1 Who said that there are no miracles? The brightest and most pleasant sensations are able to present an amazing oriental procedure called the Japanese manicure, which will provide hand care and help restore weak and damaged nails. often compared with a very commonprocedure of SPA-nail care. However, unlike SPA, this kind of manicure gives almost instant results, and after two weeks, many problems are completely eliminated, such as fragility and weakness of nails, damage to the nail plate and so on. To make such a manicure can not only quickly and efficiently, but also at fairly democratic prices. In addition, this type of nail treatment can be performed both separately and in conjunction with other activities, such as or Minx, applying DISNAILS gel-varnish and so on, which are aimed at taking care of health and impeccable appearance of hands and nails.

Art of the East

Japanese manicure provides a preliminaryexamination by the master of the nail condition. Based on the diagnosis, according to the individual features of the structure of the nail plate, and also depending on the problems that arise, the specialist selects the appropriate therapeutic serum, powder and paste. It is worth saying that the algorithm for performing various procedures during the Japanese manicure is the same for all customers. The only difference is the list of drugs, selected for each visitor individually. manicure european It should also be noted that the main advantageJapanese manicure is considered not only a healing effect, but also the lack of the need for cutting tools. This fact nullifies the possibility of damage to the skin and attracts , Moscow and other major cities of customers,wishing to order this particular service. After the diagnosis and selection of the necessary cosmetic and therapeutic products, the master conducts the treatment of the client's hands with a disinfectant solution with beeswax that has an anti-inflammatory and softening effect, and restores the cellular structure of the nail plate. And then follows the stage of strengthening the nails.

Application for success

At the stage of strengthening the nails is usedA special paste with minerals and trace elements that activate the process of nail growth and prevent their stratification. In addition, the nails retain the necessary amount of moisture, due to which the upper layer of the nail plate is strengthened. Next, a "protective" powder is applied to the layer of the nutrient paste, which contains an active component, silicon, in its composition. This allows to "seal" the paste, in order to avoid negative impact from the outside. European fashion manicure After a nutritious paste and powder specialistinflicts therapeutic serum and oil, which stimulate the growth of nails, strengthen the "vulnerable" places in the keratin structure of the nail plate, and restore its hydrolipid balance.

A sea of ​​pleasure!

The final and most enjoyable stage in the JapaneseThe manicure that customers like best is massage with hot pouches. Master massages hands and nail areas with small silk bags with quartz sand or mineral salt, Japanese dried flowers and aromatic oils. The authorship of this massage belongs to the ancient Japanese healers, and the secret of its success is to accelerate the process of skin regeneration, enhance blood circulation, relax joints, and eliminate fatigue and tension in the hands.