bedroom interior If your house has a bedroom - you are happyhuman. To have a separate bedchamber and not to combine this sacred place with a living room or with a study, until recently for many was an unaffordable luxury. But even in the cramped conditions of Soviet life (and even the wounded post-Soviet - too!) The spouses tried to make the bedroom their personal territory. Probably, even from those times in us there was a desire to equip this space as comfortably as possible and even unnecessarily romantic. But what to do! Interior designers - a phenomenon in our lives is new and still not available to everyone. The interior of the bedroom with their own hands - that's what is still relevant. Fortunately, today, designers willingly share with us their professional secrets and proudly demonstrate the products of their work - they need to somehow attract potential customers. And we, too, are not bastards. What to spend on the services of professionals, carefully study designer photo reports, and greedily look at pictures in glossy magazines and footage in foreign films. And what? Bedroom - a purely personal area, not intended for prying eyes. So, as we like, so we will arrange the bedroom. And still, we should not discount the elementary rules of design and the laws of interior layout. We'll talk about this with you.

We plan the interior

Do not rush to immediately acquire the main itemfurniture in the bedroom - bed. After being tempted by the samples of this miracle invention presented in furniture stores, you risk then the entire interior to be adjusted precisely for it. As a result, you will not get what you want, but what will happen. Therefore, initially it is necessary to plan the situation of the sleeping room on paper. Yes, that's exactly the way professional designers do it. Agree that one bedroom bed room is not limited. It is even more desirable to place a wardrobe, chest of drawers, a dressing table. And someone wants to equip this room with shelves, bedside tables or even put a TV here (hang a plasma panel). Therefore, we draw the layout of the room on paper and first sketch out the furniture on it. And, it is important to observe in scale all the dimensions of the room, to designate windows and doors, and also to calculate the optimal size of furniture. Arrangement of furniture is also easier to first plan on the drawing, and "move" it is easier on paper than in reality. Universal councils can not be here - it all depends on the size of the room, on how exactly the windows and the front door are located in it. Another important stage of planning is the choice of style. Do not console yourself with the idea of ​​the versatility of modern furniture. Style is not only furniture, but also a color solution, accessories and decoration materials. In addition, different styles correspond to different temperaments of people and different ways of life. Romantic and subtle natures suit exquisite styles: rococo, gothic, Provence. Practical people will like the village styles. Lovers of exotics will be delighted by ethnic styles. By the way, it is not necessary to stop at any one stylistic decision - styles can be combined. beautiful bedroom interior with your own hands

Choosing a color solution

When the plan of your future bedroom is ready,you need to decide on the color scheme. Firstly, this decision will depend on your aesthetic preferences, secondly, on the chosen style, and thirdly, on the laws of interior design. By the way, you can first determine the color range of the bedchamber, and then choose the appropriate style. And yet, tastes flavors, and neglect the psychology of color is not worth it. That's what psychologists and designers say about the color solution for the bedroom. The sleeping room is a resting place, therefore its interior should be aged in light colors, and if not in light, then at least in quiet. For rooms located in the North, designers recommend choosing a warm color scheme: beige, peach, milky pink, pale orange, soft yellow. Southern rooms are best to decorate in cool colors: all shades of green and blue, as well as white and gray. If you like bright colors, you can dilute the color ensemble of your bedchamber with separate bright spots, which can become window curtains, bedspreads and pillows on the bed, floor mats. The walls and ceiling of the bedroom and the designers and psychologists recommend to paint in light colors. As practice shows, the brightest shades of blue, pink, lilac, and also pearl-gray color turn out to be the most successful for registration of a bedroom. In addition, it is these colors that are harmoniously combined with the texture and color of natural wood. Bright and saturated colors for the bedroom are not suitable. They excite, cause anxiety, awaken aggression. But, as they say, the owner is a gentleman. And if you certainly want to decorate the bedroom in boudoir style, paint the walls in red, or cover them with green wallpapers with gold embossing, then your will. However, soon all this will start to irritate you, you will not get enough sleep all the time, and all your efforts and money costs for creating a cozy and comfortable bedroom interior will be in vain.

Choosing furniture

Well, the plan of the bedroom was, with styleWe decided on the color scheme chosen. Now the most important and most pleasant thing left is to choose furniture. Before, how was it with us? The bed, wardrobe, dressing table or bedside table - that's all the necessary set of furniture for the bedroom. It should be noted that this minimum has remained unchanged today. However, he was supplemented by other pieces of furniture. If you are planning to buy a bedroom set, then it will just consist of this minimum. Then additional items of furniture you will have to buy separately. Here you have two ways. First, you can buy the missing furniture of the same series as the bedroom set. Today it is easy to implement, given that modern manufacturers produce not just furniture, but entire furniture lines (this is like with a line of cosmetics). Therefore, to buy an additional chest of drawers or a rack of the same "style" that a bed with a cabinet, you will not be able to work. It is not difficult to choose a couch or armchairs harmoniously combined with the furniture. These pieces of furniture are also in demand today in the bedroom interior. Another option is to combine completely different and even contrast furniture. For example, you can put in a bedroom quite a modern closet, but add an antique bed or a vintage dressing table. True, for such experiments it is necessary to possess an innate taste with a sense of proportion. Although, the intentional combination of the incongruous - this is precisely the main feature of the shocking style of kitsch. And if you are by nature a brave person, then you can design your bedroom in this style too. In general, the furniture for the bedroom should be, first of all, comfortable. Secondly - beautiful, and thirdly - functional. Bedroom - the place where it is undesirable to use the furniture-designer. The bed should be only a bed, and the chest of drawers only with a chest of drawers. But everything is in your hands. And if you are aiming at creating a bedroom interior with your own hands, you can, for example, make a custom-made podium bed. Or create a real alcove in a niche. Or put in your bed with a canopy. So, for example, what can you do with your bedchamber to make it a home for love and passion? modern bedroom interior with your own hands

We turn the bedroom into the abode of love and passion

Create a sleeping erotic atmosphere andto turn a married bed into the real abode of love and passion, it is quite simple. If you listen to the advice of specialists (this time not designers, no!) And call on to help all your ingenuity, then achieve the desired results without cardinal rework of the interior. So…

  • Remove all excess furniture from your bedroom, leave only the bed and a couple of bedside tables or tables.
  • The TV and the computer in the bedroom are not the place - they will distract your attention from the partner, and his attention from you.
  • Blankets and bedding should bewarm shades to create a romantic mood or bright for the atmosphere of passion. If the bed you use as a "sexodrom", the bed linen should be not only beautiful, but also pleasant for the body.
  • On a table or a bedside table put a table lamp or provide a bedroom with a floor lamp with a red shade. Do not be embarrassed by the analogy with the red lanterns of the houses of tolerance: they knew a lot about this matter.
  • Beside the bed, put a box of toys. No, no, they do not have to be from a sex shop. These can be cute little things that bring pleasure in bed, for example, pieces of fur, feathers, beautiful underwear ... However, you better know what drives you and your partner.
  • Buy aromatic sticks, aroma lamp orcandles. Soft light and light fragrance contribute to lifting the mood, relieving fatigue, and how nothing helps to tune in to an erotic harmony. Just remember that not all smells arouse sensuality, so choose only the aphrodisiac scents.
  • Although specialists in Feng Shui do not welcomeplacing in the bedroom mirrors, many men delight in watching the reflection of the partner in the mirror during sex. Therefore, from time to time you can diversify your intimate life by placing a mirror around the bed on wheels or special stands.
  • As you can see, decorating the bedroom without helpdesigners - a feasible task for almost everyone. For man there are no overwhelming tasks at all! And if this person is also a woman ... Well, dear ladies, everything is in our hands: we'll draw a plan for the bedroom, and we'll define the style, and select furniture. And if necessary, then turn the ordinary bedroom into the abode of love and passion. We are women to make life more beautiful! We advise you to read: