treatment of warts at home Do not touch the frog - warts will appear! Surely each of us heard this horror story as a child. However, all of us have long grown up and are unlikely to grab the frogs. And warts, alas, sometimes appear. And they do not decorate us at all. Therefore, you need to get rid of them.

Causes of warts

But before you talk about how to get rid ofwarts, let's find out where they come from. After all, not from frogs, in fact! Of course not. These skin lesions can be very different both in shape and size - from a few millimeters to a couple of centimeters in diameter, both perfectly round and bizarre forms. Warts are a skin disease that develops because of a kind of human papillomavirus. Ways of infection are not so little - this is a handshake, and use of common household items, and intimate communication. The virus has a very long incubation period - from several weeks to several months, during which the virus in the skin actively multiplies and grows. Therefore, it is almost impossible to establish the source of infection reliably. By the way, doctors distinguish several factors contributing to the development of warts - this and all kinds of trauma to the skin, and weakened immunity. In order to get rid of warts, it is necessary as quickly as possible to contact a dermatologist who will perform the necessary examination and prescribe the appropriate treatment. It is not necessary to hesitate, since warts have a sad tendency to spread quickly over the skin. the correct treatment of warts at home

Folk remedies for warts

Unfortunately, not all people - for one way or anotherreasons - are eager to go to the doctor and prefer to try to get rid of warts on their own. Of course, a wise decision can not be named, but ... As they say, from two evils it is necessary to choose less. And since you have decided to use improvised means, at least those that do not harm your health.

  • Juice of celandine

Purity is used to treat variousskin diseases since time immemorial. you can use it to remove warts - just lubricate them twice a day with celandine juice. The duration of treatment should not be longer than two weeks. And remember that the celandine is sufficiently poisonous - wash your hands thoroughly.

  • Garlic

If you do not like complex recipes, you willtreatment with garlic juice. Simply cut a clove of garlic and properly rub the wart. Such a procedure should be carried out once a day, for a month.

  • Dandelion juice

If the spring is outdoors, resort to helpdandelions - grease warts with white dandelion juice at least three times a day. Treatment should last at least two weeks - otherwise there will be no result.

  • Acetic acid

This tool will require you to limitattention - you can not allow the surrounding tissues to burn. Before going to bed, apply one drop of acetic acid to each wart and leave it without rinsing. As a rule, warts begin to disappear after three or four days. But treatment should be continued for at least one week.

  • Rowan

And if the window is winter, use for treatmentberries of mountain ash. Grind several berries (depending on the number of warts) and apply the resulting mass to the warts. Top with a plastic wrap and leave for an hour. Such a procedure is sufficient enough once a day, until the warts completely disappear.

  • Castor oil

Castor oil is an absolutely safe and very effective way to get rid of warts. Just lubricate them with castor oil several times a day until the warts recede.

  • Onion

Clean one small head of onions,pour it with vinegar and soak for one hour. Then cut the bulb in half and pribintuyte the inside of the wart. The bulb should be left on all night, and in the morning to grease the wart with any vegetable oil. Treatment can be carried out until the full disappearance of the wart.

  • a piece of chalk

Prepare a plain white chalk - at least 10pieces. Thoroughly grind it - in the end you should get a powder. Sprinkle with this powder a wart, cover with a plastic wrap and bandage - leave for the whole night. The duration of treatment is 14 days. And remember - during this treatment, in no case can not wet warts.

  • Cake

If the wart is very large, you can trynext tool. You will need one head of garlic, 10 tablespoons of flour, one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a little water. Garlic clean and grind. Add the vinegar to the water and mix a very steep cake, after which add the garlic. Attach the cake to the wart and tighten it tightly with a bandage. You must leave the cake for a day. Well, or at least for the whole night, if you work and can not go to work with such a "decoration". The procedure should be performed in a day - until the warts are capitulating.

  • Apple juice

Very effectively combats warts with applejuice. And the juice is immature green apples. You can rub warts with a piece of apple, you can rub juice into them - as you prefer. But do this procedure at least three times a day. Warts begin to "give up" in about a week, but in order to consolidate success, you need to continue treatment no less than a week.

  • Plums

About the same effect has a plum juice- and the plum is also better to take the unripe. Cut the plum in half and attach the inner side to the wart. Secure with adhesive bandage or bandage and leave for a couple of hours. Treatment - 7 days. Of course, all these folk ways of getting rid of warts are often very effective, and people for a long time - and sometimes forever - forget about the problem. But in no case should we forget about the danger that the attempt to treat warts in our home environment may contain. Therefore, still try to find an opportunity and yet visit a dermatologist. After all, your health is in your hands! And very often we think that we are treating an ailment at home ... And in fact, we simply maim our health. We advise you to read: