skirt bell In the ladies' dressing room there is a greata lot of ways to make your image vivid, memorable, coquettish and feminine, the skirt can be safely attributed to such an alignment, which is able in a few seconds to return the lady to her feminine graceful nature. The skirt of the bell, which gives a silhouette of softness, playfulness and romanticism, is remarkable for this task. The secret lies in the original dressing style. The name of the product eloquently reveals the features of the cut, whose silhouette is very similar to a bell cup or an inverted elegant glass. Modern variations of this outfit are available to a modern woman, but the traditional, original color and idea have not only not been lost, but also benefited from modern draperies, decor and stylistic solutions. Let's try to find out which way the bell went through the bell in a fashionable historical context. Fashion historians argue that for the first time a dome-shaped, massive "bell" was encountered in the 17th century. As a rule, he was put on top of the crinolines at the royal court, such a product was pompous and went to the length of the floor, often ennobled with a majestic train. But over time, more and more dynamism was required from women, so the many non-functional elements of the outfit that made him impractical and uncomfortable just disappeared. First of all, innovations have affected the length of the outfit, now it corresponds to the mini or midi size, which is very useful in the rapid rhythm of life in which modern women live, but as before this model densely covers the waist line and has a classical extension downwards, giving lightness. Cardinal changes have undergone a look at drapery and decor, the fashion masters of the fashion industry refused to use excessive pomp and an abundance of textile ornaments, as well as a fancy combination of different textures in the skirt of the bell. On the contrary, modern trends in the fashion world require small but vivid accents on individual elements that would set the tone for everything alongside and introduce a piquant zest. To the attention of the fair sex representatives is given a wide range of skirts of bells, thanks to which any lady can dilute the routine of everyday life with romanticism and elegant coquetry, which brings this skirt to the image of its owner, and also favorably emphasize the elegance of lines and the beauty of the female figure.

Skirt bell - tendencies of attire

skirt bell Despite a lot of advantages that possessesthis model of the outfit, many designers tend to attribute it to one of the most controversial and ambiguous objects of a ladies' toilet. Some disparagingly point out that this style is not able to really play and decorate a woman, others believe that the skirt of a small bell is a symbol of female sexuality, and our article will simply reveal the latest trends that determine the newfangled stylistic solutions of the outfit, and also help correctly model the wardrobe so that always remain in a trend.

  • This season is rich in seasonedconservative classics, especially this fact will please the business lady, since such skirts will perfectly fit into the office, business atmosphere. For example, the last show from Karl Lagerfield abounded with skirts of a small bell from presentable dense black fabrics, which are not devoid of raisins in the form of a decorative, silvery thread. All variations on the "office dress code" theme are executed in quiet colors, they are laconic and simple lines, no frills, most often separate accents in the form of a bow or ribbon, pockets and massive buttons like Andrew Gn or Miu Miu.
  • But the romantic, eccentric naturewill rejoice from the latest collections of Proenza Schoulera and the Willow brand, as they can pick up coquettish and playful outfits with ruffles and flying frills, for example, the flowing chiffon bell skirt, due to its extreme popularity, fell into the category of a must-have summer wardrobe for every woman. In addition to the playful chiffon for flying models with frills, Diane von Fustenburg, along with other world couturiers, used noble silk and satin, and also diluted the show with shiny satin summer skirts. Such outfits, despite the decoration with childish ruffles, look very presentable due to the use of expensive materials.
  • Do not think that the whole choiceskirts-bells are reduced exclusively to office models, as well as romantic, playful outfits. And for discerning ladies, designers offer an eclectic line that combines diverse styles, resulting in a feminine attention provided with a universal outfit for a variety of occasions: going out, business meetings, outdoor activities with friends or dating men. Jason Wu, for example, was able to uniquely combine the palette of a chiffon skirt with a moderation of color palette. In general, the universal skirts are made either in calm colors, but have the original silhouette of the cut, or vice versa, they emphasize the flashy color, but are moderate in drape, cut and overall design.
  • Trendy stylistic decision, to whichresorting to the masters of modern fashion, is a print - extravagant abstraction and cubism, ornate ethnic patterns, you can rarely see animalism and floral print. The shows from Fendi and the youth brand Lanvin built their rulers on variegated products with prints, fashionable women's catalogs with lightning speed placed on their pages models skirts of bells, the photos conveyed the vivid color of patterned clothes.

If we consider in more detail the most trendythe color palette of this season, then we can confidently say that everything will be fashionable! For summer informal options succulent, colorful colors suit: rich and life-affirming yellow, passionate red, calming blue, turquoise, blue, harmonizing green, in a word, if the female nature requires color, then it can be obtained with interest. For business skirts, it is more appropriate to use a neutral, unobtrusive palette of pastel, sand tones, as well as deep dark shades, for example, elegant black. Style solutions of this season are striking in their multivariance and extraordinary character, fashion designers clearly divided into two camps: one with both hands stand for magnificent decor and an abundance of jewelry, while others prefer laconism, minimalism and conservative classics. The first, including Chloe, Dolce and Gabbana, actively decorate the products with ruffles, bows, pleating, and also bright belts, puffy pockets, massive brooches and decorative buttons, authentic embroidery. The opposing camp of designers, for example, Alberta Ferretti and Erin Fetherston, prefer light accents in the form of an elegant contrast stitch and seam. A frequent visitor on the pages of women's catalogs is a skirt bell, photos of extravagant, bold clothes, and minimalist models convey a specific coloring of products.

With what to wear a skirt bell? Choosing the right wardrobe

skirt bell photo The original cut of the bell skirt assumesa number of points that are important to consider in order to model a truly attractive and stylish image that effectively emphasizes the virtues of women's silhouettes and will clearly demonstrate the beauty of the feminine nature. Therefore, acquiring the product, the fair sex representatives face a difficult question: what to wear a bell skirt? The skirt bell can be advantageously beaten with almost any clothing, but the most effective combination with elegant blouses, laconic and uncomplicated tops, as well as jumper. This is an ideal option for business and office environments, and the business ladies will also be able to emphasize their status with a combination of a bell and a short jacket or blazer. This set will look fresh and relaxed than the classic duo from a pencil skirt and a white conservative blouse. These recommendations are only tips and options for what the skull bell is wearing to work, in order not only not to lose elegant beauty, but also to withstand business dress code. Clothes of style casual effectively emphasizes simplicity and romanticism of skirts of this style. If you combine them successfully, you can create a winning image for active walks, romantic meetings and just everyday wear. So, it would be very appropriate to have T-shirts or jerseys with voluminous, luxuriant ruffles, deep neckline, preferably fitted - in tandem with a skirt they perfectly emphasize the girl's waist. Many women of fashion are indecisive and ask questions after they have bought a skirt bell: with what to wear it, how to wear it properly, to achieve an amazing appearance? On this occasion in the arsenal of specialists there are a number of ideas and recommendations that will emphasize the dignity of the bell skirt. To do this, the skirt should be combined with a high, elegant heel or dizzy platform, but if a woman has a high growth and asthenic physique, then a very creative combination of skirt bells and vatnamok - an ideal beach image. The fashion industry masters unanimously declare that a rare outfit can boast of such high versatility as the skirt bell has - what to wear this outfit can be thought up in two counts. Representatives of the fair sex who appreciate comfort and comfort, but always strive to maintain an elegant, seductive appearance, simply have to pay attention to the elegant and coquettish object of the ladies' toilet - the skirt bell, with which any woman condemns herself to success and enthusiastic looks. We advise you to read: