how to return a beloved man Loving relationships are a fragile thing, requiringof its considerable efforts. It's not always enough to look gorgeous and be sexy at any time of the day or night. It is necessary to constantly work on the preservation and development of such relations, otherwise in one beautiful (in fact, not quite perfect) moment they can not only crack, but also completely fly to pieces. Unfortunately, we often forget about this and begin to perceive the presence of a loved one in our life as a matter of course. We calm down, believing that he will not go anywhere. And the man suddenly took and left ... As if the sky had collapsed to the ground. In the soul - longing, pain, resentment, indignation, only the thought in my head: "Why did he abandon me?". Hands fall, trouble sucks, like a swamp, the future seems dull and hopeless. But - stop! Surrendering to the paws of grief, of course, is easy. Maybe it would be better to compete with him and think about how to return a beloved man? After all, a young woman always has a chance. What do you need to do for this and how can you behave in this case?

What not to do if you want to return your loved one

Usually women, experiencing the care of a beloved man, make the same mistakes, completely eliminating all the possibilities to return it forever. What are these mistakes?

  • Constant experience of anew the moment of partingand the search for options that could have become a man at this moment. All this is done senselessly. My beloved has already left, in what happened, you will not change anything. It is necessary to think what to do next, and not to cultivate one's own pain, provoking a deep depression. A day or two can and turn into a voice, and then it is desirable to get angry - how is it that I was so cool and irresistible, abandoned ?! It will reassure and allow you to act in the right direction;
  • Attempts to return the beloved with the help of hysterics andlamentations like: "I can not live without you!" or "Come back, I'll forgive everything!". Strong sex can not stand hysterical sobbing, screaming and trying to cause pity. A straying young lady looks pity without it, and she does not want to be near her at all. And the phrase "all forgive" puts a man in the position of the accused. Why return to the one with whom you will feel like a criminal nearby? It is better to be alone or find another woman, with whom it is calm and comfortable;
  • Discussing the severance of relations with all in a rowinsults to the man and diligence to humiliate him. Such insults will surely become known to the loved one - there are plenty of "well-wishers" around. And this certainly does not contribute to his return. Well, who is willingly renewing the relationship with a man who spit in the face? From such people at best run. At worst, they respond in kind. What kind of truce can we talk about then?
  • Increased interest in the opponent, if the care of a manhappened because of her. It is inappropriate in all respects. Firstly, often a rival in something superior. She can be younger, prettier, more successful. This strongly hurts self-esteem, which is already barely on its feet. The blow - and it collapsed, turning its owner into an impersonal creature with a dull lost eye and gray appearance. And secondly, the details of the relationship of a loved one with another woman are capable of inflicting spiritual wounds that do not heal all life. Why engage in self-torture?
  • In any case, after leaving a man, do not immediatelyTo rush after him and hourly to call in the hope of something to change. It is necessary to wait some time, calm down, weigh everything and decide whether it really is so necessary that he again was there. If you really need to, then you have to pull yourself together and begin to act, focusing on your goal. how to get your boyfriend back

    How to act in order to return a loved one

    So how to return the beloved guy who decidedbreak up relations? Perhaps, the main thing in solving this problem is first to learn how to love yourself. This means that you just have to hate that reflection in the mirror, which now shows the eyes swollen with tears, a pale dull face, a red nose and disheveled hair. You just have to look stunning! We hide further negative emotions, stop roaring, wash. And then we impose an easy make-up and go to the hairdresser's - it is necessary to update the image, radically changing the hair. Fresh image will require a new style of clothing. We choose the right one, put on our clothes, and boldly move on. Now we need to find a way to see a loved one as often as possible. In this case, in no case should not all the time annoyingly loom where it happens. To meet a man should be as if by chance, always cute amazed at such a pleasant accident. It is advisable to talk to him, while remaining affable and benevolent. An acidic or suffering mine and a pompous inaccessible species are excluded. It is necessary to let the beloved know that the world has not collapsed without it, life continues. And continues in general well. That's just not necessary (as many do) for the sake of this chattering incessantly about how all now zashibis. Believe for an empty bragging, even if it's true. And he decides that they try to circle him. It will be enough with a soft smile to ask how things are, then sincerely wish good luck and say goodbye. It is necessary to remain mysterious! It excites. Very good reception in this case - to establish close relations with the guy's boyfriend, if they were not there before. Let her become a friend, who can tell about her love for her son, about how bad without him and how I would like to start over. In the conversation, we must emphasize the dignity of the man and try not to mention his shortcomings. In extreme cases, talk about them indulgently, with understanding. A rare mother will not be aggressive, having heard reproaches against her child, even when he is already a large-age independent child. And why do we need a person who supported him? We need an ally, not an adversary. Another great technique that helps to return a loved one is to make him your friend. For this, of course, we will have to discuss with a man the fact that the relationship has moved to the friendly stage. Perhaps he will not believe it first. Hence, tactfully and intelligibly we will explain that the former communication gives all grounds to hope for understanding, mutual assistance and support in the future. Say, not strangers yet people! Who else can trust, but not someone who knew about you almost everything. Hearing about the trust, the man probably will soften. And then you can freely call him and often meet, easily asking about new life and problems, about successes and failures. And ask for sensible advice for a particular case. But do not allow at the same time violation of the boundaries of friendly relations and in no case even hint at a return to the past! In the end, it turns out so - while seemingly close, the man is forced to adhere to certain limits of behavior with the one that was previously available for intimacy. And the forbidden fruit, as you know, attracts. It is only necessary to first train your loved one to a constant presence in his life, and then from time to time disappear, referring to urgent matters. And do not explain what kind of things are. Let her be bored and lost in conjecture, where the friend disappeared and what she is doing now. Male curiosity is a powerful thing! It can excite the imagination and awaken a storm of emotions, sometimes pushing on not very reasonable actions. It is unlikely that a loved one will refrain from trying to find out what happens to his ex-woman and will try to meet in order to put everything in order. At meetings it is necessary to be always cheerful, animated, a little bit mysterious. It is necessary to look all the way, even if a dear friend appeared early in the morning, without warning beforehand about his visit. Such visits are generally desirable. There will be a chance, shyly concealed, to rush to his bathroom in one underwear. Oh, how a strong field winds such a spectacle! And if it is reinforced by the consciousness that once this seductive body was accessible, then it even droves crazy. But even if it does not, then in any case it will constantly rise before your eyes and beckon, beckon, beckon ... That's good. We only need this. In order for a man to return quickly, it is necessary to let him know that there are applicants for the vacant place of the second half. However, you do not need to start a serious novel with some gentleman. This can adversely affect the future relationship with someone who wants to return. It is easy enough to flirt with friends or acquaintances, walk with them in the evenings, joint visits to some events. It is important that the beloved know about this and was convinced that we have fans. This will cause him to question the correctness of his actions and to think about whether the former woman was correctly evaluated. Maybe something in it went unnoticed? A man will certainly seek to find the answer to this question and begin to look for a way to meet as often as possible. If the beloved is back, remember - the previous model of relations with him can not be repeated. Otherwise, all five will end with the same. Fix something then it will be impossible. They do not enter the same river twice. And only three times ... Therefore, you need to analyze the previous version of communication and work on its reconstruction. Why did the man leave? Maybe it was not satisfied with our excessive independence or, conversely, the desire to please everyone? If the cause of withdrawal was excessive independence, you must become at least a little weaker, unprotected, vulnerable. In the case when the beloved has escaped from excessive obedience, one should be more free and not choke him with his love. In general, it often happens this way - having changed in trying to return a man, a woman suddenly discovers new qualities. She becomes seductive, more effective, more communicative than before and starts to catch on herself a lot of admiring men's views. As a result, confidence in own attractiveness grows. The pain of loss passes unnoticed, new goals and new pleasant acquaintances appear. And suddenly it turns out that life is not only continuing - it beats a fountain, delighting every minute and promising a lot of good ahead. A person's withdrawal is no longer remembered with longing. She was replaced by gratitude for what was. It turns out that all efforts to return the man were explained only by insult. In fact, they were steps towards renewal, which fate itself pushed. We advise you to read: