kolgotki In the modern world, a beautiful figure has become almostnot a mandatory requirement for a woman. To make the right impression, you must first conquer everyone with the beauty of the body, and only then reveal your personal qualities. To make it easier for ladies to cope with this task, manufacturers of women's clothing are developing numerous tricks to create a visual effect of harmony and correctness of shape. One of these products are slimming and corrective tights, which, due to the special structure of the fabric, form more regular outlines of the figure. There are both foreign brands and domestic manufacturers like, which offer to test similar technologies on themselves. It should be said right away that putting on corrective tights is sometimes not easy. The tightening is for that the tightening in order to exert tangible pressure on the body, because they sit much more tightly than ordinary tights, and you can put them on for a long time. In addition, the body feels a very decent pressure from the strong tissue, especially in the most "problem" areas. As a result, by wearing corrective tights, you can achieve a visual reduction in legs, hips and sides, especially if you plan to wear a short skirt and heels. The effect will be quite tangible. However, such a "transformation" is quite expensive: firstly, you will have to feel pressure all the time, which can be quite difficult to get used to, and secondly, some women even complain of discomfort caused by malfunctions of internal organs located in the lower parts of the abdomen (both the digestive and reproductive systems), since such pressure on them is not a good idea. Therefore, we can say with confidence that corrective tights are clearly not an "every day" option. Such a solution can be used only occasionally, when it is fundamentally important to look 100% and make the most of an impression with your slender legs. And then come home and take off those tights with relief. Of course, this does not mean that you need to buy and wear loose-fitting clothes that do not put pressure on anything, and do not weigh anything. However, there are more neutral and soft tights for women that do not harm health, and also do a good job of masking figure flaws that can be successfully applied.