how to know the sex of a child without uzi The future child's sex interests almost allfuture parents, with rare exceptions. For today it is not a special problem - after all ultrasonic diagnostics is accessible to all. However, not all parents agree to this procedure - someone for reasons of principle, someone believes that the uzi is harmful to the child. But now it's not about that. We take for granted that the fact that ultrasound is not performed. But curiosity is not so easy. So the future mom and dad are asked the question of how to know the sex of a child without uzi. Of course, reliable ways to do this is simply impossible. But try to understand the dowry to buy what color, you can still. With the help of people's signs.

Physical characteristics of the organism

The mass of people's perceptions is connected with the physical features of the organism of the future mother. The most common of them we offer to your attention:

  • Belly shape

After the tummy is enoughnoticeable, it is worth remembering the oldest and most common sign - the shape of the abdomen. Go to the mirror and carefully examine your "heritage" - if the tummy strongly protrudes forward and looks like a cucumber, there is a high probability that the heir and the successor of the genus live in it. As a rule, if you look at the woman from the back, the tummy is completely invisible. But if the tummy increases in size in breadth, located where there was only recently a waist, most likely the ribbons for discharge will need a pink color. Incidentally, this tummy is very well marked even when the woman is standing with her back. Doctors say that this theory has no basis. However, the fact remains - in most cases this sign comes true. In addition, it is worth paying attention to another feature of the shape of the abdomen. The stomach is never symmetrical - it is always bigger in one side. So - if the bulging of the tummy in the right side, most likely a boy will be born. And if in the left - then, respectively, daughter. And one more sign is connected with a strip on the abdomen - from the pubis to the navel. Almost every woman came across her. However, stripes are different! So - the folk sign says that the appearance of a strip of hair extends the birth of a boy, and the stripes due to pigmentation - the appearance of a girl. And this old folk rule is explained by scientific theory - the influence of hormones. Although, of course, this promise does not guarantee either.

  • Chest

Pay attention to the condition of the chest. If it began to increase in the first half of pregnancy - there is a high probability that you will have a son. And if only closer to childbirth, then most likely a light will pop-daughter. Do not deprive the attention and nipples - in most cases, the mother of the boy haveoles remain bright, but the mothers of girls, they darken very quickly and very much. And this fact is noted even by doctors, although it can not be explained from a scientific point of view.

  • Change the appearance

Of course, under the change in appearanceimplied are not the transformations that occur with the body of any future woman. But the facial features can help to understand who to wait for - a son or daughter. The old-old folk sign says that the girl takes all the beauty from her mother - her facial features are blurred, a lot of different eruptions appear on the skin, and pigment spots are also common. Do not be in a hurry to get scared - in all cases everything will return to its place in the near future after the birth. But the appearance of the future mother of the boy almost never suffers - on the contrary, many argue that a woman during pregnancy just blooms. How can you know the sex of a child without uzi?

Tastes of taste

Many will be associated with the taste preferences of the future mother, who during pregnancy can be very different and surprise not only relatives, but also the pregnant woman herself:

  • Aversion to certain foods

There is an opinion that a woman waiting for appearanceto the light of his son, can not look at apples and pears, does not pamper the attention of sour-milk products and dislikes almost all sweets, even if before she could not imagine a day without chocolate. But the future mother of the daughter refuses meat products, refuses cheese and can not tolerate black tea and coffee, even if she was an avid coffee maid until she was pregnant.

  • Taste preferences

Another attempt to guess who will appear on thelight - to analyze the taste predilections of the future mother. For example, a woman waiting for the birth of a girl can not resist the tile of chocolate, marshmallow, gingerbread, sweets and other sweets. And the boy's mother loses self-control at the sight of any meat or fish. Well, still - after all, her little mans feed!

Emotional background

It is generally accepted that one can try to determinethe sex of the unborn child according to how the future mother behaves. It is difficult to say on what these signs are based, one can guess for a long time, but our ancestors considered these signs very, very reliable.

  • Excessive emotion

Strictly speaking, it's hard to imagineemotionally balanced pregnant woman - now she laughs, and after five minutes she already sobs bitter tears. And after another five minutes and does not remember why she, in fact, was crying. In a word, a fascinating attraction and a wonderful test of Papinian nerves on the fortress. But if this most excessive emotionality is expressed very clearly, you can wait for the birth of the daughter. No wonder - the future mommy is capricious for two women: for herself and for her daughter.

  • Unnecessary tranquility

Perhaps the very phrase "excessivecalmness "sounds strange enough - well, how can it be superfluous? But remember that we are talking about a future mother who, due to a change in the hormonal background, physical discomfort and various experiences, can not be a priori a complete calm. Although, of course, for a man, this calmness is a real gift. No calls to work with hysterics over the long absence, nor the requirements of a fresh watermelon at three o'clock on January night. But we deviate from the topic. So - the folk sign says that the calmer the pregnant woman, the higher the probability of the birth of a boy. Well, it's also true - the future man, how could he. So, I must control not only myself, but my mom. how to know the sex of a child without uzi correctly

Instead of an afterword

Of course, do not take all of these signsseriously. After all, even ultrasound always leaves a small, but still a possibility of error. And here - the people's signs. But if you at least smiled, reading these lines, it means that you have already spent time. And positive emotions are necessary for a future mother as well as fresh air and vitamins. A child's sex ... Of course, it's interesting. But not fundamentally important, is it? The most important thing is for your child to be coveted, healthy and loved. And all this, unlike the floor of crumbs, is exclusively in your hands! We wish you a light birth! We advise you to read: