beach bags 2016 The summer holiday is already knocking on our door - howhe will be bright, rich, full of emotions? Of course, this depends on where we will rest and how to prepare for it: wardrobe, make-up, accessories - attention should be paid to every detail. For many of us, summer vacation is associated with a carefree sunny day, a cloudless blue sky, pleasantly splashing waves, warm sand and cheerful smiles of holidaymakers - the sea beckons us. It's decided - we go to the beach to brightly and richly spend time away from dusty and noisy cities. Of course, every girl during the summer holiday wants to look just stunning - they all want the men in admiration to turn around after them. That's why such attention is paid to choosing a beach dress, a swimsuit, a hat, a pareo, and shoes. But there is one more important accessory that one should not forget about - it's a beach bag: well-chosen, it will emphasize the elegance and refinement of each of us, add to the created image of style and originality. And if one of the last masterpieces of designer houses flaunts on an elegant pen, you can say without words to connoisseurs of delicate taste about your sense of beauty. So let's move on to choosing the most fashionable beach bags in 2016 without delay. It is necessary to keep up with the times and meet the upcoming summer season fully armed, creating an image of an effective and stylish vacationer.

Beach bags 2016: convenience beyond competition

Trendy Beach Bags With the passage of time, tastes change and appearnew trends, but there is always something that will stand above the trends - this is convenience. Really good beach bags just have to be roomy, because then the girl can safely put in her cosmetic bag, phone, purse and a bunch of useful trifles. In this case, you can take everything you need on the beach, worrying about a comfortable rest. Naturally, the chosen model should not be like a suitcase - thinking about roominess, one should not forget about the lightness and grace of the handbag. A stylish and elite model should be miniature - this is known to every girl who keeps pace with the times. The fine line between spaciousness and ease is perfectly seen by designers of fashion houses: in their collections they try to observe the ideal balance of shape, weight and appearance. Looking at D & G bags, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, you realize that they succeed. The models look so attractive and seductive that one immediately wants to become a happy owner of at least a few of these beach accessories. And while modern convenience is difficult to imagine without brightness - the beach bags of the 2016 season are rich in colors, they are cheerful and cheerful. Reflecting a storm of emotions, sometimes reaching childish frivolity, they leave far behind city boredom and efficiency. When buying a modern and fashionable handbag, you can safely forget about the rules of the dress code, focusing only on their own desires, preferences and preferences. Flower pattern, cartoon print, ethnic motifs or abstract ornament - this season, every girl can choose what her imagination tells her.

Beach Bags 2016: Style and Style

Let's look at the already formedtrends of the coming summer, we'll think about how it will surprise us, and determine what will remain on the wave of success in the world of fashion accessories. Tote will continue to enjoy popularity - their spaciousness and convenience will be very useful on the beach, giving comfort to the holiday-makers. If such a bag with short handles is too tiring to wear, you can always choose an instant messenger. It can always be thrown over your shoulder, which is very convenient for walks in the fresh summer air.

    trendy beach bags 2016Tote bags In the new beach season, success will beaccompany and bags clutch - this is really in demand and top trend. On a wave of popularity there will be also baguettes: designer houses have released a lot of original models, not forgetting about today's convenience. The upcoming beach season will present us fashionistas with clutches and baguettes, successfully supplemented by miniature handles - so grace will be combined with convenience.

      beach bags 2016 photosclutches for the summer Girls, living the fashion world, alreadyrealized that today many universal trends will be popular, which is also very convenient, because now you can buy a bag for several years ahead. What will be relevant in the summer of 2016, will remain the same stylish and popular in the next year, so the clutch or, for example, Tote will always be an excellent acquisition. This can be said with confidence, just looking at the newest and most popular beach bags 2016: photo collections of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and other famous designer houses tell us about many classic lines that are recognizable at first sight. Buying one of them, the girl makes a choice in favor of the charm of elegance and elegance - clutch, messenger, Tote or baguette almost perfectly emphasizes the delicate taste of the fashionista.

      Beach bags 2016 and bright summer

      The shore of the sea is always alive: white sand, clear sky, scurrying and noisy children, their joyful and contented parents - everything in the atmosphere tells us about activity and fun, about the riot of emotions and the variety of impressions. And the colors of beach clothes make this holiday of life even better - and colorful motley swimsuits, colorful pareos, interesting hats flash. Bright weight is also brought by beach bags: we have already said that this season gives women of great freedom of choice - a huge variety of colors confirms this best. In the summer we can see both tourists with monotonous and moderately strict clutches of terracotta, brown, black, and girls, on whose shoulders Tote adorn with a cheerful print or ethnic ornament. It is doubly convenient that it is absolutely unnecessary to select a bag in the tone of clothes, copy the color or pattern of your outfit. This summer, a one-color dress can be combined with a clutch in a marine style, and a colorful sarafan with a bright orange Tote. Aspiring to always be effective and original girls know from their experience that you do not need to select the entire palette of colors perfectly - just repeat some colors and elements. But with all the freedom of choice, you can still highlight some stylish details - let's look at what will surprise us and admire the most popular novelties of beach bags in 2016: beach bags of 2016

      • In the season of variegated colors you can and should choosemonochrome models, most importantly, guess with color - we recommend giving preference to coral, turquoise, champagne, as well as bright colors, starting with pearl green and ending with fiery red. Fashion designers should pay attention to the collections of D & G, Celine, Michael Kors, Viktor & Rolf - the style and grace of monophonic bags pleasantly surprise even the most demanding and sophisticated girls.
      • You can give preference to variegated colors, successfullysupplementing it with a bright and somewhere even "predatory" print, leopard, floral, berry - the main thing that he at first sight struck the eye. These bags look spectacular and memorable for a long time: the best confirmation of this - the collection of Milly or Z Spoke by Zac Pozen. By the way, these models are also very practical: you can walk along the embankment, visit boutiques and shops, come to a disco or party - in any situation they look stylish and appropriate.
      • One can not but note the enormous popularityknitted beach bags with fringe - with them the appearance of a resting girl is complemented by a somewhat unusual, but very attractive accessory. We are told about this by designer houses Louis Wyuton and Coco Chanel, successfully diversifying the theme of the sea and the bright colors of their collections. Ligature and fringe also become top trends - making a choice in their favor, the girl will not be disappointed.

      Fashionable beach bags 2016: interesting ideas

      Summer promises us a sea of ​​spectacular solutions, promising to set the tone for popular trends - it's time to consider the most daring of them, recharge positive and prepare for a wonderful vacation. fancy beach bags summer 2016

      • Look at the variety of beach collectionsbags 2016: photos of new models speak of the immense popularity of the naval style. To the vest, white dress and the original tunic, clutches in a wide strip with ornaments in the form of chains, anchors, fish, crabs are perfect. Also an excellent option will be a stylish wicker bag or even a basket made of natural material, for example, straw or jute.
      • And the fashion does not rest solely on the maritime style: no less popular are bright, juicy, rich prints - berry and tropical photo landscapes look very impressive and attractive. And lovers of originality can always choose a bag with a funny and funny cartoon hero - Hello Kitty or Mickey Mouse will look interesting even on the beach.
      • Many women of fashion will prefer retro modelsin peas or with romantic flower patterns is a classic choice of subtle and dreamy natures. However, such a bag is quite practical: it will be an excellent companion for both a date in a restaurant and a picnic by the sea. An excellent option will be Tote with ethnic ornament or national drawing - they will give the color to the look of the rest.
      • Well, lovers of everything new and bold, we wouldadvised bags with a psychedelic pattern or an optical effect - they literally fascinate. Their choice will be a win-win option, because in the coming season a combination of brightness, sophistication and originality will be appreciated very highly.

      As you can see, fashionable beach bags 2016 can bethe most diverse and it's wonderful - each of us will not be difficult to emphasize your individuality by choosing stylish models from famous designer houses. We advise you to read: