how to understand that you like a guy Every day millions of women's heads visitsacramental thought of how mysterious creatures nature created the opposite sex. How often do we face the fact that we can not guess what caused this or that act of a seemingly familiar man. When this man is just your friend or acquaintance, this can leave you calm and unperturbed. If your thoughts are occupied with a thought about him much more often than it usually does, and the heart stops with the sounds of his voice, then it is quite another matter. How to understand that you like the guy, because with your attitude to him you have long been determined? The reasons for which men are inclined to hide their interest in the girl attracted them, a great many. Some doubt that their person can cause a reciprocal interest. The second is afraid to be categorically rejected. Still others simply do not want to take the initiative. The fourth, even being very self-assured guys, feel timid when they meet with a woman whom they like very much. Option, where you just do not cause his interest, also has the right to life. It is not easy to understand all this, you will not penetrate into other people's thoughts. However, everything is not as hopeless as it might seem at first glance. If there is a need and desire, then nothing is impossible. There are signs that you like a man reciprocally, and it is through them that you can, as they say, reveal his cards. Now we'll tell you more about these signs.

Are we watching or are we advancing?

The representatives of the animal world are much simpler. The males show their interest to the women in every possible way: they spread their tails, make a terrible growl, sing songs and start marriage dances. Obviously, even the shadow of a doubt about whether I like me or not, the girl would not have arisen with such frank behavior on the part of the guy, if possible in reality. But still men show their sympathy and interest in you, although not so openly. These signs need to be learned to capture, define and correctly interpret. After all, the nonverbal body language can tell you even more than will be voiced by words. How wonderful it would be if the answer to the question of whether he likes me or does not like me, you could get by paying off on a daisy, on the coffee grounds or in some other similar way. Everything would be much simpler. But such ways have shown the inconsistency, therefore it is not necessary to resort to them. They are useless and ineffective and will not be able to help us. Although female intuition is developed quite strongly, and they, having communicated with a man for a while, can confidently state whether they are interesting to him or not. But not everyone has such a talent! If you do not have the strength and desire to solve puzzles on the topic "you like me or does not like me," and the young lady you yourself is confident and initiative, you can consider the following option: do not walk around the bush, but take, and ask a direct question. No wonder they say that even a negative result is useful. Experience priceless can be purchased. Time to not lose. Yes, and you need to be tuned in a positive way. How many cases are known when, after a direct question from the lips of a girl, it turned out that the guy has long been interested in her persona. He likes you, but without realizing what emotions he himself brings to you, he does not risk coming first. In addition, many guys like active girls. You do not have to prepare complicated speech. To ask "Do you like me?" Is quite enough for a man to give an exact and clear answer, which will draw the line under uncertainty. If this method is unacceptable for you, we learn to observe. how to understand you like a guy or not

Look into his eyes

Of course, the color of the eyes of the man whoI would like to like, it can be completely different. It does not have any global significance for us. But in order to understand whether he has an interest in you or not, you need to watch his eyes. When a man is attractive to a lady, he looks at her and admires it. Even if he is shy and looks away in embarrassment, he reluctantly beckons again to look in your direction. Constantly intersecting views? You are clearly provoking his sympathy. His pupils begin to expand? You cause certain desires in him, and this alone indicates that you are definitely not indifferent to him. You can read a lot by sight, do not forget about it!

I am the best

Redboys among men are not uncommon, but specialthey do not use demand among women. However, one thing should be considered. In order to arouse your interest, a guy can begin to tell about himself all sorts of stories that show him on the positive side. If you have no reason to suspect him of self-praise, and the stories are really real, then think about it. Communication with each other generally promotes rapprochement between people, and for those who we like, we always strive to tell about ourselves more than ordinary people. Here it should also be said that, after telling some moments about yourself, a man will necessarily want to listen to you. If your communication is not in the monologue mode, where only he talks, you do not interrupt, when you start talking about something, then the girl might think: "What an interesting conversationalist. So he listens to me carefully. I think he likes me. " And she will be right!


A man tells you pleasant words and noticeseven small changes in the hairstyle, make-up, manicure, clothes? There is no doubt that he likes you. We say compliments only to those who sincerely liked us. Therefore, fewer thoughts about whether I like him or not, and more self-confidence. Make a reciprocal courtesy, let him know that his actions are pleasing to you. Observe only how he behaves towards the other representatives of the opposite sex. Duty and neutral compliments towards other women indicate that he is well-bred. No need to immediately think that the guy by nature is just Casanova. To think about is only if he compliments not with the purpose of making nice his sincere words, but simply seeks to enchant all female representatives in his immediate surroundings. For such a man, there is no difference between women.


Actions are an even better indicator than words. There is less chance of making a mistake or accepting friendly sympathy for a romantic interest. When a man is interested in you (even if he is timid), he will find excuses to do something for you. For example, offer to give you a lift, even if you are not on the road. He will use every opportunity to be useful and useful to you. A colleague who likes you will not refuse help, if, for example, you are not at odds with office equipment, and will gladly help you understand it. He will treat you to coffee or offer to have lunch together. A guy living in the neighborhood will help you park if you see how difficult it is for you to drive at first. Moreover, he will leave his phone number, saying that you can apply to him for help at any time of the day. All these signs are not very significant, if they happened once or twice, but when there are many of them, it is a signal that it is better not to ignore. how to understand do you like the guy

Own company

You are already quite familiar, you communicate nicely,but still your communication seems more like friendly conversations. Romance still bypasses you. And suddenly a man invites you to his close circle of friends. It can be anything. Celebrate the birthday of one of his friends or his own name-day. He calls you to stay at the match, where he will participate as a player, and then celebrate this event in some cozy institution with the rest of the team. Any actions that clearly demonstrate his desire to expand the boundaries of communication between you will mean only one thing - you are not indifferent to him.

The obvious and quite probable

"If he likes me, why does he nevertries to touch me? "- you think, and are absolutely right. If a girl likes a guy, he tries to touch it. At first it is quite innocent, for example, to give a hand in public transport or when crossing the road, descending the stairs. Then he will certainly want to hug her, kiss her. Physical and bodily manifestations of interest in relation to a lady who liked a man are just as natural as all the other signs of attention. Certainly, that at the first stages of acquaintance, not every girl will approve of the fact that the guy will want to kiss her on the first night. But if time goes by, and he does not show his masculine interest to you, then this is a sad indicator.

I have no more questions

Yet sincere and genuine interest is twofoldcan not be interpreted. If you like a man, then he will let you understand this in all ways available to him, which he considers correct. In order to not frighten you with your pressure and initiative, but to arouse a reciprocal interest. Even in our time of feminism, which flourished in a magnificent color, there were men who make the first move. When such a representative of the stronger sex meets you on the way, the question of whether you like him or not, your head will not even visit. Because the answer will be obvious. The main thing that you need to do in this situation is to remain yourself, to take his signs of attention with pleasure and as the most natural thing in the world. After all, men are so pleased with the realization that his feelings are not unrequited and he also likes the lady. Often we can get a signal that we like it when we can show it ourselves. It's not for nothing that they say - smile more often, someone can fall in love with your smile. So let it be meant for the addressee who likes you most!