Mathematics of conception or on what days it is possible to become pregnant Every woman should know the mathematics. And let not all become economists, bank employees or chief accountants. But everyone has to be counted. We count money, calories, kilograms and centimeters ... And we calculate the days that are favorable for conceiving a child. These are the very days when a meeting of a sperm with an egg can occur. To this meeting took place, the egg should mature and get out of the follicle, and the most active of the spermatozoa is to have time to get to it first. How can you determine on which days you can get pregnant? In most cases, it is enough to know the days of your ovulation, i.e. The days when the egg leaves the follicle and is ready for fertilization. This occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Ovulation lasts 48 hours. It is during this period that chances are are maximal. By the way, spermatozoa can maintain their reproductive properties for several days. This feature can be used to plan the sex of the child. The fact that semen consists of sperm of two types: "male" - y-spermatozoa and "female" - x-spermatozoa. From what sperm fertilizes an egg, and the sex of the future baby depends. Mathematics of conception or on what days it is possible to become pregnant According to research, "male" spermatozoalighter and more mobile, but less tenacious. And "female" - on the contrary, heavy and slow, but more hardy. In this case, conception can occur at the time when the egg moves to the uterus on the phalopia (within 3-4 days after ovulation). Thus, it is possible to calculate in what period it is more likely to conceive a boy, and when a suitable day for the conception of a girl. If the sexual intercourse occurred 2-3 days before ovulation, then to survive until fertilization is more likely in "female" sperm. Accordingly, the probability of conceiving a girl is higher. And if the sexual intercourse has occurred less than a day before ovulation or immediately after it, the quickest "male" spermatozoa will be the first to reach the ovule, creating all the conditions for the conception of the boy. By the way, it is better to plan conception in the first day after the onset of ovulation. The fact is that the egg grows old, and the probability of miscarriage or birth defects in a child increases. But to apply this method, you need to know exactly the moment of ovulation, and this is very problematic. It would seem, knowing the periodicity of your cycle, you can calculate the day of ovulation. For example, if the cycle is 28 days, the probability of becoming pregnant will be maximum at 13-14 days. All right, but ... Rhythm of ovulation can change with stress and endocrine diseases, after childbirth, abortion. It happens that in the cycle occurs and menstruation without ovulation or vice versa - ovulation without menstruation. By the way, 2-3 cycles a year can pass without ovulation, and this is considered the norm. It turns out that calendar calculations are not always accurate. Therefore, in order to determine which days are favorable for conception, many planners turn to other, more reliable methods. Mathematics of conception or on what days it is possible to become pregnant The days when you can get pregnant, you can determine,measuring the basal temperature. To do this, at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, every morning, without getting out of bed, at the same time we measure the temperature either in the mouth, or in the vagina, or in the anus. The last reception gives the most accurate indication. Nevertheless, there may be errors if you are tired or sick, slept less than 6 hours, shortly before measurement, drank alcohol or took medications. And this is far from all factors that can lead to inaccuracies in the testimony. To determine which days to get pregnant, a special schedule should be drawn up according to the measurements taken. The usual temperature will range from 36.6 to 36.9, and after ovulation it will immediately rise to 37 degrees. Accordingly, in these days, women who want to become pregnant should do their best to achieve their goal. The next method, more accurate and reliable, is the test for ovulation. This test looks very similar to the tests that confirm the onset of pregnancy. The substance in the ovulation test reacts with the luteinizing hormone LH, which appears in the urine 24-36 hours before ovulation. Such tests should be conducted every day to not miss the right time. In one box, sold at the pharmacy, you will find several test strips at once. Reliability of tests for ovulation reaches 99.9%. There is another, less accurate way, but for some category of women it is better than any medical tests. These are subjective sensations. The fact is that a woman can experience certain sensations, previous ovulation or accompanying it. For example, pain in the lower abdomen, abundant discharge, increased sexual activity. Mathematics of conception or on what days it is possible to become pregnant If you were able to clearly determine which daysyou can get pregnant, you should prepare the body in advance for this event and do not act spontaneously. Training should include exercise, outdoor exercise, full medical examination and treatment of chronic diseases. It is also necessary to fill in the nutrients that are missing in the body. The latter can be done with the help of special vitamin preparations. So, 2-3 months before the proposed conception, it is advisable to start taking the vitamin complex . This drug is good in that it contains a complex of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are necessary for the conception and development of the fetus:

  • Folic acid is responsible for the division of cells in the body of a child in the early stages of pregnancy.
  • Amino acid arginine improves blood circulation and promotes saturation of tissues with oxygen.
  • Vitamins E, C, B6 are the key to harmonious growth and the formation of muscle mass of the fetus.
  • Minerals of zinc, magnesium and selenium provide a normal course of pregnancy and fetal development.
  • Extract of vitex (prutnyak) normalizes the hormonal background and stimulates the production of the hormone of pregnancy of progesterone.

The lack of these substances can lead to placental abruption, miscarriages, malformations and other problems. Mathematics of conception or on what days it is possible to become pregnant Prepare for conception and wait for the days when you can get pregnant, you should not only mothers. Future dads are desirable to take the drug to improve male fertility. Included in the preparation zinc, vitamin E, L-carnitine contribute to an increase in the production of spermatozoa and improve their mobility. Take care of yourself and do not forget that a competent approach to pregnancy planning is the guarantee of the health of your unborn child. We advise you to read: