how much water in a person Very many sources claim that the bodythe person approximately on 80% consists of water. However, the latest numerous studies of scientists indicate that this figure is, to put it mildly, slightly increased. Although this does not at all abolish the trivial truth that water is needed to a person much more than even food. Do you want to know how much water there is in a person, what is its role in the life of the organism, can the percentage of water content and other interesting facts change? So this article is for you, because it is in this matter that we will deal with today.

Percentage of water content in the body

One can not unequivocally answer the question of how much water is contained in a person, since the figure is very unstable and depends on very, very many factors. For example, the water content depends on:

  • Age of the person

The amount of water in the human body directlydepends on his age, and therefore, varies throughout the life of a person. The younger he is, the greater the amount of water in his body. For example, a person's monthly embryo is 98% water. A figure, amazing imagination, is not it? The same percentage ratio for a newborn baby is 80%, for a five-year-old child - 78%, and for a sixty-year-old - only 43%.

  • Internal organs

In addition, we must not forget that contentwater is very different in different organs of the body. For example, in bones of water not more than 34%, but in the brain - up to 90. However, this ratio is also unstable and varies with the growth of a person.

  • Human health

Many diseases entail dehydrationorganism, sometimes very strong. This is especially typical for those diseases that cause an increase in body temperature. Incidentally, this is why doctors strongly recommend that sick people drink as much water as possible, because dehydration aggravates the course of the disease and slows recovery. Incidentally, today even in healthy people very often there is mild dehydration. That is why in our days no one is surprised at the syndrome of chronic fatigue, excessive sleepiness, absent-mindedness, forgetfulness. In addition, doctors say that even mild, but permanent dehydration increases the chances of bowel cancer by about 27%, bladder cancer by 19%, and breast cancer by as much as 47%. Statistics are not just depressing, but even scary. After all, for the development of these terrible diseases, only 3% of the deviation is from the normal level of water content in the body. water in the human body

Normal amount of water

So, what is the normal amount of water inbody? Doctors believe that this figure varies within 65%. But this is true only for people who have normal body weight. Such a mass doctors calculate by a simple formula: a person's height minus 100 centimeters, plus or minus five kilograms. For example, if a person's height is 165 centimeters, then his normal weight ranges from 60 to 70 kilograms. Some people believe that a person with an overweight body has no dehydration hazard, but in reality it is not so. Lipids (adipose tissue) of water are practically not contained, therefore the more in the body of adipose tissue, the less water in it. In particularly severe cases, the water content may drop to 50%.

Why do we need water?

Why do we need water in the human body? Why is the reduction in its quantity so critical? Unequivocally, this question can not be answered, since water in the human body performs many functions.

  • Structure of cells

Each cell of the body consists of water, andaccordingly, the normal water level ensures the reproduction of healthy cells, without any "breakage". And this is very, very important, because the cells of our body are updated daily. And on how much water you drink, the health of your body cells depends.

  • Normal concentration of substances in the body

In our body contains a huge amountthe most diverse substances necessary for him for normal life: vitamins, minerals, hormones. But in order for these substances to fulfill their function, their concentration should be adequate. This is yet another role that nature assigns to water in the human body.

  • Detoxification of the body

In the human body every second occursa huge number of metabolic processes. And their side effects are excreted from the body, mainly with the help of kidneys. But in order to withdraw them, you need a sufficient amount of water, in which all these waste will dissolve. That is why dehydration is fraught with chronic poisoning of the body - intoxication. As you can see, if you want to preserve your health, you should not allow dehydration of the body. On average, an adult should drink about two liters of water, including hidden - vegetables, fruits, soups. But pay attention - if you suffer from hypertension or any diseases of the kidneys and bladder, consult first with your doctor. Only the doctor knows the features of the course of your disease, will be able to assess the condition and understand how much water per day you can drink, so as not to harm your health. how much water in the human body

Basic misconceptions about water

So, we were convinced that water is vital,learned how much water should normally be in the body and how much fluid per day you need to drink to an adult. But there are so many different misconceptions about water! How not to make a mistake? We will tell you about the main of them:

  • Water contributes to the appearance of edema

People who are prone to the formation of edema, tryto reduce the amount of fluid consumed to a possible minimum. But in fact, this is not entirely true - reducing fluid often provokes the appearance of even more severe edema. Therefore, discuss your drinking regimen with a doctor - for sure he will advise you to drink at least a liter of liquid per day.

  • Water with food

It's not just one generation of people who truly believe thatfood should be washed down. Doctors same gastroenterologists in one voice argue that this should not be done in any case! Getting into the stomach, water dissolves in the gastric juice. So, the concentration of hydrochloric acid, necessary for the normal process of digestion, decreases. And here to a gastritis, and even for a stomach ulcer a hand to submit.

  • Water instead of food

Very often you can hear very interesting advice: in order to dull the feeling of hunger, drink a glass of water. Particularly often, this resorts to the fair sex, leading the fight with extra pounds. However, this can not be done - if you drink more than three liters of liquid per day, sooner or later health problems will begin. In addition, excessive water in the body can lead to acute alcohol intoxication.

  • Do not drink at night

Very often you can hear a warning onthe causes of the water before going to bed - they say, all the same swelling. But in fact a glass of clean potable water at room temperature will help to sleep soundly, and in the morning will provide a beautiful complexion. And edema will be much less. And it is not surprising - in the event that the body constantly receives less water, at any convenient opportunity, it hides it in reserve. And if there is enough water, what's the point of storing it? And finally I would like to remind you - tea, coffee, lemonades and other liquid, of course, this is also water. But if you want the liquid to bring benefits to your body, try to drink simple clean, non-carbonated drinking water. Coffee and tea, for example, contain substances that provoke excessive excretion from the body, thereby provoking the development of dehydration, the carbon dioxide contained in the soda - also not the most beneficial effect on the body, not to mention the huge amount of sugar. So it's time to remember a children's fairy tale: always and everywhere eternal glory to the water.