modern bedroom interior Each epoch has its own style, its ownrepresentations of beauty and comfort. Why these ideas change, no one will tell you. But that's why the fashion is changeable, that's why the things around us become old-fashioned or out-of-date with time. And our house is no exception. What yesterday seemed ultrafashionable and super popular, is no longer relevant today. And the reason for that is the change in fashion trends in interior design. Surrendering to the times, we begin to urgently alter our home, looking for a suitable modern style and the furniture and accessories that correspond to it. And if the living room or kitchen is clear, then with the design of a bedroom in a modern style, problems arise. Once we got used to the traditional view of this room and to the no less traditional set of furniture. And yet ... Still, really want a fashionable interior and modern style. But it can not escape from the general fashionable mood of the house? Therefore, you need to design the interior of the bedroom in a modern style. And how to do it? And what are modern interior design styles? How should modern bedroom interiors look like? Let's figure it out.

Features of a modern bedroom

We note at once, some special stylisticrequirements for the design of the bedroom in the modern interior design is not. At the request of the customer, the designer can choose any style. However, one feature still exists. The main condition of modern bedrooms - full compliance with their functional purpose. Even if due to circumstances and the size of an apartment you have to combine a bedroom, for example, with a cabinet or with a dressing room, this room should be, first of all, a resting place. And one more requirement for a modern bedroom design is the maximum possible release of space. Extra elements and interior items, excessive decor and bright colors are not welcome. Modern interiors of the bedroom are maintained, as a rule, in calm tones, and when they are made use a monochrome or two-color solution. No, of course, this does not mean that there are no other colors in the bedroom. Just dominant should be only one or only two colors in all the variety of their shades. Much attention is paid to the lighting design. Different lights are welcome: ceiling, wall, floor. And especially advanced designers offer even furniture lighting. The preference for natural finishing materials, as well as a single stylistic solution. modern bedroom interior

Modern interior styles

Fashion, of course, dictates its terms. In the interior design, fashion trends are also changing, there are trends that determine the direction of design and style. Most popular today:

  • minimalism,
  • Art Deco,
  • ekostyle,
  • techno,
  • high tech,
  • Contemporary,
  • pop Art,
  • Art Nouveau.

What are they?

  • Modern

Its history dates back to the end of the nineteenth century. Known under the names: art nouveau, liberti, jungendstyle, secession. Characteristic features of this style for the design of the bedroom: forged and metal elements of furniture (or all furniture: bed, for example), ornamental or floral patterns, natural motifs. Preferred finishing materials: decorative plaster, textured wallpaper, solid board or parquet. Of the additional items of the interior will be relevant carpets on the floor, carpet or tapestry paintings on the walls.

  • Art Deco

Appeared in the early twentieth century. The style is based on the foundations of cubism, neoclassicism and aviation design. Residential space is built around the composition center (for the bedroom it is a bed). Interior is made in accordance with strict geometry. The furniture is characterized by massiveness, dark colors and smooth shapes. The walls are solid, painted in soft pastel colors. Bright accents of green, orange and red. Abundance of textiles and lamps.

  • Pop Art

Originated in the middle of the twentieth century as a reflectiontendencies of mass art. A characteristic feature of the style is shocking. Furniture is plastic, instead of cabinets - a niche or even a dressing room. Combination of several colors and textures for wall decoration, neon lighting. Additional interior items - watches, photographs and posters, candlesticks and statuettes.

  • Minimalism

One of the most popular styles today. A distinctive feature is laconism and functionality. Maximum release of space, a minimal set of furniture, interior items of simple and geometric shapes. For finishing both natural and metallic materials are used. Monochrome color scheme or contrasting color solutions.

  • Etchikal

Maximum ecological compatibility of the interior: natural finishing materials, natural colors. The main element of style is wood, additional - brick and stone. Interior details and handmade accessories, living room plants, wicker furniture, natural carpets and textiles are welcome.

  • High tech

Technological style, seeking to useachieve technical progress. The main feature is functionality. Colors: the main white, supplemented with beige, cream, gray, black and metallic. Preference is given to textured surfaces, from natural wood to brickwork. Furniture made of metal, glass and plastic, suspended ceilings, spotlights, halogen lamps. The main element of the decor is mirrors.

  • Contemporary

Very young direction of interior design. The task of the style is to make the room comfortable and functional. Style is unassuming and is accessible to almost everyone. Furniture does not differ in design refinements, but it is as functional as possible. The color scheme of the room - the taste of its inhabitants. Finishing materials, natural and artificial. In general, Contemporary is the most democratic of all modern styles. In addition, in the modern interior design for a bedroom, experts recommend retro style, industrial style and even kitsch. As we already said, there are no clear recommendations on this matter. If your bedroom will be decorated in an ethnic or classical style, it will still be modern, provided that there is no slack and no functionality. And if you use fashionable trends, you can safely call your bedchamber modern. modern bedroom interiors

Fashion Trends

What is fashionable today when designing and decorating a bedroom?

  • Suspended and stretched ceilings. It is relatively affordable, modern and aesthetic.
  • Beds-podiums. Fashionable and functional: the bottom space of such a podium is replaced by a cabinet or chest of drawers.
  • Beds in the niches. Actual for a children's bedroom and a room with one owner. Use the niches provided for in the project or else they are erected additionally.
  • Wardrobe and toilet rooms in the bedroom. The implementation of this trend is possible only if the room is large enough. If the bedroom is small, then it is worthwhile to confine yourself to a spacious closet.
  • Handmade. Handmade products today are at the peak of popularity. Therefore, for sleeping steel fashionable patchwork bedspreads, knitted plaids, handmade decorative panels.
  • Non-standard furniture. Glass tables and shelves, inflatable beds and metal shelving-partitions will make your bedroom fashionable and modern.
  • Multilevel ceilings and floors. Do not lose relevance for several years and, most likely, for a long time will be in vogue.
  • Built-in light. To replace the trendy in the recent past floor lamps, sconces and lamps on the bedside tables, dot lights and neon lights.
  • Ecological compatibility. Finally, we began to appreciate the natural materials used in interior design. Wood and cork, bamboo and sisal slowly and surely replace plastic and synthetic materials from our homes. For a bedroom - this is the most "useful" trend.

As you can see, nothing is difficult in creating a modernthere is no interior for a bedroom. It is enough to do a small cosmetic repair, get rid of junk (or restore furniture) and take into account the requirements of a certain style. And may comfort and comfort prevail in your house. Believe me, this is achievable without special material costs, which, however, can not be said about time and spiritual strength. All in our hands. Good luck!