small kitchen layout The problem of lack of space in the kitchen is facingeach family that lives in houses of old construction. In this case there is absolutely no room for a flight of fantasy, for creative ideas. After all, all the Khrushchevs are of the same type, and nothing can be placed in their six-meter kitchens, except the table and the refrigerator. Where already here to turn around? How to properly plan the space to have enough space for the whole family, and to make cooking become a real creative process? When everything is at hand, everything in its place - and cook more pleasantly, and the dishes are more delicious. It would seem that the problem is unsolvable, but even in this situation there is a way out. Considering the layout options for a small kitchen, it is advisable to give preference to the corner method of arranging kitchen cabinets, a refrigerator, a built-in cooker. It is more reasonable to arrange the furniture in such a way that it is only about two adjacent walls. In such a kitchen, the folding table looks great, it takes up less space when folded, and it does not prevent the hostess from preparing food. You can also install an elegant bar counter, where a reclining table surface is provided. Such a layout of a small kitchen is optimal. If you prefer the layout of kitchens in one line, you can arrange all the objects of the kitchen set along one wall. In this case, first think carefully about the place you can allocate for the refrigerator, and then decide where the cabinet for the dishes and all kinds of products will be placed in the form of a locker. When the project of arranging furniture in the kitchen is ready, proceed with the installation of an electric or gas stove and a dishwasher, which it is desirable to separate the cabinet with the work surface. kitchen layout small

Selection and arrangement of furniture in a small kitchen

Do not forget about the functional useliterally every centimeter of the interior space of the room. The optimal option will be built-in cabinets and collapsible furniture, where there are wheels and all kinds of folding elements, as it will not "eat" free space and help visually increase the size of a small kitchen. If the furniture for small kitchens is selected correctly and placed in an optimal way, modern housewives will be able to solve all the problems associated with a significant lack of space. A dining table, stove and dishwasher is best combined into a single whole with the help of a table top. However, in this case, all the items must be placed on the same level. Since in modern stores the choice of plates is huge, when planning your kitchen it is best to purchase cooking surfaces and ovens separately, which are then built into an elegant kitchen cabinet. And from the acquisition of massive gas stoves, try to abstain, because, otherwise, such a household appliance will occupy a considerable part of the kitchen space and will not leave you either a free space or space for further creativity. Buying a low refrigerator will be another plus for a small kitchen, as its surface can later be used as a cutting table. And if the area of ​​the kitchen space allows, order a convenient closet in which to fit and dishes, and a lot of kitchen appliances. The presence of a corner tabletop will allow housewives to keep all the necessary items at hand, including jars with spices and cutlery, modern tea accessories and a knife stand. Instead of a dining table it is desirable to use an original bar rack, and above it place a reliable metal system consisting of hooks and convenient hangers. Such a system will allow you to store glasses, ceramic cups and crystal glasses that you can take off from the hooks right at lunch, without even getting up from the chair. Creating an interior of a small kitchen, from the use of a soft kitchen corner should not be denied - it will become the main highlight of your interior, and models of this furniture with folding seats are the most winning. Under the seats of a soft corner you can store cans with pickles, stocks and all sorts of kitchen appliances that will not catch your eye and visually overload the space of the room. Built-in kitchen appliances, which is the latest trend of modernity, will help to create an ideal interior in a small kitchen, as both a stove, and an oven, and a dishwasher can be placed inside cabinets or under a single table top, which looks quite harmonious. Do not forget that the round-shaped sink is very roomy, but it will have to be mounted in a table with retractable compartments and a built-in container. In this case, you can get any items stored under the sink, including the trash can, quickly and easily. When choosing the lower cabinets it is advisable to buy models with increased depth, then without upper cabinets it is easy to do, and if you absolutely need them, it is better to purchase variations with glass door leaves. But such furniture is more typical for kitchens in the style of hi-tech or country, but in the classical design of the room looks not harmoniously enough. For dishes, you need to provide drawers or shelves, but you will need additional partitions to ensure that when moving the plates are not broken. Remember that placing on the walls of frying pans in an open form is characteristic only for country style, so in other cases a special locker is needed to store them. small kitchen

How to plan a dining area?

Place for eating is the mainevery modern kitchen, and especially in apartments where the dining room is not provided. Therefore, it is very important to make this zone comfortable. If the rest of the kitchen furniture, as well as the used household appliances are placed compactly, there will be enough free space for the dining table. When planning a small kitchen instead of a massive table, use a foldable dining table with extendable sides, which can be conveniently transformed in the event guests arrive. Such a table will look optimal in the interior of the kitchen, if you put it at the window. You can buy a model with wheels, and if desired, you easily move the table to any place in the kitchen space. Folding table with wheels is suitable as a working and a simultaneous dining table, freeing the owners from buying extra furniture. Another option for small kitchens is a folding or pull-out dining table, "accreted" to the window sill.

Lighting in small kitchens

Thinking about the layout of a small kitchen, it is worthpay special attention to lighting. There can also be several options here. One of the ideas involves placing bright luminaries directly above the dining table and in working areas, while the light bulbs are better integrated into the kitchen cabinets, and the lighting of the hood will allow a good lighting of the used hob. In addition to the working area with built-in light bulbs, the decorative lighting fixtures are suitable for illumination, with their help you can illuminate the desired area in the situation. In the case when using wall-papers or paint of light shades, it is enough simply to strengthen the upper lighting, providing the central lamp with a more powerful lamp. Choosing functional furniture, built-in technology, creating a suitable lighting system, you will turn even the smallest kitchen into a comfortable room. And it will not seem uncomfortable at all, on the contrary, it will look neat and tasteful. We advise you to read: