a man in love Every man behaves differently. It can depend on the situation, on his mood and on the state of mind. And what is the behavior of a man in love? Can anyone somehow find out that a representative of the strong half of humanity is experiencing feelings?

Does the behavior change: what changes are expected?

Although men appear to be balanced in appearance,calm and unshakable, in fact they are sometimes even more suspicious, vulnerable and sentimental than women. And when a man is in love, he is able to do the most stupid and ridiculous acts and turns into that pimply boy who fell in love with a neighbor in a school in school. Few men are able to restrain their emotions. So they are easy to expose, especially if you know some of the main points. the look of a man in love

Look: how does a man in love look?

Does the look change? Yes, it does. First, the man at every convenient opportunity will try to catch your eyes, look into your eyes. Thus, he wants to try to understand whether one can hope for reciprocal feelings. Secondly, the man will treat you from head to foot. And this view will not be so much appreciating, as admiring, making you enjoy and fantasize. Thirdly, with your own eyes a man will try to undress you. And this means that he will look at your breasts, buttocks and other parts of the body, which are objects of lust for the entire strong half of humanity. After all, if a man has fallen in love, then he unintentionally thinks about sex, without it anywhere. And, finally, if you try to look directly into the eyes of the interlocutor, he will try to take them away in a few seconds. Yes, he is shy and does not want to see his weaknesses and attitude towards you in the mirror of his soul.

Mimicry and gestures: how does it move?

The behavior of a man in love will affecthis gestures and facial expressions. Pay attention to the pose. If a man with his whole body turns to you and is open, then it speaks about something. His legs will be widely spaced, he will not fold his hands. With all his body, a man will, as it were, show that he is reaching out to you, wants to experience intimacy. Another man will try in every possible way to touch you, touch your skin. For example, he can accidentally touch his hand with your hand. If you go somewhere, he will by all means pass you along and lightly take you by the waist. When you see you, the man will smile broadly and sincerely. How to determine that the smile is sincere? If a person smiles specifically, he will grate his teeth, and the nasolabial triangle will become tense. acts towards your girlfriend

Conversation: how will he conduct a conversation?

The behavior of a man in love impliesa special manner of conversation. So, the voice becomes soft and velvety, affectionate, deep and thoughtful. The man will begin to follow his speech. You will not hear any abusive words from him, it is too important for him to make a special impression on you. His words will be gentle and affectionate. What will he talk about? About anything. Yes, you will certainly notice the efforts to support any topic. Weather? You are welcome! Fashion trends? Easily! Any man will serve your feeds with pleasure. Usually men mostly talk about themselves, about their lives. But a man in love is a completely different case. He will question you. And this interest is not fake, he really is very interested in your life and everything connected with you. A person who feels feelings toward you will never interrupt you. He is a grateful and patient listener. He will not just listen, but remember. Yes, all the details of the conversation tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, he is most likely to be able to reproduce.

Life principles, priorities, values ​​and habits

If a man has fallen in love, he will certainly change some of his values ​​and life standards. We list some of them.

  • Now he will plan his life not so,like before. He will take into account the fact that she appeared in a woman. So every weekend now he will not meet at the bar with friends. He will call his beloved in the cinema or in a cafe.
  • He represents your joint future, begins to think about how you will live together in a year or two. And the most obvious sign is plans, which will include children and a wedding.
  • He will surely introduce you to his friendsand will want to see yours. Now the company and the circle of communication you will become common. And this is natural and quite normal for a strong couple and even more so for a family.
  • He is ready to give up or sacrifice somethingsomething for you. For example, if he likes action films, and you prefer comedies, then you will watch them in movies. Though then, probably, the queue will be established (that it was not insulting to anybody).
  • Even if a man has never been serious, now he can look at life quite differently.
  • A man will take care of you. For example, when you start going to work, he will certainly remind you that you do not forget to take an umbrella or put on a hat. It is important for him that his woman is healthy and happy.
  • You will certainly feel that a man will try to do everything to make you feel good with him.
  • You will feel a spiritual intimacy.
  • He will always support you.
  • He will be afraid to hurt you.
  • It is not difficult for him to let you into his life. Even if he was an avid bachelor, now he will calmly react to the fact that you will settle at his house and change furniture. Now you are a part of the life of a man in love.
  • He always finds time for you. A man in love can even break from the workplace or leave a meeting of friends if the loved one is ill or she just wants to see him.
  • A man in love can even get carried away by some occupation that she likes. Common interests are the hallmark of a strong alliance.

Some moments and features of behavior

And let us list a few more obvious signs that distinguish the behavior of a man in love:

  • He will pay special attention to his appearance. you will not see him in dirty shoes or in a stale shirt, because he wants to impress you.
  • A man in love is bound to be jealousa woman who distinguishes from all others. So if she suddenly meets her former or classmate, she will certainly hear the question: "Who is this?" And other attendants.
  • Along with his beloved even a hardened womanizer will not notice other women. They will simply cease to exist for him.
  • A loving male can become romantic and sweet, even if before he was a hard and cold man. He will give the lady of the heart pleasant gifts, make her surprises.
  • A man in love becomes brave, in every way to prove that he is brave and will certainly be able to protect his lady.
  • Sometimes a man just can not contain his emotions! He can smile or laugh like a little boy, blush and grow pale. Shyness can manifest itself quite clearly.

Now you know how a man who has fallen in love behaves and can easily recognize him.