choose things in the marine style Already that season things in the marine style remainon the crest of a fashionable wave. Famous beauties with pleasure wear fashionable vests, not being afraid that the horizontal strip visually will fill them. Fashionable women in this season can not do without a real vest. In this case, the frequency and width of strips on dresses and tops can vary depending on your taste and imagination. Many celebrities have already managed to appreciate the fashion trend. Here and the famous lover of fashion experiments Kate Moss this time went quite a famous and simple way. Agree, especially the combination of scarlet color with alternating black and white strip looks especially advantageous. Many women hide their "interesting position", but Claudia Schiffer is not at all embarrassed by her rounded forms. She chose to wear a knitted dress in a thin strip. Going for a walk with her kids, Sarah Jessica Parker did not try to dress up. But the title of the style icon is still binding, so the star of "Sex in the Big City" diluted her everyday outfit with a fashionable vest element. Kim Kardashian absolutely does not complex about his magnificent forms. Apparently, therefore, in her wardrobe a lot of striped outfits, one of them in front of you - top in a wide strip. Recently, Hilary Duff has lost a bit in weight and now she does not hesitate to wear fashionable striped outfits. We take an example from the stars, some of them prefer to wear things in stripes with ordinary jeans and even Vietnamese. We advise you to read: