how to behave on the first date with a guy They say that the first ten minutes of meetingbecome decisive for the whole meeting, this is a kind of critical moment that can determine how relations will be built and generally built in the future. Is it really enough ten minutes to figure out whether your man or not is yours, are you approaching each other or not? How to behave on the first date in general? After all, it decides whether there will be a second date, or still the first will be the last. After all, the first date, regardless of age and sex, also has its own rules of conduct. A date is not just a meeting of a romantic nature, communication with an interesting person, it is something more - it is a step towards building a real relationship and a chance for love as such. Any young girl or already a grown woman can make mistakes on the first date. Therefore it is very important to know how to behave on the first date with a man. Many girls are very worried before the meeting, especially before such an important, and if everything is added to the raging desire to make a good impression, then, as everyone knows, everything happens on the contrary - many mistakes, haste, boring conversations and so on. Therefore, to several points you need to be ready in advance, so as not to spoil the first impression.

Delay: is it worth making yourself wait?

Of course, the first date can turn into aa long romance, can end in marriage, and can remain just one simple meeting from many in life. As the standards dictate, a girl is allowed to be late for the first appointment for 5-10 minutes, a maximum of 15. But in no case should you not try his patience for longer, since it is unlikely that the elector will appreciate it; after being late for half an hour, you just show yourself immediately as an unpunctual and frivolous person, especially if a man appreciates the ability of a girl to come on time. In our vain life this skill is very important, so in any case, you will not see any joy in his eyes - the moment is lost. If, even on the fifteenth minute he was waiting and worried, will you come, then by this time he could only develop aggression to how you do not know how to dispose of your time and, perhaps, in the future by his own time. Also, it is not necessary to be late late if you know about the hot character of your chevalier or if you are not sure whether he will wait for you even for these 15 minutes. Only then, when he sympathizes with you, you can play "women's tardiness" at the meeting. how to behave with a guy on a first date

The first acquaintance: what was it like?

How strong is the guy's interest inyou as a future beloved and partner in life, can depend on many circumstances. Here, the role played by what happened earlier, what was the acquaintance and communication, because the first impressions have already been received. Therefore, in order to understand how to behave with a guy on a first date, you need to remember all that preceded him. So, the first thing - where did you meet? It was a shop, a nightclub or you - employees at work, former classmates or just acquaintances? Today very often young people get acquainted in nightclubs, at discotheques. It often happens that a guy could be a little "tipsy" on his first acquaintance, and if you also take into account that the girls come in "combat color", then you should expect a very different reaction on the first date. Maybe it's that the guy who sees you in daylight does not even recognize the girl he met a few days ago at a nightclub. Maybe it is quite the opposite - you will feel once again that pleasant feeling of novelty and admiration, when for the first time phone numbers were exchanged, smiling sweetly to each other. So on a date you need to be ready for anything. But if there is any uncertainty in you, then remember, there are no desperate situations. If you are afraid not like the guy in the daylight or even some doubts you are tormented, then the appointment can again be appointed in a dark restaurant or cafe, "dressed" in its vivid image. Although, probably, modern girls do not need to learn this, because it is known that our ladies take out garbage, hobbling on stilettos and with arrows in front of eyes. By this, women show that they are free for the stronger sex and fully armed for new acquaintances. It's not for nothing that the "rublevskie" married women in public "shastayut" in the store in casual clothes, thereby showing that in their personal life they are doing well. But at the same time they always have at hand some expensive accessory or jewelry, so that in their status no one doubted. What should be the outfit? When you are going on a date, then, of course, you want to look impeccable. But it is better in this case, if you want to be on top and at the same time emphasize your naturalness, take care of stylish and neat clothes, which skillfully conceals the shortcomings of the figure and advantageously emphasizes its dignity. What to come to the first date with a guy is a significant and important issue. In any case, in the first minutes, while the conversation is not yet engaged, the man will evaluate the girl in her appearance; so pay special attention to your image. Create it the way you want it to be. The way a girl behaves on the first date depends largely on her inner balance, and the outfit plays a significant role in this. Sometimes it is very difficult to decide and understand what the guy will like. But the best advice that can be given here is to remain yourself. A big role is played on the first date also where this meeting will take place. If a man invited you to a cafe, then excessive glamor will look ridiculous. Give preference to better neutral options, for example a classic or romantic dress that emphasizes the color of your eyes. It should not be too pretentious. To make the image original, it is better to add some beautiful accessories. But in the hairpins you can not deny yourself - they look elegant and emphasize the length of the female legs. If you go on a date with a man in the cold season, then from above you can put on a coat, trench coat or even just a black elegant raincoat, complementing your image with an interesting chiffon headscarf or bulky scarf. On a date in a theater, you should not be dressed in jeans and a shirt, every girl knows that; it's best to wear a classic dress, but not too provocative. To properly behave in the first meeting with a guy, it is important to feel comfortable and confident, so choosing a dress plays such an important role. You should not feel embarrassed or embarrassed, you do not need to take the image of a "woman-vamp" or "passionate seductress", if that is not you, this will only spoil your whole mood, and a man will feel disharmony. If you are going with a guy for a walk or a picnic, then dress warmly and comfortably, since cold hands and a blue nose are not at all tied up with a seductive neckline or short shorts. In this case, it is better to pay attention to the game of shades and colors. The best choice will be a sports version of clothing or a stylish colored T-shirt, sweater, raglan with jeans of unusual color. You can throw an original bright sports vest. how to behave on the first date with a man

The main thing - the correct line of conduct

We build eyes. The expression "to build eyes"a woman can understand in her own way. Due to the fact that a man pays a lot of attention to the woman's eyes, her facial expressions and manners, do not miss the moment to show yourself on the best side on the first date, correctly using your beloved female seducers. It can be a gentle look from under the eyelashes, with sparkling and interest, a look thrown out of the half-turn. Representatives of the stronger sex catch such views on an instinctive level, without even realizing it, but feeling that the girl attracts him. Remember that on the first date, both the woman and the man attach greater importance to the unconscious, and on all subsequent visits they begin to recognize each other better. Therefore, they say that the impression received at the first meeting, it is practically impossible to correct. Just never try to show your superiority over a guy or a man, as this can cause a negative attitude towards you. If you do not know how to behave for the first time with a guy, then remember that it is very important not to cause a person to dislike himself, not to alienate him. Excellence should not be in words or in a manner of behavior. Otherwise, you risk becoming an irritant, not an object of desire. Women who become emotional rivals of men, do not attract them at all intimately. And to evoke a sense of self-interest, you can take advantage of a lucky moment and lean towards a man, it is easy to touch the hand, while looking directly into his eyes. Do not be a Spender If the guy on the first date invited you to a cafe or restaurant, then do not order yourself a huge amount of the most expensive dishes and drinks. After all, a girl who appreciates herself will never do so. And even more so, you did not come to satisfy the hunger, but to communicate, and you need to get to know each other better with a man, not with his purse. Offer to pay itself is a rule of good taste, especially since the guy will then have the opportunity to show his infinite generosity and solvency, having paid for everything on his own. So take the opportunity and let it flash! Positive energy Imagine if you are talking to someone you know for a long time and with whom you can easily communicate, then the conversation will go like clockwork. The topic is sure to be, if you listen, and not just try to talk about what new blouses you saw at the sale. Always look into what the guy is talking about, but if the topic is not interesting to you at all, you do not need to say yes, otherwise you will have to listen for a long time about how he did not manage to pass the reports last year. Just a few minutes, keep silent, and then gently transfer the topic of conversation into another channel. If you are talking about yourself, then never say long monologues, it is better to use clear and short phrases to create communication, dialogue. In this case, the guy can somehow comment on your words and stories. If you do not agree with the man, your gentleman, then do not sharply resent, passing to a heightened tone. You can just calmly ask the question: "Do you really think so?" - and then take a short pause. To argue and prove one's rightness is also not good for the first date, you can just express your opinion, adding a little humor, but not sarcasm. At the same time, one never needs to methodically assent to everything that he says. Experts argue that to such ladies, men quickly lose interest or consider them insincere. All these tips can be very useful to you, so that the first date is not the last, because it all depends on you. If a man is interesting to you, if you want to build relationships with him, then the first meeting is the first and most important step on the path to success in your personal life. Just a few hours determine all those events between you and the young man who are waiting for you ahead. But never forget that only your own experience is an invaluable assistant in dealing with men. Learning to express your interest sincerely, in fact, you will be able to gain confidence and adjust with the interlocutor for one wave, and therefore quickly get closer. Cavalier, your interlocutor, an interesting man for you - it's like a mirror, which reflects not only all your dignity, but also shortcomings. Reflect your best qualities, which you value in yourself and which the partner will be able to appreciate in you!