pregnancy and flight by plane Travel has always been part of the humanlife - first hiking, then on horses, first cars, and then flying in the air. Modern humanity has at its disposal a huge number of very different means of transportation, ranging from cars to airplanes. Unfortunately, not all travel options are shown to pregnant women: in particular, pregnancy and flight by plane are still the subject of the busiest discussions. In this article, we tried to consider all the problematic issues that can accompany a flight on an airplane.


Fainting states are not rarecompanions of pregnant women. Of course, after the first case of fainting, you should seek medical help as soon as possible. Most common faints during pregnancy are caused by such phenomena as iron deficiency anemia or arterial hypotension (low blood pressure). The admission of certain drugs prescribed by the treating doctor-gynecologist, often completely eliminates the very cause of the onset of syncope. However, any pregnant woman should firmly remember that it is simply impossible to completely exclude the possibility of fainting, especially during various trips - stuffiness, shaking, a large number of people can provoke the development of an attack. Therefore it is very important to know how to behave in a similar situation. In no case can you completely rely on the help of other people around you. Unfortunately, life is not a fairy story, in which the beautiful prince always comes to the rescue. And to care for and rely in such situations, a pregnant woman should first of all on herself. And only then, perhaps, the surrounding people will reconsider and offer you much needed help. Any pregnant woman should know the main symptom of impending fainting, in order to react in a timely manner and take the necessary measures:

  • Feeling dizzy, "weightless" body.
  • Tingling sensation of the face, hands and feet.
  • The loss of clearness of vision - the turbidity, the appearance of a veil before your eyes.
  • Hearing loss - the appearance of ringing in the ears.

In no case do not expect that such athe condition will pass by itself, without turning into a faint. If it passes, it's wonderful. And if not? According to doctors, the average faint in pregnant women lasts about a half minutes. Are you ready to spend this time on the floor without controlling the situation? Probably not. That is why when the first symptoms of an approaching fainting appear, the pregnant woman should do the following:

  • Feeling unwell, try to sit as soon as possible or, even better, lie down, if it happens on the train.
  • Be sure to report yourstate to those people who are closest to you. As practice shows, almost no one in this situation is able to refuse a pregnant woman to help.
  • Try to get rid of tight and squeezing clothes as soon as possible - unbutton the collar, remove the belt.

flying on an airplane during pregnancy

    Sleighting in transport

    Very many people are subject to such an unpleasantphenomenon, like motion sickness in transport. In particular, flying an airplane is a fairly common cause of motion sickness. And during pregnancy, this probability increases many times - at least once for pregnancy, almost any pregnant woman has been rocking. The causes of these conditions are huge - ranging from a weak vestibular apparatus and ending with severe chronic diseases, most often associated with the pathology of the cardiovascular system. However, sometimes there is motion sickness, and without any good reason. So, for example, such a "cocktail", like a bus and pregnancy, causes the greatest discomfort in a fairly large number of women. If you have even noticed the case of motion sickness at least once, when choosing a route and a vehicle, be sure to consider some of the nuances:

    • Schedule of meals

    The fact that you are feeling hungry, verystrongly affects the likelihood of motion sickness. For example, a flight to an empty stomach will cause motion sickness and, as a result, a feeling of nausea. Do not sit down in transport on an empty stomach, do not eat anything beforehand. An exception to this rule can be only one case - a trip for the delivery of tests that can be carried out only on an empty stomach. However, in this case, be sure to ensure that immediately after you leave the clinic you had foods that you can eat. Do not rely on fast food - the food of a pregnant woman should be full and healthy. It is much more reasonable to prepare fruits or a few nuts in advance. By the way, nuts during movement very effectively help to fight with motion sickness. However, do not go to the other extreme - to fly after a hearty lunch or dinner, with a full stomach. This behavior is also the right step to a strong motion sickness. Flight on an airplane is also not recommended earlier than half an hour after a meal, especially greasy. Factors that increase motion sickness. If you feel that you are getting rocked while you are moving, try to relax as much as possible. Doctors in such situations recommend closing their eyes - objects flying through the window, knitting or reading during movement provoke and intensify the process of motion sickness.

    Long distance travel

    In the event that a pregnant woman isa long flight, she simply has to take care of preparing and taking with her all the necessary pharmacological preparations. You understand that not always at the right time a pharmacy can be in range, and flying during pregnancy can present a lot of surprises, alas, often the most unexpected. Do not also hope that in any plane there is a first aid kit - it contains only the simplest medicines, often strictly contraindicated in pregnancy. Before the trip, always talk to your doctor-gynecologist. He will tell you which drugs you may need on the road. Do not rely on your memory - be sure to write on paper how to take them correctly - dosage, time of reception. Include instructions in the medicine package - you may need it. In the first aid kit, the following preparations must be compulsory:

    • Iodine 5%, or a solution of brilliant green - 1%.
    • "Rennie" is a drug for heartburn, which is very often a true companion of pregnant women, regardless of their gestational age.
    • "No-shpa" tablets. This drug is a wonderful antispasmodic.
    • "Essentiale Forte" or "Mezim", which are designed to facilitate the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
    • Manganose powder - make sure that it is hermetically sealed. Remember that even dry manganese crystals can burn the mucous membranes.
    • Alcoholic tincture of valerian.
    • "Smecta" or tablets of activated carbon. If your financial possibilities allow, we advise you to purchase Enteros-gel. All these drugs have a remarkable absorbent effect - unfortunately, no one is immune to food poisoning on the road.
    • Be sure to put dressing material - bandages, adhesive plaster. It is impossible to predict when they will be needed.
    • Put in the first aid kit is a remedy for the common cold, which you usually prefer to use.
    • In the event that you encounter periodically arising tearing, redness and itching of the eyes, do not forget to take drops with your eyes.
    • Be sure to put in the medicine chest that antipyretic agent, which you usually used to use when the temperature rises.

    airplane flight during pregnancy

      Flight on an airplane during pregnancy

      Next, let's talk about a topic such as pregnancy andaircraft. When choosing a plane, remember that pregnancy and flights have a number of specific features. Be sure to carefully read about them and take this into consideration, so that later you do not have to be surprised. Firstly, the period of your pregnancy: as a rule, most airlines do not allow women to board the plane on long terms of pregnancy - someone after 34 weeks of pregnancy, and someone after 36 - be sure to find out about it in the airline whose services you are going to take advantage. Flight over this period may simply not be feasible. In addition, be sure to consider the following nuance - most airlines allow flight only for those pregnant women who have a certificate from the attending physician. The certificate should indicate the duration of pregnancy and the fact that the doctor allows the woman to fly and is sure that this pregnancy and flight on the plane are safe. And without this certificate a woman simply will not be sold a ticket. Also it is necessary to take into account one more feature of flights during pregnancy on a small date. Of course, the first few months of pregnancy, absolutely no one can notice that you are pregnant, and ask for a certificate from your doctor that he has allowed you to fly on an airplane. However, remember that in the event that pregnancy, even on a small period, proceeds with any complications, the flight can provoke a spontaneous interruption of it. Therefore, before the flight, be sure to visit your gynecologist and find out what he thinks about this. And if the doctor, for any reasons, believes that flights at this stage can have a negative impact on the mother's body and on fetal development, it will be very reasonable for a pregnant woman to decide on changing the mode of transport or even refusing this trip. After all, the responsibility for the flight on the plane lies entirely with the future mother. But all the formalities are met, and the woman is ready to fly. Experienced moms advise to observe some simple rules that will make it possible to facilitate the flight as much as possible and minimize possible complications:

      • Avoid stressful situations

      In the event that you are subject to differencesmoods and stresses, try to minimize all the annoying factors. So, for example, things must be collected in advance, not postponing at the last moment. The same goes for the trip to the airport - leave the house in advance, so as not to be nervous in traffic jams, wondering if you will have time to register.

      • Headache

      In the event that you are confronted withperiodic headache, take care in advance that it does not overtake you on the road. The best way to prevent a headache is to consume as much liquid as possible, preferably ordinary pure water. Drink liquid in small portions, but often enough.

      • More go and sit properly

      Try to sit next to the passage. During the flight, try not to sit all the time on the spot, and every half hour to stroll along the aisle. This precautionary measure will help you prevent leg swelling that is not uncommon during flights. It is also very important to sit properly. A favorite position in all, in which the legs are crossed and rest with the popliteal fossa to the edge of the sitting, are absolutely unacceptable for a pregnant woman. Even one hour spent in such a pose is enough to provoke the development of vein thrombosis.

      Pregnancy and vacation

      In the event that the pregnant woman has decidedto go on vacation, she must take into account all the features of her condition. Of course, early pregnancy is more preferable than a month before the birth. However, of course, every pregnant woman makes her own conscious choice, considering all the nuances and circumstances in her particular case. During pregnancy, it is worth giving preference to European resorts, in which the level of service is at a sufficiently high level. Refuse to travel to those countries where an unstable political situation or weather conditions - you simply do not have the right to expose your crumb to any kind of dangers. It is also very important to think carefully about the fact in which climatic zone you are going to spend your vacation. Doctors and gynecologists are extremely negative about the sudden change in the climate of a pregnant woman. So, for example, to go to Thailand in winter - to impose on your body completely unnecessary additional loads. Most of the rest of the body will be rebuilt under summer weather. And on his return home, he again will have to adapt to the winter - and, thus, such a holiday during pregnancy will bring neither mother nor child anything but additional problems. Be sure to make sure that your vacation is as comfortable as possible. Yes, the presence of an Internet and a TV in the room can not but rejoice, but a good bed and refrigerator in your case is much more important. And if it is a question of a summer season, the conditioner can become for the pregnant woman hardly probable not the most necessary thing for all rest. Just remember that in no case it is unacceptable to sit or lie directly under the air conditioning - otherwise you risk all your rest spend in bed, in the company of TV, medications and a handkerchief. Another very important issue that must necessarily take into account future mothers, going on vacation - it's a matter of catering. Remember that now your food should be healthy, full and varied. However, diversity must be within the framework of the reasonable. A future mother should not eat too exotic dishes, such as carpaccio or sushi, for example. Of course, no one will argue that such food is very tasty and nutritious, but remember that in crude fish, as well as in raw meat, often there are helminths - worms-parasites. The organization of leisure also should not slip away from your attention. In the event that the future mother rests in the tourist group, she must know in advance about all the upcoming excursions. Sometimes from some of them it is much more reasonable to refuse, than, getting out of the last forces, try to keep up with the guide. Rest of the future mother should be built in such a way that she can rest at any time when she wants it. And remember the most important thing - any rest, wherever and how he did not pass, should bring the future mother as much positive emotions. Smile, laugh, bathe, bask under the rays of the sun - because the next vacation you can go no longer alone, but with your little miracle! We advise you to read: