Men's fashion 2016 What's new for men in the fashion world 2016of the year? To begin with, the usual shades, bright colors of previous years have gone into oblivion, but, of course, those who can not do without it, it's not a sin to add a bright spot to your wardrobe. This year will radically change the style of avid mods - instead of the usual T-shirts and jeans, you will have to wear light shorts and a jacket. At the same time, brands such as Gucci, which could not resist and introduced the mind-blowing thick knit sweaters and narrow pipes, and Bottega Veneta, which preferred wider legs, will slightly dilute the atmosphere. But all this, contrary to the tendencies of the past years, will be unconditionally presented exclusively by natural colors and, of course, by tissues. Welcome this year, brown, olive and, for a change, blue. All this fairly strict palette is diluted with a small number of geometrically executed black and white prints, ornaments and ethno motifs. Most of the men will now look both stern and extravagant. And for those who like a complete "stuffing", it is desirable to buy a coat with Italian motives or men's jackets with fur for this style. But, of course, in all the rules there are exceptions - this year stood out for its collection of biker-style Burberry Prorsum. He did not just offer leather jackets, but, like in the old movie, he added to the skin a bunch of lightning, rivets and, of course, thorns. As for shoes, the pedestal according to the unanimous opinion of fashion legislators, this year will be given to sandals. The next confirmation of this were the collections of Bottega Veneta, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. These are the inviting premieres of the spring-summer season that await us in the coming year 2016. After showing these novelties to the general public of high fashion lovers, most likely everyone will want to put on sandals and shorts, feeling easy and at ease. We advise you to read: