scents of winter Since early childhood, most people have winteris associated with sledges, slides, New Year and a fairy tale. Perhaps that's why growing up, adults still love winter scents so much. The winter air has a special smell, the smell of frost, freshness, needles and something else elusive. Smells are of great importance in a person's life. It is difficult to imagine the image of a modern woman without a delicate, inviting scent of spirits. However, unfortunately, very many women, once chosen, use the same scent all year round. This approach to the choice of flavor in the root is incorrect. After all, people's perception of the smells in winter and summer is absolutely different and the winter fragrances of spirits are different from summer ones. Perfume for winter has its own peculiarity and unique charm. Winter fragrances of perfume will make your image of the winter beauty complete! Leading perfumers traditionally produce winter and summer perfumes. And this year was no exception. The attention of women presents new fragrances in winter 2016. Almost all famous perfume brands have released novelties of perfumery in winter 2015 2016. The flavors of winter 2016 are very diverse, sometimes it is very difficult to give preference to a certain brand. And this is not surprising, because the novelties of perfumery winter 2016 are so good that I want to buy everything at once. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to take into account several nuances. Choosing a perfume for the winter, remember that winter fragrances for women can radically change the image of a man: the shy modesty of winter can turn the scents of a sexy seductress, and the image of a woman - vamp, on the contrary, give a touch of naivety.

"Breathing in with spirits and fogs ..."

Below are the tips of stylists - perfumers, who will help to choose winter fragrances for women of different types and with different temperaments. winter flavors

  • If you are a dark-haired beauty of the eastern type,like bright things and bold makeup, if you always achieve your goal in any way, then, choosing for yourself the winter flavors of 2016, pay attention to the spirits of the 2015 2015 winter brand of Salvador Dali. These spirits have won the love of thousands of women around the world and have not lost their relevance and this season. Their fragrance will accentuate your beauty and temperament, and will charge you with energy for the whole winter.
  • Delicate fragile blonde, a little shy, onchildishly naive, intrigues, scandals and lies are unacceptable to it. This is about you? Your image will perfectly complement the winter flavors 2016 brand Lancome "Magie Noire", or you should choose winter flavors 2016 company Guy Laroche, for example, "Fidji". These winter flavors are very light and fresh, perfectly suited to your image.
  • For secular aristocratic ladies, whoa little over thirty, new fragrances in winter 2015 2016 offer a very wide choice: winter perfumes from Kasharel "Anais Anais", scented winter water from Yves Saint Laurent "Rive Gauche" and many others. These winter fragrances 2016 will emphasize your wisdom and ability to remain calm in all situations.
  • If you have the luck to be born a burning blonde,if the expression "woman is a cat" is about you: your steps are inaudible, your movements are graceful and graceful, you are soft and gentle, you know how to purr in reliable and gentle male hands, but sometimes you can show sharp claws, then you should not study new items perfumery winter 2015 - 2016, because your choice is obvious: "Naomi by Naomi Campbell". The fragrances of the winter of 2016 of this brand are presented in three versions. When choosing the winter flavors of this series, pay attention to the marks on the bottles in which the winter spirits "Naomi by Naomi Campbell 2016" are located. The title mark conceals the freshness of the lemon and the sweetness of raspberries, while the aroma of guava introduces a note of exoticism. The heart mark also harbors the intoxicating aroma of May roses, which recalls the long-awaited spring and flowering gardens and gives an amazing feeling of freshness. Well, the base mark is characterized by a pleasant composite bouquet consisting of vanilla flavors, caramel, sandalwood and coffee beans. This winter fragrance is created in order to arouse a carefully concealed desire, throwing you into the pool of passion.
  • For young girls, the main charm of whichis their naturalness and youth, fashionable winter fragrances should be chosen especially carefully. The fragrance should not be excessively sweet or spicy. It should not overshadow your youth and become fresh, its purpose is precisely to emphasize this. For you, new fragrances of autumn-winter 2016 have prepared a pleasant surprise. IDYLLE Eau de Toilette by Guerlain is perfect for you. Eau de toilette Eau de toilette is a winter fairy tale with a happy ending. The aromas of a blossoming orange tree and green freesia will accentuate your beauty and youth.
  • For those women who preferfloral spirits with notes of the East, the winter fragrances of the Serge Lutens brand are represented by the perfume "Arabie". The composition, consisting of the aroma of tea tree and notes of spicy spices, will not leave indifferent ladies. Winter fragrances Serge Lutens meet the needs of women who have the most refined and delicate taste.
  • The novelties of perfumery autumn-winter 2016 did not passtheir attention and successful business ladies, purposeful women who have the iron will and endurance. It was for them to create a perfume composition "Absolutely Me" from Escada. The energy of white roses and the stunning smell of raspberries are an ideal choice for women who are confident in their abilities.

Choosing the fashionable flavors of winter 2015 2016, see the small secrets that will help you make the right choice and not be disappointed soon after the long-awaited purchase. winter flavors 2016

Rules for choosing spirits

  • Despite the fact that absolutely everyone knowsthe simple truth about the fact that the same spirits on the skin of different people smell absolutely differently, for some reason they are often forgotten about this. It is not necessary to purchase the fashionable fragrances of the collection "winter 2015-2016", focusing on the reviews of friends or girlfriends. After all, even on the skin of the same person, the smell can be different, depending on the person's well-being, mood and weather conditions. It is much more reasonable to buy a test vial and check how the fragrance is revealed on your skin.
  • Remember that the true fragrance of spiritswill not open immediately after application, but only after a few hours. Have a little patience: put perfume on your wrist and wait. Do not constantly smell them, because very soon your olfactory recipes will get used to this smell and simply cease to perceive it. You will feel that the smell has disappeared, and you will not be able to appreciate the true fragrance of perfume.
  • When choosing a perfume, do not sniff more than threearomas for one hour. This rule is explained by the fact that the olfactory receptors are not able to adequately assess a large variety of odors in a short period of time. As a result, you get a very distorted view of perfume fragrances.
  • Buying expensive perfumes of famous brands, it is necessaryfollow a certain algorithm that will help reduce the risk of buying fake flavors. Try to make a purchase only in specialized stores, as in the markets with a 100% guarantee you can buy a "fake". Before you go for a purchase, carefully study in photographs what the real package looks like. Try to remember all the little things, up to the font color. When buying, carefully consider the packaging, comparing with what you saw in the photo. Pay attention to the quality of the packaging. Do not hesitate to ask the seller - consultant for certificates for this product. The sellers of the self-respecting store, who value their reputation, will gladly present you with all the necessary documents.
  • It is not necessary to approach the choice of spirits recklessly andto make a purchase in a hurry, because the time spent on choosing and buying perfume is guaranteed to pay off in your perfect way and in a good mood. We advise you to read: