enlargement of mammary glands How to increase the mammary glands at home,without resorting to surgery? This question was for sure asked every second woman. And in this article we will try to answer it as completely as possible. To start a little theory. To begin with, the breast is not a monolith, it has several components, namely: pectoral muscle, mammary glands in the form of lobes, adipose tissue. The glands are an endocrine organ, they produce milk. Fatty tissue protects against hypothermia and trauma. Muscles are a connective tissue. Here on these "three whales" and build breast enlargement. The impact on each segment separately can lead to very impressive results. Among the methods of breast augmentation, we can distinguish the following: visual, exercise and massage, hormonal therapy, traditional medicine. And of course, you can resort to surgery. However, not many agree to such a responsible step. Let's look at each of the ways and identify all their advantages and disadvantages.

Increase of mammary glands with the help of hormonal preparations

The gland consists of segments and segments, it hasconvex structure. To influence directly on the gland is not physically recommended, since microtrauma can contribute to the development of fibrous formations. In this case, it will be no longer about beauty, but about health and the preservation of the body as a whole. Therefore, the most common way to affect the breast is to take hormonal drugs. Perhaps, the most well-known can be considered the use of oral contraceptives. What hormones affect the size of the breast? First of all - it's estrogens - female sex hormones, which are responsible for the figure by the female type, stimulate the development of the breast, distribute the subcutaneous fatty tissue. At the same time, estrogens are substances responsible for pregnancy and for bearing a child. The pathological shortage of this hormone turns a female figure into a "teenage boy", sometimes affects only the chest (often it has a zero size), and also leads to no bearing or infertility. Overabundance of estrogens is easy to describe in a vivid example. Since this hormone is from a series of steroids, imagine a very over-developed pitching - it is a mountain of muscles with a greatly reduced sexual function. In the female version, the excess of estrogens is a large amount of unevenly distributed fat, the risk of a heart attack, varicose veins. But the breast is from the fourth size. So think about whether such an increase is necessary? Prolactin is a hormone produced in the breast during puberty (in a small amount), during pregnancy and immediately after childbirth. Prolactin secretion continues throughout the entire breastfeeding period. Probably everyone noticed that pregnant mothers and especially lactating mothers have impressive bust sizes. Even those who before the pregnancy wore the first size of a bra, after giving birth, buy a second or third. The method is bad because excessive stimulation of this hormone can lead to serious problems of the endocrine system, up to the formation of tumors. Another commonly occurring hormone recommended for breast augmentation is somatotropin. This peptide hormone is not without success used in sports circles. His task is to grow both the muscle mass and the skeleton as a whole. The minus of the drug is that it gives exactly the overall growth, not just in the chest area. an enlargement of the mammary glands without surgery

Visual Breast Enlargement

The school years immediately come to mind, whenthe teenagers put cotton wool in their bras. It is a little absurd, but nevertheless, this method has the right to exist. Currently, it was modified with the help of the latest technology. For the lowered breast invented invisible silicone cups, allowing to keep it always tightened. There are many varieties of corrective linen. Especially popular are bras with an insertion part, where the lining in the form of a petal increases the volume and raises the chest. What to say about the effect of push-up and foam models. The main thing is choosing your underwear model, based on your feelings. The bra should not rub, squeeze or exert compressive influence.

Physical activity for breast augmentation

Remember the famous proverb: "Patience and work all peretrut." This applies to fitness, where the load is directed to the development of pectoral muscles. But if there is no time for the gym, it is quite possible to do home exercises. When they are carried out, a number of conditions must be observed. First, regularity. Secondly, the load must be felt, that is, it is not the quantity, but the quality of approaches that is important. So, exercises for breast augmentation.

  • Push-ups in standing position or wallLeaning your back against the door jamb, pull out your hands, resting against the door frame. We do either pushing out or push-up. In the first case, we try, as it were, to open the doorway, while straining only the muscles of the chest. In the second, we bend our arms in the elbows, at an angle of 90 °. We do push-up. Ten times on two approaches. Also helps is a banal push-up from the floor with a straight body, on the parallel palms.
  • Exercise "prayer" It is necessary to take a comfortableposition, no matter, standing or sitting, the main thing is to give the back an emphasis so that there is no load on it. We join the hands of the palm to the palm of the hand, elbows - at a right angle to the floor. On a deep breath we squeeze the palms very strongly, we follow the load, it should be exclusively on the chest. On prolonged exhalation we weaken the fight. The number of executions does not matter. Give the exercise 5-7 minutes.
  • Simulation of the movements of the skier It is necessary to carry out thisexercise with burdening, for example with dumbbells or bottles of water. This will help quickly bring the lateral muscles of the chest into shape. Do two sets of 25 Mach.
  • Exercises with dumbbells Feel the upper chestmuscle will help exercise with dumbbells. In the prone position, remove the scapula so that they take the shape of the letter "V". We stretch our hands up, absolutely parallel. We lower, bending at the elbows. Two approaches eight times.

Exercises that have a beneficial effect onmuscle tone, an incredible variety. The main thing is the system and desire. By doing them, you will contribute to a small increase in the bust. And if your goal is an elastic and tightened breast, then neither surgery nor hormones are needed. Everything can be achieved only with zeal. how to increase the mammary glands in the home

Massage for breast augmentation

"Magic" cream to increase at allare effective on their own, since the skin is not able to pass most of the components from the outside. But they will become ideal assistants for breast massage. First of all, it is necessary to soften the skin, so as not to injure it in the process. Suitable, as a normal cream, and the one that is advertised. We will make a reservation that it is not so useless. It's just his task to make the skin as elastic and smooth as possible, possibly to get rid of stretch marks. It does not affect the structure of the breast. The application of the cream occurs in a circular motion, very neat and gentle. Then we perform massaging movements in the form of stroking, as if stretching the breast from the nipple upwards and toward the armpits. The zones are rounded. The duration of the procedure is no more than 5 minutes. No less effective is the whirlpool. But it is worth remembering that too strong a pressure of water can injure the tender skin of the breast. A simple contrast shower is a very effective tonic. So daily use of the shower as a hydromassage is not only a pleasant, but also a useful procedure. The elasticity of the chest will increase, the sagging skin will tighten, which will make the bust more dense and rounded.

Folk methods

Breast augmentation by folk methodsknown for a long time. Everyone heard the assumption that the cabbage increases the bust. It is enough to eat it every day and no enlargement operations will be needed. Note that cabbage does contain phyto-estrogens, but the effect from them is poorly expressed and is observed only in adolescence. Therefore, the use of cabbage in our case is just a myth. But there are also products that will really help in this issue. First of all, it's hops. The increase occurs due to the same plant hormones. There is an opinion that an overabundance of these substances can affect the general condition of the body. In fact, this is not entirely true. Of course, if you replenish their quantity with exceptionally intoxicating beverages that are very caloric, problems can arise. But if you just brew boiled hop cones, then the effect should be expected. The rate should not exceed 7 days a month. The intake of high-calorie foods such as bananas, honey with nuts, rice porridge, fatty foods also leads to breast enlargement. But the rest of the body also grows. You probably noticed that all fat women have big breasts. Therefore, this method can be discarded, unless, of course, you do not want to turn into a "bun." The use of mineral water to increase the size of the breast is nothing more than a myth. In general, it does not affect the bust itself, but a beneficial effect on the metabolism, can contribute to the normalization of the hormonal process, and therefore, as an option, to increase the breast. Whichever way you choose for yourself, remember that taking medications should be done only under the supervision of a doctor. In any case, to count on lightning and excessive growth of the breast is not worth it. All methods that do not imply surgery are only designed for a lift and an increase of a maximum of one size. We advise you to read: