childbirth at home In recent times, cases of childbirth at home have become more frequent. More and more expectant mothers prefer to give life to their child at home, in the family. If you and your husband decided to give birth at home, you must prepare them carefully in advance. Of course at home, in the familiar and familiar surroundings, in the presence of the husband, the expectant mother will be much easier, since at home she can always be supported by a close person, and she herself will be the mistress of her position. But you should think carefully before making your choice definitively and consciously. So, the birth of the house: for and against.

Childbirth at home: positive sides

Of course, the most important plus of home birthsis that for the first time you will meet your baby at home. He will be born in a warm and cozy atmosphere, he will not have to suffer additional stress due to hospital walls (and passing through the birth canal is a big burden on your baby!). In addition, if you are attuned to home births and well prepared for them, your condition will be calm and relaxed. In many ways, the desire of a woman to give birth at home is associated with a nervous situation in the maternity homes, hamovatym and incompetent medical staff, and also with the lack of ability to control the process of the birth of their child. Some women even joke: "Selling the soul to the devil - if only not in the hospital!". But in every joke there is a grain of truth: unfortunately, at present some doctors do not listen to the wishes of women, stimulate births unnecessarily and apply other undesirable methods of obstetrics. Home birth will help you and your husband to become not just observers, but real participants in the birth of your child. If the pregnancy is not complicated and normal, and the woman is healthy and young (for the first-born age does not exceed 35 years), then the couple who decided to give birth at home has the moral right to do so. It's not for nothing that folk wisdom says: houses and walls help. In addition, a significant plus of home births is that you do not part with the notorious five (and even more) days with relatives and friends. And this contributes to the emergence of spiritual unity, an atmosphere of warmth and love in the family. At the same time, you still need to invite a midwife to go home, who will be near you at the time of delivery and will monitor the situation from the medical point of view (and not only the so-called "spiritual" escort who will provide moral and psychological support during childbirth ). In advance, discuss with her all the details, prepare everything you need, which may be required in the process of the birth of your child. Do not forget that you are responsible for a new life - the life of your baby, which you can give only you, not the midwife. It is for this reason that special qualities are needed to participate in home births: inner strength and responsibility, high self-regulation and patience, willingness to sacrifice, etc. ... childbirth home for and against

Disadvantages of home birth

Childbirth at home is a very important step, andIt is necessary to prepare for them with all seriousness. Unfortunately, they have certain drawbacks, which, in fact, are a continuation of their merits. The most important disadvantage of home births is the lack of necessary medical equipment at home and qualified personnel who can help in an emergency (this may be important, because it will be problematic to get to the hospital before birth). Therefore, if there were any difficulties in the course of the course of pregnancy or there are possible risks, it is better to abandon the idea of ​​home births, because this can negatively affect the health of your and your baby. In particular, you may have a rupture of blood vessels and, as a result, blood loss, and a baby can be overtaken by hypoxia (oxygen starvation), the approach of which in the maternity hospital is determined by special CTG sensors. Childbirth at home is also fraught with gaps in the vagina, which are sometimes better prevented by correct incisions, and then treated. By the way, in such cases, a woman usually can not sit down in the next two weeks and overwork, and this is the easiest way to organize in a maternity hospital, where specially trained medical staff will take care of you. Which, by the way, will also teach you the basics of caring for a child and will answer your questions about breastfeeding (and at first there may be some difficulties with this). The greatest danger that lurks in home births is the possibility that something will go wrong. Variants can be a lot: sudden onset of hypoxia in the baby, its large size, narrow pelvis, incorrect position of the child, and even twins, which can not be seen on ultrasound (yes, and it happens). In such cases, an emergency intervention of specialists (up to the cesarean section) may be necessary, which will be difficult to implement if you give birth at home. Therefore, before deciding to take such a step, one should carefully weigh the pros and cons of such a decision. Do not forget that according to statistics, infant mortality in home births is slightly higher, and it is you (and not the doctors who could not cope with the situation) be responsible for this.

Preparation for home birth

So, your decision to give birth at home is already finalaccepted. Now you need to decide on the preparation for home birth. To do this, there are special courses for future parents, where you will be able to prepare specialists who are versed in this matter. In the centers for the preparation for childbirth, you can go through a similar course, which will help to cope with childbirth at home. As a rule, it contains the basic information about the physiology of births, their periodization and content of these periods, methods of natural anesthesia, etc. ... Of course, home births are radically different from childbirth in the hospital. Therefore, for the future of the pope, it will not be superfluous to attend lectures where you can watch a video about the birth of the house, as well as get useful advice on how to behave during childbirth and what help may be required. Very often, home births take place in the water - it is believed that this facilitates the birth of both mom and baby. That is why in the courses with a married couple can hold a special preparatory occupation in the pool. During childbirth, it will help the couple, as they will already have an idea of ​​what and how to do. You must not forget that home births require even more health and mental strength from you than ordinary births. In such a situation, you can no longer disconnect and rely on doctors and their advice in everything - you will need to keep everything under control and understand what you are doing (and this is problematic in the related state of altered state of consciousness). Your husband should also understand that childbirth is not the most aesthetically pleasing process, and be prepared for blood and the birth of "afterlife".

Take a weighted decision

Of course, childbirth is a natural process, andthe best preparation for them is to achieve a calm and positive attitude. The purpose of any birth is not to complicate your life, but to help your baby to be born. Proponents of home births appeal to the fact that for thousands of years our ancestors gave birth independently - and nothing, humanity has survived. But do not forget about what were the risks of mortality for the mother and the child. Thank God, now a woman can choose how the birth of her child should take place. And to this decision it is necessary to approach as much as possible responsibly, having weighed all arguments "for" and "against". Only in this way you can make the most correct decision. We advise you to read: