feces of oatmeal To begin with, it should be clarified that Hercules isonly a trademark of flakes, which according to some information appeared in the Soviet Union in 1920, when scientists of the renewed country preached the principles of healthy eating. In fact, the porridge is called oatmeal, and not oatmeal, as the people are accustomed to saying. This dish is familiar to everyone from the very childhood. Who did not make mom eat breakfast for a nasty child from the point of view of the child? This with age, you understand that the benefits of food is undeniable. Nutritionists and other specialists in the field of nutrition have already studied the positive and negative sides of the dish. By the way, there are very few of the latter. The basis of Hercules is oat seeds, which are processed in a special way. During cooking, they lose their indigestible shell and turn into flakes. As in most cereal crops, this cereal contains many useful substances and microelements for humans. First, organic compounds facilitate the assimilation of amino acids. Therefore, cooking oatmeal for breakfast is recommended for people who, due to their duty or due to a certain lifestyle, experience increased physical activity. Entering the human body, this peculiar "stimulant" promotes the rapid restoration of muscle protein, thanks to which the muscles maintain their working capacity for a long time. Secondly, Hercules flakes - one of the most powerful sources of antioxidants, which are a natural barrier to the formation of tumors. Therefore, the use of oatmeal for prevention of oncology, as they say, is obvious. This product is used even in cosmetology - it makes masks that slow the aging process. Thanks to the gluten contained in cereals, moderate consumption of cereal is extremely useful for people with a "problem" stomach, with a ulcer. The fact is that the Hercules flakes envelop the place of inflammation, thereby relaxing the painful sensations, while passing through the intestines, they take away the slag. Therefore, doctors treat them as one of the natural purifiers of the body. After all of the above, it becomes clear that eating porridge is important and necessary. Kasha is best cooked for breakfast. It can be served with honey, fruits, fresh berries and nuts. Such a dish will give the power of Hercules and will charge with energy for the whole day. So we suggest that you master at least one recipe for a light, healthy dish and start a new, healthy life from tomorrow.

Simple Huckle-berry Jelly

Let's look at the simplest and mostdietary prescription. Herculean jelly is cooked without the addition of sugar and butter. The dish turns out to be fast, satisfying and perfectly suited for those who watch their figure or for religious reasons is forced to temporarily give up certain products. If you want to give your creation a piquancy, add to it a handful of raisins or almonds. Ingredients:

  • a glass of cold water
  • 250 grams of Hercules flakes
  • black bread - one crust

Cooking method: The use of Herculean porridge for the human body - both adults and children - has long been proven. Nutritionists regularly remind that a full nutritious breakfast is the basis of good health and excellent health. Despite this, many are still hurrying to study or work, eating a sandwich, drinking it with a cup of coffee or tea. However, after half an hour they begin to feel hungry. We will suggest a quick-food recipe, which will give a charge of vivacity and a positive mood. With such a breakfast, the day will be successful, you'll see. To prepare a jelly, in the evening pour flakes of cold water and put a piece of bread here. White, loaf or gray do not fit, take black, for example, Borodinsky. The preparation for the future porridge is recommended to be done in a day, then the dish will turn out to be softer and tender. Besides, in the morning, for sure, you will have no time to wait until the flakes are infused. So, we read the recipe and act according to the following scheme. Take the bread from the bowl with oatmeal, then rub the latter with a sieve. Then put the porridge on a small fire, if necessary add a little water. As soon as the dish begins to boil, turn off the hotplate and remove it from the plate. Wait for the jelly to cool. Approximately half an hour later it will be completely ready for use. If desired, the dish can be salted or sugared, then everyone acts to their own taste. Herculean porridge - an ideal option for those who are fasting. By the way, flakes are served not only in sweet form. They are eaten with cutlets, vegetables and salads. In this case, just sugar is not added to the kissel. crumpet jelly

Oatmeal on milk

The use of oatmeal is that it is notonly charges with energy, but also promotes the removal of toxins from the body, has a restoring effect on muscle mass. This is especially necessary for athletes, as well as for people whose work is associated with heavy physical exertion. If oatmeal seems something unappetizing and tasteless, it means that you just picked up the wrong prescription. In fact, the porridge can be cooked so that you lick your fingers. Do you want to make sure of this? Ingredients:

  • 200 milliliters of pasteurized milk
  • cup of Hercules
  • salt - optional
  • one and a half glasses of warm water
  • eight grams of butter
  • sugar - to taste

Cooking method: The recipe for milk oat jelly is very simple - we suggest to make sure of this in practice. First, pour the flakes with boiled chilled water. Doing this best from the evening, then in the morning cooking a healthy breakfast will take a minimum of time. So, leave the porridge for swelling. After you wake up, strain the product with a sieve to get rid of excess fluid. Then lay the oatmeal in a small saucepan, add the milk warmed in the microwave and put on the fire. If desired, enter sugar and table salt. Cook the food should be with constant stirring, otherwise it will take up lumps. Once the mass thickens, remove it from the plate and connect with butter. Then distribute on plates and wait until it cools down. If you are preparing breakfast for your baby, we recommend adding a sweet ingredient. Otherwise, the child, most likely, will refuse such a dubious delicacy. Suitable products such as condensed milk, homemade jam, fragrant honey. You can also introduce some fresh berries or fruits. The recipe is universal, so do not be afraid to experiment, perhaps you will come up with a completely new dish. how to boil a hercule

Herculean kissel on yogurt with prunes

This recipe can be safely attributed to doublyuseful dishes. Hercules flakes themselves have a beneficial effect on the human body, and in combination with kefir are a real "healer" for the sick stomach and intestines. Daily use of porridge for ever will relieve you of problems associated with the digestive system. To cook oatmeal jelly is a pleasure for the mistress, because it is fast and not burdensome at all. Ingredients:

  • salt - at your discretion
  • oatmeal - one glass
  • 250 milliliters of water
  • five spoons of not too fat yogurt (we recommend using the product no more than 2.5% fat content)
  • 30 grams of a softened prune

Cooking method: This recipe exists in two forms - simple and more complex. Let's first consider the first option. If you decide to cook porridge in the morning, naturally, the procedure should not take a long time. So fill the flakes with water and put the pan on medium heat. Cook the dish should not be longer than ten minutes, until the liquid evaporates. Add some salt, sugar or powder at your own discretion, pour in warm kefir and mix thoroughly. Then spread the dish over serving plates and sprinkle the prunes cut into small cubes. Last, by the way, it is recommended to pre-soak in boiling water so that it softens. Let's move on to the second option. This recipe will take a lot longer, but the result will please you, too. First, cook the flakes in the same way as in the first case. Then throw them in a colander and rinse under the tap. The resulting porridge is transferred to a clean three-liter jar or pan and pour in advance with standing water. In this case, it should be above the flakes by only four centimeters. Now cover the dishes with a lid and put it in a warm place for two days. To accelerate the fermentation process, add kefir and, if desired, throw a piece of black bread into it. After the specified time, chop the porcini mush with a blender, then strain through a fine strainer or folded several times gauze. Now you have leaven, pour it into clean dishes and send it for several hours - about three to four - in the refrigerator. When the mixture is stratified, drain the top, and leave the bottom. It is on it and should cook jelly. This is done in the following way: heat a glass of milk (or water) in a bowl and enter into it an oat leaven. Its quantity directly depends on how thick the dish you want to get, usually it ranges from two large spoons to a whole cup. On a slow fire, bring the porridge to a boil, while do not forget to mix it regularly. Before serving, sprinkle with sugar and decorate with prunes, pre-soaked in hot water. If you cooked lean kissel, you can add olive oil to it. And with milk is a good combination of condensed milk, honey and jam.

Honey and Pumpkin Oatmeal

This dish is a real storehouse of useful substances,vitamins and microelements. Thanks to butter and honey, it turns out very juicy and sweet. Pumpkin and carrots give the dish a delicate fruit and vegetable aroma and taste. If desired, you can enter raisins and nuts, for example, walnuts, almonds or peanuts. Boil an appetizing kissel is very simple and not long at all. Ingredients:

  • a glass of gourd cut into cubes
  • 225 grams of cereals Hercules
  • four glasses of water
  • one carrot
  • a tablespoon of melted butter
  • 15 grams of honey
  • salt

Cooking method: To begin with, clean the pumpkin from seeds and peel, chop it into cubes, place in a bowl for the blender and crush. You can skip the product through the meat grinder. Now grate the carrot in thin strips. Pour the oat flakes into a saucepan and fill them with the amount of water indicated in the recipe. Enter the first two ingredients here. Lightly add the mixture and turn on the burner. During cooking, do not forget to stir the jelly from time to time. After five to seven minutes, when it starts to boil, turn off the fire and allow the mixture to infuse for about half an hour. After strain the dish, season it with honey, butter, melted on a steam bath, and you can start eating. Kissel from Hercules is very nutritious and useful, because the oatmeal contains a lot of substances necessary for the human body. According to nutritionists, to not have health problems and feel cheerful, you need to fully eat breakfast. Therefore, introduce yourself and your loved ones to proper nutrition, especially since cooking porridge is very easy. To make the dish look more appetizing, decorate it with fried walnuts or peanuts, fresh fruits and berries: raspberries, strawberries, currants. Bon appetit and be healthy! We advise you to read: