concealer for face Only rare lucky ones can boast ofperfect skin. All the rest have to constantly struggle with imperfections on the face - pimples, pigment spots, dark circles under the eyes. Unfortunately, not all skin problems can be eliminated. Then help comes to disguise. Konsiler - a real wand-zashchalochka in such cases.

What is concealer and how to choose it?

The concealer is a cosmetic maskingA remedy that hides visible skin defects: pimples, redness, pigmented spots, dark circles under the eyes and fine wrinkles. In addition to its directly masking function, many concealers also have medicinal properties (they dry out inflammations, lighten up pigmentation, have a lifting effect, etc.). Choose a suitable shade concealer is even more difficult than a foundation or powder.

  • Do not test the shade on the outside of the palm of your hand -The skin in that place, contrary to the opinion of the majority, is very different from the skin tone of the face. Therefore, in the store, apply a drop of the concealer from the tester to the cotton swab, and test it on the face.
  • Try the right shade only in natural light.
  • Always choose the right concealer for one tone lighter than your skin.
  • good concealer for face

    Types of concealer

    To date, several types of concealer are available, differing in texture, composition and shape. Each concealer is designed to mask a certain defect.

    • Concealer-pencil

    This concealer has a dense texture. Great for masking inflammation, small redness and freckles. The concealer-stick is the ideal solution for masking the deficiencies of oily skin of the face. It is better, if the concealer for such skin will be very dense texture - so it will not flow any longer. In addition, this stick usually includes antibacterial components (tea tree oil, plant extracts, salicylic acid). They dry and reduce inflammation. It is possible to apply such concealer only pointwise.

    • The concealer in a tube with a brush

    These concealers have a liquid structure. There are concealers in a tube and with a special retractable mechanism that delivers the masking remedy immediately to the brush. This concealer, thanks to its light texture, is perfect for masking circles under the eyes, as well as for shortcomings on dry and sensitive skin. It is true that this masking agent will have to be shaded with a sponge or fingers - the brush of this concealer is very soft and it puts the remedy on the skin too thick. It is applied both pointwise and on larger areas of the skin of the face.

    • Creamy concealer

    As a rule, such consyilers are produced insmall jars or a box of powder. In terms of density, it is located between the liquid concealer and the stick. Among all masking products, this face concealer is the most versatile. It is suitable for masking and wrinkles, and acne, and dark circles under the eyes. It is used both locally and for large areas of the face. In addition, this concealer is perfectly mixed with other masking agents. True, it is necessary to apply and shade it either with a special brush or sponge.

    • Pallet of concealer of several shades and colors

    Has the same texture as the creamy concealer. Universal, suitable for professional use. The color of the concealer in the pallet masks a certain flaw:

    • Green concealer is suitable for masking acne and redness;
    • yellow and orange - to eliminate dark circles under the eyes;
    • sirenivy (unlike other colors in the set has a dry texture) masks pigmented spots;
    • Cream shades concealer are designed to mask the convex inflamed pimples.

    the right concealer for the face

    Application of concealer

    To concealer went unnoticed, you must follow several rules:

  • To apply color consylers (except yellow), you need to use the tonal tool, and the concealer of beige shades - after the foundation, but before the powder.
  • Use very little to mask. A too thick layer of concealer will be visible on the skin and will further demonstrate the disadvantage that it was necessary to hide.
  • The concealer must be thoroughly shaded, gently driving it into the skin with the pads of the fingers or a brush.
  • After you have applied concealer, allow it to dry out a little. So it will merge with the skin and stay on it longer.
  • The correct application of the concealer depends on the problem on the skin that needs to be masked. Circles under the eyes and mimic wrinkles Pay attention to the color of circles under the eyes:

    • if the circles are a bluish tinge, a peach-colored concealer is suitable;
    • if you have blue-green circles, it will save the concealer orange or yellow (depending on the intensity of the color of the circles);
    • purple and brown circles under the eyes "hide" beige concealer (its shade should be a semitone lighter than your natural skin color);

    After you have absorbed your contour creameye, it is necessary to apply concealer. It is applied with neat movements in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one. Do not pull the skin! After that, the eyelid skin should be slightly powdered. Vascular asterisks, rosacea and redness. The vessels that have appeared and redness on the skin will easily disguise the concealer of a yellow hue, the spots of rosacea will hide the blue concealer. A concealer with a blue tinge is applied to clean, moisturized skin directly on redness. It is applied with a narrow brush and gently shaded with a moistened sponge or fingers. Then a layer of foundation is applied. Yellow concealer is used after applying the tonal. Then the face tone is leveled using a compact or loose powder. Acne, acne To hide the redness of inflammation, makeup artists use concealers of green shades or dark beige. Apply the concealer locally, carefully driving the product into the skin. Do not spread the concealer across the entire surface of the pimple - it will become even more noticeable. Allow the medium to dry and apply a matting tonal base. Freckles and age spots To hide these drawbacks, before using masking agents, apply a make-up base to your face. With her, disguise will be even better. Apply the concealer directly to the zone of freckles and spots. Gently shade the masking agent on the skin with the help of fingertips or brushes. Then powder the skin. We advise you to read: