after the end of the treatment course, the hair will most likely come back to normal.
  • In adolescents, women of menopausal age andDuring pregnancy there are changes in the hormonal background that can cause rapid fatness of the hair among other external manifestations that will eventually pass. In the case of diseases associated with the endocrine system, it is necessary to undergo treatment - only in this case the hair will again become healthy.
  • The transferred stresses, a constant pressure,Insomnia increases the body's content of the male hormone - androgen. Its significant increase leads to an increase in the rate of sebum production several times.

treatment of oily hair

Improper diet

  • Oily hair can be an indicator of the presence of problems with the digestive tract, resulting from improper or unbalanced diet or abuse of diets.
  • First of all, it should be minimized tohis diet fatty and fried dishes, sweet. Also it is not recommended to use in large quantities different smoked meat and marinades, pastries, white bread, sausages and sausages.
  • It is worth trying to completely abandon coffee, alcohol and fast food - these products, undoubtedly, activate the work of the sebaceous glands.
  • Will benefit from the use of foods containing B vitamins: fish and seafood, beef liver, eggs, meat, dairy products, legumes, whole grain bread, green vegetables.
  • Improve the condition of oily hair foods withhigh content of zinc, iron and sulfur. For example, corn and wheat porridge are an excellent source of zinc, and red meat, poultry, rabbit meat, oatmeal and dried fruits are high in iron. Regular use of peanuts, almonds, sesame, cabbage, zucchini, herbs, legumes, apples and grapes will help to avoid sulfur deficiency in the body.
  • Very often a fascination with all sorts of diets forlosing weight leads to a deterioration in the general condition of the body, including fatty hair. To prevent this condition, you must take during limited nutrition vitamins and minerals.