bandage during pregnancy Pregnancy is a difficult and important stagefor a young mother. At these moments, she is especially sensitive to all surrounding influences and often feels uncomfortable. To ensure that a woman can feel easier and recover faster after a difficult birth, a lot of techniques, medicines, and devices are regularly invented. Bandage is the most effective and simple solution for such situations. But in how to wear a bandage for pregnant women, there are a few tricks that are worth remembering.

What's the use of the bandage?

And here is the first question, after all, before you startwear a bandage, the pregnant mother thinks about the meaning of this action. Do not think that this is another rush of doctors, which does not necessarily have to be done. To begin with, the bandage reduces the strain on the back muscles, which are extremely strained due to the growing abdomen. And this is one of the most unpleasant problems of pregnancy, which is gaining momentum with each month. Fatigue is growing, the pain is also increasing, and the stomach muscles should not be forgotten. If a woman has not previously given the time to sports, then later they will hang and return them to their former position will not be easy. Such an invaluable help can be rendered by this simple device. You can not get busy with your body soon, because after pregnancy you can not go in for sports for a long time, but you can already minimize the load and the damage you get. how to wear a bandage during pregnancy

Which one should I choose?

Gathered in the store and have already decided to buy,you can face the problem of choice. There are several types of bandages, but you probably do not know which one is the best. There is a bandage that looks like usual tall and dense panties, but differs from them by an elastic and dense insert that supports the stomach. Back also does not remain without support, tk. for this purpose a dense rear wall is designed. This option will be ideal in the event that you do not suffer from intolerance to synthetics. On the other hand, maybe you want something else, not just this option. In this case, try to pay attention to the bandage-belt. Its main feature is the relevance at almost all stages of pregnancy, because, thanks to its device, it can both contract and expand. Outwardly it looks like a wide ribbon, which narrows from the front and widens from behind. Those. in the first months of pregnancy you will wear a narrow front in front, and when the time passes, start to wear a wide one. Do not worry about the inconvenience - the bandage is worn over the underwear, which guarantees no discomfort. In addition to these models, there is also more interesting, which can attract women of fashion, namely a corset. Just do not forget that this option will be available only after pregnancy, tk. squeeze the abdominal muscles during a special situation is highly not recommended. correct bandage during pregnancy

When to start and why?

When should you start wearing a bandage? Ideally, at a time when the stomach is just starting to perform. The term depends on the characteristics of the body: someone it appears on week 20, and someone much later. The size of the abdomen does not affect anything, because your goal is to reduce the burden on the muscles, but here it does not matter how much your tummy has increased. In addition to the load on the muscles, do not forget about the unpleasant consequences for the skin. Someone advises to use specialized creams, but if there is an opportunity to solve several problems in one fell swoop, then do not give up this. In addition to preserving your skin and muscles, the bandage is a way to preserve the old way of life. It's clear that you can only go hiking, skiing or doing other active activities only after giving birth. But if the doctor gives "good", then it is worth taking this chance and avoiding many of the problems that plague pregnant women, including returning former self-confidence. The widespread myth that a bandage can harm a fetus has no real basis, and any doctor will tell you about it. All that's needed is to pick the right size when you do not feel uncomfortable and even get instant relief. The advice here will be superfluous, because all that's left to do is buy and start using your acquisition.