linens When decorating a bedroom designerscarefully think through every detail, from lighting to furnishing. And also observe one important rule: do not clutter up. Do you want your bedroom to be comfortable for sleep and rest? Then update the bedroom today, following the advice of famous designers.

  • Lighting

Put in the bedroom floor mattLampshade of light shades. The dark look more effective, but the room is worse. Wall sconces save space, but they must be installed in such a way that it would be easy to reach them. If there is no way to tell wall sconces, replace them with fixtures with a flexible foot.

  • Color solution

On the advice of designers, the interior should awakenall 5 senses. Changes in the direction of harmony can begin with the change of sofa cushions, curtains and curtains. Please note that soothing shades in the bedroom, for example, gently pink or tender-lilac, set the mood accordingly. Just remember that the room in which there is a lot of natural light, it seems more. Therefore, we advise you not to hang the windows with gloomy and complicated curtains.

  • Bed

That the bedroom was original and cozy, but at the same time without chaotic bright spots, should be made of calm textured fabrics with decorative elements. Visually increase the space in the room will help the veil, lowered almost to the floor.

  • Free space

Nothing should stop you when you get out of bed. Therefore, leave at least 0.5 m around it.

  • Bedside table or chest of drawers

In the bedside tables or in the chest of drawers, there must beorder. For this it is very convenient to use special sectors of separation. If the plans for the purchase of a new bedside table, then pay attention to models with several boxes for storage inside.

  • Flooring

Spread a mat in the bedroom, a color spot will give your bedroom an individuality. Please note that the color of the carpet or floor covering should be in harmony with the color of the walls and curtains.

  • Mirrors

Designers like mirrors in small rooms forthat they visually increase the room. Want to make your bedroom more spacious? Hang the mirror. In addition to increasing the space, the mirror will allow you to put yourself in order not only in the bathroom, but also in the bedroom. Internet-shop of bed-clothes We advise you to read: