plyine-sezon The summer is ahead, which means that it's time to put yourself in shape. Quickly get rid of "winter baggage" will help active rest and our simple recommendations. What kind? Now tell!

  • Do not starve.

When the body does not receive food for a long time,he is able to start typing superfluous even from cabbage and carrots. In addition, prolonged starvation contributes to the destruction of muscle tissue, and in fact it is the main "accelerator" of metabolism (the more muscle mass in the body, the higher the metabolic rate). The best option for finding a slim figure is to eat often and slightly.

  • Have breakfast.

The fact is that when we sleep, the speed of allprocesses in the body slows down, and breakfast triggers a metabolism and "wakes up" us. For those who have no appetite in the morning, liquid food will be an excellent find: yogurts, smoothies or protein shakes, for example, Formula 1 from Herbalife. Cooked in milk, it contains 17 grams of protein, 23 vitamins and minerals, fiber and only 200 kcal (taking into account 250 ml of milk 1.5% fat). This is a complete meal, which provides a lasting sense of satiety and take care of the figure.

  • Learn the labels.

Try to remember the caloricity of the mainfood products. Be careful when reading the composition of products, and do not overlook the content of carbohydrates, fats and, especially, proteins in them. Give preference to dishes with a high protein content, because this is one of the most necessary macronutrients. In addition, the protein for a long time satisfies the hunger. If you do not eat at home, then when choosing items from the menu, give preference to low-fat meat (chicken fillet, turkey or fish) and vegetable salad. So you definitely will not exceed the calorie limit.

  • Use helper products.

Add to your daily diet productsnutrition, effectively accelerating the metabolism. Among them: cinnamon, green tea, hot pepper, citrus, almonds, coffee, whole grain products and others. Pepper fantastically affects the metabolic rate due to the high content of a unique substance - capsaicin, citrus fruits accelerate processes due to the high concentration of flavonoids, green tea due to antioxidants. Compliance with these simple rules, together with active rest, will allow you to find treasured forms in the shortest possible time.