hair styling at home That's why, when you do a haircut and styling inbeauty salon, then the head - just in perfect condition, right to be shot on the cover of the magazine? And it will not be long before the gloss and shine added to our hairstyle disappears, the hair again becomes disobedient and does not want to take the form that was given to them in this very salon. Or does the word there magically know which hair is being listened to? Or work in these salons entirely wizards and magicians? And you know, there is some truth in these assumptions! In fact, the work of a master hairdresser reminds of sorceress passes or dexterous manipulations of the prestige. Did you notice how clever the masters manage with all sorts of combs, scissors, hairdryers and others like them? And what kind of arsenal of aids you use - foam, varnishes, mousses, shampoos, shines - any sorceress will envy! And they know the word magic! And the word (or rather, the words) is: the rules of styling hair! That's the whole secret. Believe that hair styling at home is quite possible for any of us, if at least a little bit, even a drop to approach the skills of a professional. And for this we need to acquire suitable tools and auxiliary tools (as for masters), learn the basics of hair styling rules. Well, madam, will we begin to become sorceresses?


In order to hair styling at home even remotely resembling the result of manipulation of the master, we need the following tools:

  • Hair dryer is needed for drying hair and giving them volume.
  • Styler (hair iron). It will be necessary to create a hairstyle with straight or straightened hair, as well as for hairstyles with corrugated strands.
  • Tongs or hair curlers. With their help, we will make the hair curly or just wavy.
  • Hairbrush-brushing (round brush for hair) - curls, a large wave, the right direction and the correct position of the strands, as well as the volume of the hair.
  • Frame hairbrush. A special brush on a rectangular or round basis, designed directly for hair styling.

Means for styling hair: gels, foams, mousses, lacquers, waxes, sprays. First, they will protect the hair from not such a useful laying process (hot hair dryer and forceps), and also fix the hair:

  • Penki and mousses are applied to the hair before the beginningstacking. They become the so-called basis and pledge of strength. However, remember that the excess of this remedy will turn your hair into stuck icicles. Such funds must first be applied to the palm or comb, and then to the hair.
  • Lotion for styling is perfect for giving strength and volume to the hair, when the hair for it is wound on curlers. The strands of hair are simply wetted with lotion, and then they are already wound.
  • Gel for styling is also intended for givingthe volume of the hairdo (with the hair dryer) and the long preservation of its shape. In addition, it is the gel most often used for hairstyles with the effect of wet hair or in retro style.
  • Hairspray is intended for fixingachieved result. That is, this tool is used at the end of laying and simply fixes the hair, not allowing the hair to crumble. The varnish is applied from a short distance, evenly spraying all over the hair, or sprinkle the strands near the roots.
  • Wax is most often used for "torn" styling, when it becomes necessary to isolate and fix individual strands.
  • Here, strictly speaking, and all the tools,which will help us become a sorceress, master the basics of hairdressing and beautifully lay the hair at home. But before you start to master this art on your own head, it would not be bad to prepare, remembering the basic rules of hair styling. how to style your hair at home

    Hair styling rules

    Remember where your visit beginshairdressing salon? Yes, that's right - with washing your head. And even if you assure the master that you have a clean head, he will still arrange for you to be wasted. And this is not from disgust. Simply styling is best "lays down" and lasts longer on freshly washed hair. And this is the first secret of the masters! Working with a hair dryer also has its secrets. Firstly, you can not put wet hair on the hair dryer: it's so easy to damage. Therefore, the hair should be allowed to dry slightly naturally or to speed up the process with a towel. Secondly, the hair should be dried and laid, adjusting the flow of air at an average speed and setting it to an average temperature. Begin laying (drying) from the roots, and flow the air from top to bottom. The nozzle-concentrator will accelerate the drying process, the nozzle-diffuser helps to achieve the effect of curls. After blow-drying the hair should be allowed to cool for ten minutes, then the styling will last longer. Laying with a styler or forceps can only be done with dried hair, which must first be applied with a thermal protective agent. Curl curls begin with the crown, and straightening - with the lower strands. To make your hair look shiny, after washing, you need to rinse it with cold water or a cube of ice. Under the influence of cold hair "shrink", and will become more smooth. To lay hair in house conditions

    Hair styling options

    Express-styling is suitable for hair of any length. Tilt your head down (forward or backward - this is as convenient for you) and just sprinkle the roots of hair with varnish, and then shake your hair. Fast laying requires a haircut, which will set the shape of your hair and a certain habit. For this laying, you need a wireframe and hair dryer. A little damp hair lift the comb at the roots (against hair growth) and blow dry. The direction of the strands is also specified using the frame comb. So you get a three-dimensional styling. Semi-professional laying is performed by a styler or tongs, sometimes by hair, already dried by a hair dryer with a frame comb and having a volume at the roots. To do this, you need to have experience and an idea of ​​how the combed hair will look. With the help of curlers you can get curls of different size and different shapes that will make the hair "lie" up, down or even sideways. And the so-called festive laying is available not only to masters, but to mere mortals. However, most likely, for such a hairdo you will need not only the largest possible set of tools and tools, but also aggressive methods of laying (naches, for example) and all kinds of pads, barrettes, hairpins and so on. But do not worry: holidays and going to the Light, we do not have every day, and learning how to bring your head in order for everyday life is not so difficult. Hair styling at home will require you only knowledge of the rules, sense of proportion and taste, as well as tools and tools for styling. And, of course, training! What did you think? Moscow and that did not immediately build. So train and get used to be beautiful every day, not just on holidays. We advise you to read: