how to get rid of red spots after acne Despite the affliction of a huge number of people,a problem such as acne and other skin diseases, occur very, very often. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of skin diseases. However, in addition to acne, there is another important problem - spots from acne, remaining on the site of skin rashes. And people are racking their brains - how to get rid of red spots after acne? Unfortunately, information on this topic is difficult to find, whereas the problem does exist, and it is very relevant. Agree, the absence of acne in the presence of red spots and scarring does not really adorn the appearance of a person. Why do spots and scars occur? As a rule, they are formed in the event that the treatment of acne was done inappropriately, without due compliance with the conditions of asepsis and disinfection. And such errors even in the early stage of the disease can lead to the fact that the face will not be very beautiful spots, and what can we say about those cases when the disease was in a fairly neglected form? Here, and before a significant cicatricial change of the skin nearby. In addition, there is a very, very high risk of red spots and scars in the event that a person tries to get rid of acne spontaneously, squeezing them out himself at home. However, whatever the reason for the occurrence of cicatricial changes and red spots, the result is one - they greatly spoil the appearance of a person, and they must be disposed of as quickly as possible. As a rule, in order to get rid of too pronounced deep pits and scars, a sick person needs the help of a professional cosmetologist, and in especially severe cases - a dermatologist. At home, it is unlikely to achieve at least some noticeable effect. However, in less difficult situations - when red or dark brown spots appear, you can try to improve the situation at home by yourself, using some tools, which will be described below. However, be prepared for the fact that not all these methods, and not in all cases, can really help. In this case, again, the only way to cope with the problem will be an appeal to a cosmetologist or a dermatologist. But nevertheless, it's worth trying, especially since a huge number of people have tried them on themselves, and proved their effectiveness. So, what means of getting rid of acne marks is offered by folk medicine?

Clay with rosemary oil

This recipe is very effective even in a specialneglected cases, when the scars are fairly pronounced. To prepare a healing mask you will need blue clay and rosemary oil. And that, and the other component can be easily purchased in virtually any pharmacy. Approximately three - four tablespoons of clay pour into a dry, non-metallic container, add to it five drops of rosemary oil. After that, add a little bit of cold water to the clay, stirring it thoroughly. As a result, you should get a homogeneous creamy mass, which does not contain lumps. This resulting mass should be applied a thick layer on the face. Pay attention - the mass must be distributed evenly throughout the skin of the face, and not only in those places where there are pathological changes in the skin. Otherwise, you risk getting uneven skin color, as the mask has a strong whitening effect. The mask should be left on the face until it dries completely, then rinse thoroughly with plenty of warm water. After that, the face should be well soaked with a towel, and wipe with rosemary oil. However, pay attention to the fact that rosemary oil has the feature of increasing blood pressure. Therefore, in the event that a person suffers from hypertensive disease, rubbing with rosemary oil should be replaced with the most common cucumber lotion that is sold everywhere. This procedure should be carried out at least once a day. Improvements should be visible by the end of the first week, but the full course of treatment should last at least one month, and if necessary - and longer. Such treatment does not have any negative effect on the condition of the skin, nor on the general condition of the body.

Egg white

Since the appearance of red and brown spots on thethe face after acne in all cases is caused only by one phenomenon - hyperpigmentation of the skin. Therefore, the main principle on which treatment is based is skin bleaching. With this task is very successfully copes the following mask - take two chicken eggs, separate the proteins from the yolks. In egg whites, add half a teaspoon of lemon juice, mix thoroughly. The resulting mixture, try to apply as quickly as possible to the skin of the face, and evenly over the entire surface of the skin - in order that it has acquired a uniform shade. Leave the mixture on the face skin for about 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with cold water. In the event that you feel a burning sensation, rinse the mixture immediately and do not use this recipe anymore - otherwise you risk getting a skin burn. Wipe your face and apply any moisturizer to it. Repeat this procedure should not be more than three times a week. As a rule, very significant results can be achieved within a month. Another variant of the mask using lemon juice is a mask based on white or blue clay. Mix in a small non-metal container two teaspoons of lemon juice, clay and water - the mass should get very thick. Apply it to the skin of the face, leave it for about 20 minutes. A similar mask should be done at night, preferably every day, for at least a month. Very many people noted that even after two weeks of using such a mask almost completely eliminate even very dark spots. how to get rid of red spots after acne

Mask of tomatoes and starch

Another very effective method of how toget rid of the red spots after the acne, is the flesh of the tomato. Prepare the mask as follows - the flesh of one tomato is carefully rubbed with one tablespoon of starch, apply evenly on the face and leave for about five minutes, then rinse with water. Such a procedure should be done after preliminary washing, at least twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. The first results will be noticeable after only three days, and a strong pronounced effect is achieved approximately a month later of regular application. There are no contraindications, except for individual intolerance and excessively sensitive skin, as well as no side effects. By the way, instead of the pulp of a tomato, you can use a cucumber mass. Pass through the meat grinder one small, pre-cleaned cucumber, squeeze out half of the lemon and mix thoroughly. Apply on the skin after the evening and morning toilet of the skin. Leave for about 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with running water and apply any moisturizing cream.

Regular rubbing of the skin

In addition to therapeutic whitening masks, for moreeffective effect, doctors - dermatologists and cosmetologists recommend regularly, several times during the day, wipe the entire surface of the skin of the face, and especially affected areas of the skin. And you can lubricate them with a variety of means - you can choose the most acceptable option for you. You can lubricate with either lavender oil or tea tree oil, which can easily be purchased at a pharmacy. Drip one to two drops on the cotton pad, and thoroughly wipe the face. Repeat the procedure is necessary every two hours, every day, until the disappearance of dark spots. For a more effective effect in the bottle with oil, you can add a little lemon juice - but do not overdo it, two or three drops will suffice. After all, you will not wash your face every time after oil treatment. So, the risk of exposing the skin to lemon juice, which can lead to the development of a burn, increases at times. Also a good whitening effect is achieved with ice cubes from parsley broth, or from a chemist's tincture of calendula. By the way, pharmacy calendula is very effective not only whitens the skin, but also protects against the appearance of new rashes. Prepare them is simple - dilute the pharmaceutical alcohol tincture of calendula in ordinary clean water, in proportion one to three, pour the solution into ice forms and place it in the freezer. To prepare the same ice cubes from parsley broth, you need to thoroughly crush five tablespoons of parsley, pour half a liter of water, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for about 15 minutes. After that, the broth must be cooled, drained with gauze cloth, and also poured into ice molds and placed in a freezer. Wipe the skin with these cubes as often as possible. In addition to the fact that you will reach the whitening effect, and the red spots from acne gradually begin to disappear, the effect of cold very well tones the vessels, eliminates small wrinkles, improves the appearance of the skin in general. All these ways how to get rid of spots after acne, can have a really noticeable effect, so try them all still worth it. However, remember that before the beginning of treatment, it is still superfluous to seek medical advice from a dermatologist. Sometimes, to solve the problem, it's enough just to make a professional grinding. We advise you to read: