professional make-up at home Professional make-up at home isnot necessarily the use of luxury cosmetics, expensive and exclusive. To look perfect always, you just need to have several basic tools at hand, the rest depends on the skill and perseverance of the woman. The necessary means can be bought, and the necessary skills will appear with time. Actually, this is all that is necessary to create a high-quality make-up. Naturally, you have a question: "And where to start the transformation?" Let's try to figure it out, and step by step we will come to an amazing final result.

Correct daily care is the main component of beauty

Contrary to all expectations, the basis for professional make-upserves not a jar of super-effective cream, smoothing wrinkles, and proper facial care on a daily basis. Care can be both expensive and cheap, the main thing is that it really suits you, acted. Here are a few simple but important rules that you must learn and apply every day:

  • Determine the type of your skin;
  • If the skin is combined or oily, before and after it, wash with special equipment;
  • For dry skin, buy nourishing milk or lotion. Wipe them face instead of washing, as ordinary water further dries and irritates the skin;
  • Be sure to use creams (day and night). The main thing to remember is - apply the day cream for half an hour before going out. Night - half an hour before going to bed.

professional make-up at home

Preparing for make-up

Do we need a base? The basis for make-up - a tool that appeared on the shelves of cosmetic stores recently. It allows cosmetics to stay on the face for a day or more. Makeup does not "drain", does not smear and looks fresh for a long time. For solemn occasions, such as a photo session, a wedding, an important business meeting - the foundation will be irreplaceable. If you just gathered for a walk or a meeting with friends, you can do without it. Correct the shortcomings and even the complexion. You should start with the skin around the eyes. Look close at the mirror. Under the eyes of black circles of fatigue? So, pick up a yellowish shade of foundation. If you have a thin skin by nature, and wreaths around your eyes, then the tone should be with a pink tint. Remember one rule: a foundation is selected for 1-2 tone lighter skin. After applying the cream reacts with the skin composition and changes its color to a darker one. In 2-3 hours these changes will be noticeable, and you will get an unnaturally dark shade of the face. Professional make-up applied at home can not do without hard proofreaders. What effect do they give? Here are a few examples:

  • A lightweight corrector is used to visually reduce wrinkles. Apply a little money to the desired area of ​​the skin and gently blend - wrinkle as it were, "hide" under it;
  • To make your look more expressive and "open", treat the light corrector under the eyebrows and rub with your fingers;
  • The dark corrector hides the flaws and removes unnecessary volume. For example, it is used to give the desired shape to the nose (thickness, length), as well as to correct small defects: acne, scars.

The main part of the makeup is the eyes

Well, the preparation is complete. At first glance, it may seem tiring and long, but do not despair - in a few days you will get used, and everything will turn out easily, freely, playfully! So, what's next? And then take out all your pencils, shadows and mascara. We will work with the eyes. It all depends on the purpose of makeup. If it is everyday - choose a light matte shade of milky or peach hue. To apply shadows it is necessary on all eyelid, that to achieve full alignment and updating of a skin. For evening make-up, there are many varieties. Start from the color of your eyes, your hair, your mood. The main thing is that the chosen combination is pleasant to you and does not look defiant and ridiculous - clown makeup. Example of evening eye makeup

  • The basis will serve three shades of shadows - light, medium and dark. All of them should be the same color scale;
  • A light shade is applied to the line under the eyebrows, that is, to the upper eyelid;
  • The average shade is superimposed on the inner part of the century. Dark - on the outside;
  • Dark shadows can be used for the outer part of the lower eyelid, just make sure that the line does not look too rough;
  • All transitions between shadows need to be carefully blurred;
  • As podvodki used as a pencil, and liquid podvodka. Choose the tool with which you prefer to work;
  • Pencil line after application can be rubbed a little with a cotton swab, but not along the entire length, but closer to the edge.

Correct application of mascara Choose ink on your owndiscretion. Black classic ink fits almost everything, but the color is more demanding. Experiment beforehand, see how the color mascara looks before your eyes. For example, a blue hue can give depth to blue and gray eyes. Brown - to emphasize the look of the brown-eyed girl. If you have an ordinary mascara that does not lengthen or twist the cilia, use a special tool - eyelash curler. If the mascara is professional, try to achieve the desired effect only with its help. Be sure to ensure that the cilia do not stick together, they do not remain lumps of carcass - it looks vulgar and untidy. beautiful professional makeup at home

Ruddy cheeks

A healthy blush on the cheeks always causesDelight. But, unfortunately, it is peculiar only to young girls who do not yet need professional make-up. You can achieve blush and with the help of cosmetics. Choose a blush is necessary, based on a common female image.

  • The bronze shade is suitable not only for tanned and swarthy brunettes, it also looks great on brown-haired women and red-haired girls;
  • With pink color, be very careful. He can give the image some hysteria;
  • By purchasing the right tool, give preference toblush in the balls. They are very convenient to use, they do not crumble and do not roll. And for those who only study the basics of make-up - it's just a godsend. Balls will not allow you to gain too much money, so you do not have to remove excess blush.

The finishing touch

To give the image a finished look will help correctlymatched lipstick. Here it is necessary to note one nuance: if in the make-up emphasis was placed on the eyes, then choose the most light and delicate shades of lipstick. To lips as long as possible pleased with a saturated color, before painting, apply a contour in pencil, then with the same pencil paint all the lips, and after that apply lipstick. Top with a colorless gloss.

General tips for applying makeup

  • Directly before make-up, the face must be cleaned of grease and dirt. Use a lotion or tonic suitable for your face type;
  • Be sure to correct eyebrows. The ideal option is a form in which you can draw a straight line from the center of the eye to the top of the eyebrow;
  • Tone cream should be chosen, starting fromtype of skin is a prerequisite. Otherwise, the tone will lie unevenly, will peel off or shine. In addition, an unsuitable cream can further exacerbate the skin condition;
  • Quickly update the make-up, made in the morning,can be very simple. Lightly moisten the paper napkin, remove the top layer of the old tone and the dust accumulated over the day. Now powder the face lightly. But it's not recommended to apply mascara again, because it will begin to crumble by the end of the day, which, you will agree, does not look very nice;
  • Pencil for eyes should be used after applying the foundation and powder. You can also lightly powder the liner to fix the line;
  • Before applying lipstick, you can use a bit of foundation, slightly smearing their lips, so the tone will last longer;

And one more secret

Want to give the face freshness, make it younger? Use the so-called vector cross-section principle. It consists in the fact that when applying make-up attention is focused on three specific areas of the face. The first of these is the inside under the eyebrows. Here it is necessary to put a little blush - from the base of the eyebrow to its highest point. Next - the cheekbones. Using a blush and a corrector give them a smart look. And the last point is the upper lip. It is necessary to make it look clearly parallel to the eyebrow line. By accentuating attention in these places, you will draw a visual diamond on your face. Thus, the face will look younger, especially with artificial light. Having learned to use all these rules and tips at home, you will always look as if you just left the expensive beauty salon!