how to shine hair Well-groomed healthy hair that shines andpoured into the light, always look aesthetically pleasing. But not every woman is given by nature to have such hair. It's okay, everything can be fixed - you just need to make some effort and have patience.

Proper hair care

First of all, you need to learn how to wash properlyyour hair. To do this, you need to use water is not hot, but warm - it allows you to open flakes, but when rinsing it is better to use cooler water - it will help the flakes to close. This is how the hair becomes obedient and elastic. Dry hair should only be opened-dip a towel, but in any case, do not keep them for long in a towel, or constantly dry with a hairdryer until completely dry. By the way, the very first enemy of hair, which "gives" them dullness and dryness is the hot air of a hair dryer. After washing, regular scalp massage should be done - blood circulation improves, and hair follicles are filled with useful substances. This affects the general appearance and the condition of the hair as a whole. Once a month, you need to perform deep cleansing with special shampoos-peels, which can be purchased at a beauty salon, a pharmacy or a cosmetic shop. Normal shampoo can not thoroughly clean the hair of dust, dirt and remnants of cosmetics - these remnants do not add to the charm of your hair, but make them dull and depleted. how to give hair shine

Masks for shine of hair

So, how to give shine to the hair? To do this, there are many ways, both professional and popular. Only here it is necessary to be cautious - there are such ways which approach individually and depend on color of hair. For example, for brunettes, this option is suitable: take a pinch of black tea and as many sawdust, all this is poured with boiling water and insists. After washing, the hair is rinsed with this infusion. As you know, this infusion is suitable for dark-haired ladies - it will have a coloring effect on blondes. But for fair-haired women, rinse with plain water with lemon juice - for 3 liters of juice of one lemon. Red girls can try the infusion of onion husks - a liter jar of shells pour boiling water, insist, cool and rinse. All these methods have long been tested not only by our grandmothers, but also by official science. On the question - how to give hair shine, there are universal tips. First, all women can use raw eggs - it is necessary to apply a couple of beaten eggs on damp hair, gently massage the scalp, as if rubbing the mass. Leave this mask for 10 minutes and then rinse with cool water (in no case hot - the eggs "curl up" and have to wash your head again). Secondly, it is absolutely for any type of hair that rinses a non-carbonated mineral water. And infusion of rosemary and nettles will not only give shine to the hair, but also make them stronger. To do this, take equal parts of herbs (2 tablespoons) and pour them with a liter of boiling water and leave for 40 minutes, then rinse your hair. When shampoos were rare, many women washed their heads with soap, often with household soap, and rinse with water and vinegar to give softness and shine. By the way, this method does give results, only with proportions do not go too far - 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water. shine hair at home

Hair Nutrition

It is necessary not only to look after hairby washing and applying masks, but also to remember about proper nutrition. After all, hair often reflects the internal state of the body, and nutrients come to the follicles from the consumed products. For the health of hair, do not forget to include in your diet daily products containing protein - meat, fish, cottage cheese, milk, eggs. Do not forget about buckwheat, vegetables, nuts - they contain vitamin B, which is necessary for nourishing the hair. In addition to the consumption of simple food products, shine hair and treat them if necessary, some cosmetic procedures, such as eluting and laminating hair, will help. These procedures are quite expensive, but the effect from them is simply stunning. After the elumination, the hair does not fade, even when exposed to sunlight, and lamination allows you to saturate the hair with substances and, as it were, "close" them from the harmful effects of the environment. There are many ways to restore even the most sick and weakened curls, and to shine hair at home and do not have to make great efforts. Try to take advice from traditional medicine, but if you want to get results quickly and for a long time, then go for help to modern methods in cosmetology. In any case, it is worth doing this, and then the beauty of your hair will delight everyone around you. We advise you to read: