jealousy of a woman Do not give you rest jealousy for your beloved? Do you control his life in fear that he will go to another woman? Do you start quietly hating other girls for being prettier, more successful, and younger, that they have every chance of winning your boyfriend's attention? If you answered yes to all the questions, then this article is for you. Jealousy of a woman who is afraid of losing the dearest person in life is a feeling that is oppressive and unpleasant. It exhausts the soul, does not give a moment's rest and makes you always stay on the watch: suddenly it was at this moment your man decided to change you? On the other hand, it would be foolish not to be jealous of a man. Light, unobtrusive female jealousy allows the partner to feel that you are serious about your relationship, that you value your loved one. In this case, jealousy allows you to keep the tone of the feeling, making them more vivid and saturated. But where can we find the line between ordinary anxiety and burning jealousy that is capable of destroying any, even the strongest family? female jealousy

Is your jealousy reasonable?

In this article, we are not talking about a justifiedJealousy, when men themselves give reason to doubt their fidelity. It often happens that a woman is overcome by painful suspicions about the decency of her man, although there are no real reasons for this. So, what are the signs that your jealousy goes beyond the reasonable? We present to your attention a list of the main points that say that it's time for you to seriously think about your feelings and attitude towards your partner.

  • If you are constantly, almost every dayaccuse your faithful of treason, it's time to pause and seriously think. Is your jealousy justified, or are you looking for an excuse for scandal where there is none? Any man with time begins to get sick of unhealthy female jealousy, and to prove his devotion every day to someone who harasses him with suspicions and reproaches is not so simple. If you notice signs of such irrational behavior, then try to find the strength to change and stop destroying your family happiness.
  • A woman who follows her husband canonly regret. She is haunted by the thought that in her absence, the spouse shamelessly changes her with other ladies, that any delay at work, even a five-minute period, is the invariable proof of an adultery. She tirelessly monitors calls and messages on his mobile phone, a list of guests on social networks. She exhausts the office staff, where her husband works, with constant calls to check his exact location. Even the most loving husband will eventually tire of a constant struggle for a bit of personal freedom, and a sense of humiliation from spying on his wife will nullify all attempts to restore normal relations.
  • If a woman relentlessly collects information abouthis husband, asking about him colleagues and friends - this is a bad sign. For a moment, not doubting that the man is constantly lying to her, she creates a whole "network of spies", which should help her to bring her husband to clean water. She initially is ready to believe the worst scenario, and to the stories of honesty and integrity, the spouse is skeptical. It is difficult to imagine a more unfavorable situation for a happy family life than when the wife does not trust her own husband for a penny.
  • When a woman is jealous of her husband, not onlyreal women, but to the actresses, pop stars or models on which the spouse can admire only on TV or from the pages of the magazine and newspapers, it looks ridiculous and ridiculous. Strangely enough, when the wife rolls hysterical husband over the fact that he has been admiring the cover of the magazine for too long with a photograph of a glamorous beauty; this makes her husband think about the mental balance of his chosen one.
  • A woman who is constantly cutting her husband's social circlewith friends who have wives, girlfriends or just acquaintances, shows a rather painful jealousy towards their spouse. She herself begins to shield herself from girlfriends and relatives who may be "rivals" and lure her husband into their cunning networks. Nothing but despair and feelings of loneliness, this attitude to life will not bring.
  • Public scenes and scandals arranged for her husband onthe soil of jealousy is a clear sign that your suspicion goes beyond the bounds of the reasonable. Screaming at the husband with witnesses, not hesitating in the choice of expressions - the best way to be in the number of divorced, abandoned women. No matter how much you are sure of the betrayal or simply unworthy behavior of your man, never go down to the level of a rude and brawler. This will only convince your husband that he made the wrong choice, deciding to marry you.

If at least some of the items from this listit concerns you, then you should think about your behavior. Will not your excessive jealousy lead to the fact that the relations you cherish so well will cause a break, or, worse still, collapse completely? While it's not too late, you should take steps to change your attitude towards your beloved and stop harassing him with senseless suspicions. jealousy of women

How to cope with a sense of jealousy

Fighting with uncontrollable jealousy is very difficult,but if you want to maintain a relationship with your beloved, you'll have to work on yourself. The anger, resentment, anger and irritation that you experience during bouts of jealousy, do not make you or your partner happy. Therefore, it is worthwhile to understand what is the reason for your irrepressible jealousy and how to deal with your negative feelings.

  • First of all, stop treating a man,as to their property. The fact that he wears an engagement ring on his finger is not an occasion to consider his husband as his slave. He has every right to continue to communicate with other people, even if they are women. Relatives, colleagues at work or neighbors - they all have every right to smile at your spouse and count on mutual affability. Believe me, by becoming your husband, a person has not lost a single drop of free will, he has many desires and desires that do not concern you personally. Instead of dissolving in a loved one and being afraid to lose it, better try to strengthen your relationship, but do it without aggression and total control. Men generally do not like it when someone controls them and keeps track of their every movement. Feel dependent and understand that he does not dare step and step without the approval of his wife - not the best share for anyone, even the most loving man.
  • It is quite natural thatoften suspect their husbands of treason those women who themselves do not mind "go left." If the idea of ​​a possible adultery comes to mind by themselves, then, in their opinion, men and even more change the right and left. Transfer to their surroundings their own thoughts and views on life is a perfectly normal psychological feature of a person. And if you are once again enraged at the thought of a possible betrayal of your husband, ask yourself honestly: do not you flirt with your friends and male colleagues, and do not "crochet" them immediately? Perhaps the root of evil is in you?
  • Many believe that the main reasonuncontrolled jealousy - self-doubt. If a woman thinks she is not smart enough, beautiful, sexy, and so on, she begins to feel unworthy of her chosen one and to death fears that he will understand this and leave it.
  • Fear that there will always be a woman whowill surpass her by any parameters, does not give a jealousy rest, and she starts fanatically to fight for the right to stay with her beloved man. Here it should be understood that, despite all your shortcomings, real and invented, the husband chose you, and he loves you such as you are. There are many ways to raise one's self-esteem, but none of them presupposes total control over the husband's behavior and regular scandals about his "infidelity."
  • Learn to trust your man, even ifconfident in his regular meetings with other women. First, if his infidelity is not proven, then you are wasting your nerves for yourself and your spouse, because he can be innocent of all the terrible deeds that you attribute to him. Secondly, if treason once took place, but you forgave him, then do not torture yourself with eternal suspicions. Once you have forgiven - then you must start life with a new leaf and learn how to trust your spouse, otherwise everything loses its meaning. In any case, it is much more correct to live easily and joyfully, believing the person you love. Such a woman and do not want to change.
  • If thoughts of possible infidelity of the spousetake up all your time, exhausting your nerves and soul, then find some business that will distract you from sad thoughts. Instead of excruciatingly worrying about the unplanned trip of a spouse or his delay after work, take yourself to be something interesting and positive. It is much easier to do this than you think. Find yourself a hobby, look at your appearance, invent a new culinary recipe - the field for fantasy is unlimited here. Perhaps you are so carried away that you simply will not have time for hard thoughts and feelings about the "infidelity" of the husband.

Female jealousy is a very common phenomenon, butit often serves as the reason why even the strongest marriages fall apart. Well, men can not tolerate constant control over their own freedom, especially if they are not guilty of anything. It does not matter how much he loves you and how long he endures unreasonable attacks - any patience ever comes to an end. And in order not to be among the women who self-destructed their own family happiness, try to get rid of obsessive thoughts and live happily and happily. We advise you to read: