Indian sari The Indian sari has always been considered a prideIndian women and was an indispensable attribute of clothes among Hindu goddesses. His story is as old as the Indian civilization. The very word "sari" comes from the Sanskrit word "sati", which means cloth. For the first time traces of saris were found in the valley of the Indus River and the first mention of it, which has survived to the present day in the Indian epic, dates back to 100 BC. However, thousands of years have passed since then, but having passed through the ages and successfully passed the test of time, Indian sari clothing has undoubtedly undergone some changes. During this time, it absorbed many customs and traditions of its people. Despite the fact that with time the people of India made their own adjustments, the Indian sari's national clothes retained their originality and are now known all over the world.

Indian girls in a sari - a fascinating sight

In an Indian sari, any woman looks simplecharming. The gentle and sensual attribute of clothes favorably emphasizes all the dignity of Indian women, demonstrating their grace and hiding their shortcomings. In fact, the sari consists not of one, but of three parts: a short blouse, a lower skirt and a long cut of fabric (up to 12 meters), one end of which wraps around the hips, the other - throws over the shoulder. The ability to wear a sari is a whole art, as it is necessary to wrap it around the body so that no hair clips or fasteners are required. For many, this takes no more than a minute. Indian sari clothing for thousands of years serves faithfully and faithfully to Indian women. It's no secret that about 80% of modern Indian women prefer his modern clothes. For Indian men, there is nothing more attractive than Indian girls in a sari.

Indian actresses in the sari are always irresistible

Indian Sari Photo The Indian actress in the sari is the embodiment of thefemininity. Each of us at least once in my life had to watch an Indian film and admire the main characters in national dress. Actresses dressed in a traditional national dress look just great: they attract and fascinate the look with their femininity and grace. Needless to say that the leading Indian actresses in the sari, created by the hands of one of India's most successful fashion designers, Manish Malhotra, conquered millions of spectators with their beauty and charm.

Indian sari own hands - a real masterpiece

Indian girls in a sari The modern sari is a one-piece piecefabric without a single seam, whose length is usually from 5 to 9 meters, width - about a meter. Side along the entire canvas, used as clothing, you can see a border, which, as a rule, is the bottom edge of a sari with a pattern. In the Indian sari with their own hands the pattern can be woven, embroidered or painted, and also decorated with semiprecious stones. Looking at the Indian sari photo, which can be found in a variety of magazines, we see a cloth over the shoulder, which is called a palu or pallav. Usually, when walking, it develops beautifully behind. The beauty of a traditional garment can not be underestimated. That is why most Indian women prefer to wear such clothes every day. Despite the fact that it almost completely hides the body of Indian women, many men find Indian girls in the sari graceful and seductive. Unlike the modern sari, the dress of ancient Indian women is striking in its openness. In those distant times it was worn on a naked body, and the upper choli was simply not there. Ancient Indian women did not consider the beauty of their naked body reprehensible. Of course, this is far from what modern women in India today wear, who are forbidden to show their bodies. Indian sari photos of our contemporaries: they wear choli over a sari, and small blouses under the sari. And it does not matter how exactly this outfit is worn now, the one in it remains to this day unchanged: the wealth of material reflecting the prosperity of its mistress. On it it is possible to determine without error not only the caste of man, religion and region, but also a place on the social ladder. Along with the outfits worn by Indian women, there are also saris, such as the "dhoti", which has been worn exclusively by men since ancient times and turns around each leg.

Making a sari is an exclusively male work

Indian sari clothing In ancient times, the Indians wore only monochromedresses, painted with the juice of plants. However, with the mastery of the technique, the paintings of the sari began to shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. And even the richest and most respected people do not hesitate to create an Indian sari with their own hands. Manufacture of traditionally Indian clothing in India is exclusively handled by men from the caste of weavers. Who knows better than men what a woman should look like? Sari can be very different - refined and modest, chic and innocent, romantic and wedding. To make a dress made of the finest cotton or sparkling silk, lavishly decorated with patterns and embroidered with gold threads, edging or semiprecious stones, it sometimes takes up to six months. Especially expensive outfits are entrusted to make young men with very sensitive fingers. Embroider and color Indian sari clothes are also men. Some colors in Indian culture have a certain significance, but few people today adhere to this color symbolism. For modern Indian women, the main thing is that it should be beautiful.

Wardrobe of modern Indian

Indian middle-income has in itswardrobe outfits for all occasions, which usually number about a hundred, or even more. Although this pleasure is not cheap, women never spare the money spent on their dresses. Sari in India have a wide range of prices - from 600 to 30 thousand rupees, so not every woman can afford to buy Indian sari in good quality. A good quality sari never wears or polishes, so Indian sari clothes in this country are often passed down from generation to generation.

Indian wedding attire

Indian actresses in saris Traditional wedding in India is an exciting andcarefully thought out event with a shy bride in the Indian wedding sari in the spotlight. What should be the wedding dress of a modern Indian bride? Basically, the Indian wedding sari is made in red with rich gold embroidery and exquisite ornaments, but in some southern regions of India the bride wears a green outfit for the wedding. Unusual bright clothes made of silk, chiffon, brocade, cotton or various synthetic materials are designed to give the bride's look a unique charm and mystery. The length of the outfit, as a rule, varies in different regions of the country. The main difference between the festive sari and everyday clothes is the abundance of gold and ornaments. In a word, the Indian wedding sari is a real work of art, and the most interesting is that this art was created by men's hands. In addition to the sari, the bride puts on the wedding a lot of different ornaments, made advantage of gold. To buy for the bride as many as possible, many families get into huge debts. After all, donated accessories - this is the only thing that belongs to a woman throughout her life. These ornaments are subsequently transferred from mother to daughter from generation to generation. The Indian sari can be viewed indefinitely, but it's better to just try on this outfit. Among the inhabitants of different parts of the world today you can find many fans of Indian traditional clothing. Of course, not every woman will vent this kind of garment in the street, but any of us can experiment as home clothes. We advise you to read: