repair of the kitchen where to start Having seen the popular programs of repair todayand interior design, we are losing peace. And we are beginning to be tormented by vague doubts: is everything in our house the way we would like? And now we are meticulously inspecting the walls and ceilings in our apartments and begin to cherish and "hone" the idea of ​​repair that aroused in our television-awakened consciousness. And it also happens in another way. We receive, for example, we as a gift some new-fashioned kitchen device. Or do not get it, but we buy it ourselves, because "well, it's very necessary!" And suddenly we find out that neither our old kitchen furniture nor the kitchen interior is categorically under it. And what should I do? The culprit has already taken his place of honor in a hopelessly outdated kitchen. And then, having typed the full chest of air, we give out to our households the exhausted and suffered news: "We will do repairs in the kitchen." Having let out the roar of a shot boar or doomedly scratching in the back of the head, our dearest half begins feverishly to seek funds for the suddenly necessary repairs, and we ... And we indulge in sweet reflections on how to start repairing the kitchen.

Two ways to start repairing

Waving for repairs in the kitchen, you can goin two ways. The first way is promoted practically in all thematic shows and advertises the services of interior designers. That is, first a design project of the kitchen is made up, materials selected according to the designer's plan are selected, and then the cost of the conceived transformation of your kitchen is calculated. There are good and bad moments for you. Plus such a beginning - professional design, the creation of a unique interior, decorated in a fashionable style. Another plus is the embodiment of your most daring ideas and the most absurd wishes in the design project. The downside, perhaps, is only one - the unpredictable cost of such designer frills plus a fairly high payment for the services of the designer himself and the builders who will implement this project. An alternative version of this path is called "self designer". In this case, you design your own design yourself, draw sketches yourself, select materials and calculate the cost of the upcoming repair. By the way, in the role of a repair team in this case is all your family. The second way is from the opposite. That is, first you choose kitchen furniture and those materials that would like to decorate the kitchen or which you simply can afford. And after that you start to think how exactly all this will fit in your kitchen. Most often the kitchen set becomes a kind of accurate countdown. Choosing classical models of furniture or headsets in the Art Nouveau style, you set the tone of the whole concept of the interior of your future kitchen. And the finishing materials will have to choose exactly based on the particular style. Let's look a little more at the possible start of the transformation of your kitchen. where to begin repairing the kitchen

Style Selection

Or you initially plan a kitchen in a certaininterior style, or first choose your favorite kitchen set. In both cases, you need to deal with the style of the interior. Classic models imply traditional interior styles, while fashionable modern kitchen furniture sets the tone for a modern stylistic solution of the kitchen interior. Traditional styles for the kitchen are:

  • classic style,
  • country,
  • Provence,
  • cottage,
  • Biedermeier,
  • chalet.

In addition, for the traditional kitchen interiorwill suit almost all ethnic styles. In this case, you choose good furniture and practical finishing materials. The main idea of ​​this interior is functionality, ergonomics and comfort. It is these cuisines that are especially cozy, they are arranged for homecoming and culinary experiments. Modern styles for the kitchen:

  • high tech,
  • Art Nouveau,
  • minimalism,
  • loft,
  • Art Deco,
  • vintage.

All these styles presuppose a modernfurniture, use of a large number of home appliances and fashionable finishing materials. It is the modern kitchens that claim to be exclusive and are distinguished by a variety of design solutions. However, it is not necessary to stop at any particular style: a mixture of styles is also quite acceptable, and the case with a kitchen interior is inevitable. You, for example, can build on the color scheme of the kitchen and select furniture and decoration materials in accordance with it.

Selection of finishing materials

Often it is considerations of practicalityguide us when choosing finishing materials for renovation in the kitchen. Therefore, before starting the repair, make a tour of the shops and markets of building and finishing materials: there is something to see and choose from. Floor coverings - a very important element of the kitchen. What should I pay attention to when choosing floors for the kitchen?

  • Ceramic tile or mosaic.
  • Laminate or parquet board.
  • Linoleum.

The latter option is the most convenient forself-repair. This material is strong enough, although not very durable. But it is easy to stack, and it is relatively cheap. If you have sufficient funds, it is better to still stay on the tile or laminate. You will have to spend more, but it will last a lot longer. What not to choose for the kitchen, so this carpet. A grandiose renovation with the alignment of the walls, followed by their plastering and painting will turn your kitchen into a fashionable and quite modern interior. However, modern wallpaper manufacturers offer so diverse in coloring, texture, strength and moisture resistance materials that here again you will be the choice. This is especially true for cosmetic repairs. And, of course, wall panels, which will even level the walls, and give them the desired color (texture or pattern). And, finally, the ceilings. The cheapest option is lightweight ceiling tiles. By the way, with its packing you can quite manage on your own. Fiberglass multi-level ceilings from gypsum cardboard are also very fashionable today, but because they are popular. But for their installation you will have to invite the masters. And if your wealth allows you to mount a suspended or suspended ceiling in the kitchen, then choose one of these options. True, in this case it will be necessary to equip the kitchen with a very powerful hood. repair in the kitchen where to start

With your own or others' hands

Here it is impossible to give an unequivocal advice. If the repair is not capital, but cosmetic, if you limit yourself to linoleum, wallpaper and ceiling tiles, then you do not need to spend money on a specially invited brigade. However, only in the event that the successful experience of repair at you already is. For overhaul it is still better to invite specialists: they will do everything quickly and professionally. Just do not contact the first company that came across, but invite the masters with good recommendations. In any case, starting repair in the kitchen, have an accurate idea of ​​what you want to get as a result, buy the necessary finishing materials and be patient. Repair is a troublesome business, but when you take hold of the ridge, do not say that it is not dumb. All in your hands. Dare! And all at you will turn out. We advise you to read: