blouses for complete Blouses have long become an inalienable and veryfavorite part of the women's wardrobe. And this is not surprising, because no other shirt is able to give a woman's image so much femininity, mystery and romance, as does a blouse. Therefore, there is no sense in hiding your gorgeous body under the immense robe. Those times when it was impossible to buy fashionable clothes of large sizes, long gone. Today fashionable and stylish can look not only girls of model appearance, but also pyshechki. Correctly matched blouse model for full ladies will help the owners of magnificent forms not only hide some of the shortcomings of the figure, but also emphasize all the virtues and seductive forms, as well as give the image a special charm and charm. What blouses for gorgeous women of fashion can be met this spring and summer on the fashion podium? To find out which models will be particularly popular in the new fashion season, we suggest you make a short excursion behind the scenes of the fashion podiums. blouse styles for complete

The most actual models of the spring-summer season 2012

It's good that today fashion designers and fashion designerswomen's clothes do not forget about those representatives of the weaker sex, whose figures are not entirely ideal. Developing new styles of blouses for complete, in the current season, fashionmakers decided to move away from stereotypes, offering fashion women a choice of many interesting options. We want to draw your attention only to the most relevant models of the new fashion season.

  • The hit of the new season is the blouses of a fitted silhouette. In the spring designer collections, you can find many interesting variants of both motley and monochrome colors, made of lace and "flying", flowing fabrics. Almost all of them are decorated with coquettish flounces, ruffles and frill. Strangely enough, but such models do not weaken the silhouette in any way, but, on the contrary, allow us to mask some of the drawbacks of the figure. However, do not overdo it, there should not be too much ryusha, otherwise they can add extra volume and make your figure formless.
  • Among fashionable blouses with an accent on the waist, you canto meet the models as with a v-neck, and with an oval. Each of them is good in its own way and deserves your attention. If you prefer any of them, you will look stylish and fashionable, and, most importantly, feel comfortable in any situation.
  • Especially beautiful and elegant lookfeminine summer colors, giving a special charm and charm to chubby girls - white, yellow, turquoise, pink and pale purple. Such shirts will not leave indifferent any fashionable woman in the new season. Thanks to the huge selection, every woman can satisfy the taste, regardless of her age and social status.
  • Blouses for full ladies with embroidery or applique are another fashion trend of the new season.
  • Also relevant for pyshechek models with a deep neckline and neckline on one shoulder. Such a style as no other will help the owners of a magnificent bust to emphasize their chic breasts.
  • This summer at the peak of fashion will be chiffon blouseswith inserts of natural silk or lace. Having in your arsenal such a fashionable and stylish thing, you can easily make up a winning outfit for yourself in any case of life.
  • It is worth noting yet another fashion trend of the season -Blouses for the full girls, the feature of the styles are elongated sides. This option will not only emphasize the beauty of the lush body, but also hide the minor flaws in the figure.

blouses for full girls

Fashionable blouses 2012: advice on choosing

Blouse is a versatile garment thatperfectly combined with many things. It is worn with skirts, jeans, classic trousers, strict jackets and even shorts. Blouses can be used both for work in the office, going to the theater, visiting, and for any solemn event, a romantic date and city walks. Therefore, be sure to include in your spring wardrobe a few fashionable blouses. Combining them with other things, you can create new ensembles every day and each time look different.

  • It is better for women to choosesemi-fitted silhouette of natural or mixed fabrics - cotton, silk, chiffon and materials with a small amount of stretch. Models from translucent fabrics look very beautifully on pyshechkah and, in addition, they make the figure more elegant and light.
  • But shiny fabrics, blouses for size smaller and tight models for full ladies should be avoided.
  • When choosing a blouse for full ladies, you should also take into account the peculiarities of your figure - use caution when using different ruffles, flounces, bows and frills, as they can impart an extra volume.
  • Almost all women without exceptiongo blouse-shirt. They do not need to be dark. On pyshechkah equally look good as bright colors, and muted pastel colors. The models with floral prints and various geometric figures are also relevant.
  • A low full of girls are very well run models with a collar-stand. Also visually lengthens and slits silhouette a vertical strip.

As you can see, the options for fashionable blouses forowners of lush forms in collections spring-summer 2012 is presented abound. Therefore - if you want - to look stylish and elegant, every woman, regardless of the type of physique, should only want it. We advise you to read: