how to use eyeliner Beautiful and graceful hands make the eyesrepresentatives of the fair sex more expressive, while some subtleties of professional make-up can eliminate certain defects. The only nuance is that not all girls know how to use eyeliner. But it's not necessary to attend make-up courses to learn how to cope with cosmetics, just sit in front of a mirror and practice a little.

Pencil or liquid liner: what to choose?

To date, there is quite a lotnumber of different means by which you can make arrows (gel, creamy, markers). But liquid linings and pencils are still the most popular and in demand. They can be completely different in color, composition, quality, so the choice of an appropriate option should be treated responsibly. One of the most important parameters in this case is water resistance, so that cosmetics do not flow at the most inopportune moment. To remove such make-up follows with the help of special creams and napkins, as they perfectly clean and do not cause allergies. The advantage of liquid liner is that it lies evenly, without smearing, and its colors are much richer and brighter. The only drawback is a small palette. But it can be compensated with the help of shadows. In addition, manufacturers annually produce an increasing number of tones and shades. If you still prefer a pencil, then first of all pay attention to hardness. The softer it is, the easier it is to draw arrows and the faster they are erased. Solid, however, last much longer, and the line turns out to be coarser and clearer. Use them carefully, so as not to damage the eyelid or the more so the eyes. how to use the eyeliner correctly

Learning to draw arrows with liquid podvodkoj

In fact, how to properly useeyeliner, you will not tell any master, as everyone has his own technique, worked out over the years. The only thing is not to make curved lines on the face, because it looks vulgar and ugly, and you do not need to hurry so that the liquid does not get under your eyelids. The first step is to prepare the face for make-up, paying special attention to the eyes. Treat the delicate skin with a nourishing cream, then apply a tonal base. Sit next to the large mirror, so you do not have to constantly bend over to it, lean on the dressing table, cover your eyes and gently pull your eyelid aside with your index finger. Put small dots, denoting the future line, and slowly (with strokes), start drawing the arrow. In the future, you will learn how to do this at a time.

  • Increase small eyes

In this case, the beautifulThe floor does not need to completely outline the eye contour with liquid liner, as this will only visually reduce the size. Drawing arrows is only necessary from the middle of the upper eyelid, while in the outer corner the line should slightly rise upwards. At the bottom, you can draw a few strokes of shadows, which will open the look.

  • Lengthening the round eyes

Pay attention to the fact that the line in the cornersthe upper eyelid is drawn a little wider than in the middle, due to which the eyes take an amygdala, rather than a rounded shape. Below you should limit yourself to a thin contour. To make the makeup look neat and restrained, the arrows themselves should not exceed five millimeters.

  • We bring in deep-set eyes

Girls with this type of appearance are muchit is more difficult to make a beautiful make-up, because because of this cut of the eye, the shadows usually roll down and wear off. They are recommended to draw a thin line on the mobile century, which should begin from the middle, and the contour should expand closer to the corner. The arrow itself is drawn thick, it should be directed to the temples.

  • Round out the narrow eyes

To narrow eyes are not like slits, andseemed large and a little round, the arrow liquid taping is worth drawing only on the moving century, not getting out of the corner. And one more very important point - the center line should be slightly thicker. how to use liquid eyeliner

Liquid podvodka: six main secrets of an ideal make-up

  • Thickness of brush

The most important thing is a brush (its size andhardness). If you want to make barely noticeable lines, then it should be small and solid, but lovers of big shooters should buy long and thick. By the way, if you are a beginner in this business and have never used a piping before, try making arrows with a brush-pen. But with thin brushes you should not experiment, because you can hardly work with them. Most often they are used make-up artists for professional make-up. You opened the vial and found that the brush is fluffy and curved, and the seller convinces you that eventually it will get the right shape? Remember once and for all - this is either a low-quality counterfeit, or a normal marriage, so do not waste time on such products.

  • The basis of the liner

The most persistent eyeliner is made on alcoholbasis, such cosmetics will not flow during a hot summer day and will not spoil in the rain. Ordinary water, unfortunately, does not withstand moisture and high temperatures. Most often, it attracts buyers with its relatively low cost and bright packaging.

  • Times of Day

It is very important to know which liner you normally useuse - glossy or matte. The first is to choose for an evening make-up, so that even in a dark room your fathomless eyes attract the eyes of others. The second is only valid for daytime make-up.

  • Colour

Beauties that were not previously painted with liquidit's worth trying brown and earthy colors. In this case, small errors will not be practically visible, and the curve arrow can be corrected with the help of shadows, powder or foundation. During non-working hours you can choose any tones and shades that will allow you to emphasize your eyes. Green and blue, plum and white will give to your image of lightness, naivety and romanticism. The main thing is that the eyeliner is in harmony with your clothes and make-up.

  • Technique of application

Preliminary it is recommended to try to drawlines on a sheet of paper or on the palm of your hand. So you will learn to control the brush, and will know how much paint should remain on it. Movements should be light and smooth, not intermittent, otherwise the skin will remain black stains and spots.

  • We correct makeup

Use of podvodki it is expedient only in thatIf you are sure that it will either not flow, or you will have the opportunity to wipe it gently. Therefore, in your cosmetic bag there should always be wet wipes, eyeliner and shadow of the same color that you used for make-up. First, gently wipe the line, apply a small amount of powder, then draw the arrow. To make the makeup harmonious, do the same with the second eye. The upper eyelid must be tinted with shadows, lower - wipe with a cotton swab to remove the crumbled remains.

The most common mistakes when using the eyeliner

Women seldom think about how theycolor, what colors are used, how many cosmetics are applied, as a result, instead of a beautiful and sweet face, a terrible clown mask turns out. So, for example, it's completely inappropriate to use bright, screaming tones in the usual daily makeup. At work, it is necessary to draw only black, brown or gray arrows. Ugly eyes look, the outline of which is surrounded by a line of one thickness. The inner corners emphasize only a certain category of girls with the correct cut and planting. The fact is that leaking cosmetics can kill the lacrimal glands, which leads to inflammation and quite painful sensations. In any case, after applying the liner, wait for about thirty seconds to dry completely. If you comply with all safety rules, do not use low-quality products and learn how to apply beautiful and accurate arrows to the eyes, the attention of men will be provided to you. Not without reason Cleopatra enjoyed such popularity among high-ranking and noble persons. We advise you to read: