how to get rid of the pigmentation on the face In the twenty-first century, get rid of pigmentspots on the skin to the fair sex representatives will not be very difficult, it is enough to turn to a good specialist who not only displays freckles on the face or white markings on the body, but also tells you what to do in order to avoid the reoccurrence of this problem in the future.

Eliminate stains in the cabin: peeling

Unfortunately, folk methods and non-professionalbleaching cream, which can be freely purchased at a pharmacy or a store, do not always cope with the task. At best, the pigmentation spots on the face lighten slightly, at worst - an allergic reaction will appear and the skin will become irritated, it will turn red or you will get a burn. Therefore, if you want to quickly get rid of chloasma, go to the beauty parlor and make a peeling. This method should also be used by those who have problems with acne, acne, scars, etc. To date, there are several types of peeling: chemical, glycol, laser, enzyme, ultrasonic - each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so before you decide on a particular option, learn about them basic information. Chemical peeling There are three types of chemical peeling: superficial, median and deep. In order to remove pigmentation spots and freckles, you need to go through the simplest procedure, in which the active substances act only on the upper layers of the epidermis. If you stop at the last option - a deep peeling, your skin will completely stop producing a dark pigment, but in this case you will have to hide your face from the sun all the time. Within eight to twelve hours after peeling, the face can look like after a burn: red spots appear on it, which can slightly ache a bit. After a week, may begin to peel, which is eliminated with a tonic and moisturizer. Please note that for three to four weeks before the procedure for getting rid of pigmentation on the face, you will need to seriously prepare for it, otherwise, even after applying high-quality products, the result can be either zero or negative. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a master who will do the exfoliation. Acquire the funds that you will have to apply to the skin, it is also better for him. Sometimes, women prefer to conduct similar procedures at home, but in this case there is a risk of serious damage to the upper layers of the epidermis. Hardly you can independently understand that, for example, the cream has deteriorated or there was a negative reaction of the body to one of the components.

  • Retinol peeling

On average, the procedure itself will have tospend up to twenty minutes, not counting training. During the peeling, the patient can feel slight discomfort, itching, burning. This is okay if these symptoms do not increase, otherwise you should immediately rinse the product off your face with copious amounts of water. You will be able to assess the positive result on the seventh day after the visit to the beautician, however the first four days, if possible, it is better to refrain from walking under the scorching sun, otherwise you can get a burn. As in any case, it also has its own contraindications, therefore it is advisable to consult a doctor first.

  • Peeling with fruit acids

This procedure is practically painless andcompletely safe, if, of course, it is carried out by an experienced specialist. Depending on the type and structure of the skin, you will need to undergo five to ten courses of peeling. In the nearest month after the end of the session, you will need to apply moisturizing and moisturizing creams on your face every day and in the evening, and avoid serious physical exertion, go to baths, saunas, swimming pools, sunbathing in the solarium or on the beach. In some cases, peeling with fruit acids can cause a serious allergic reaction, so it is recommended that you first use the test on a small area of ​​the skin. Completely contraindicated this procedure for girls in the situation, nursing mothers, as well as those who are ill or who have suffered viral, skin, oncological diseases.

  • Glycolic peeling

If you are interested in the question of how to get rid ofpigmentation, without harming the skin at the same time, the answer is quite simple - prefer glycolic peeling. It is more sparing, but it does not affect its effectiveness. As for the positive effect, you will notice it immediately after the procedure. As in the previous case, redness can appear on the face during the day, so after the session you can hardly walk freely along the street. To visit a specialist in this case it is possible for individuals who have reached adulthood. However, it is not recommended to resort to this method for those who have problems with herpes, who do not tolerate components that are part of the creams for clarification, who have undergone chemotherapy, etc.

  • Enzyme peeling

The advantage of enzyme peeling is that,that you can do it not only in beauty salons, but also at home. However, if you decide on such an experiment, carefully read the instructions carefully and test the product on the skin. But remember that you can resort to this procedure no more than twice a week. The composition of such products for bleaching usually includes natural and safe for human health enzymes, which are extracted from ordinary fruits: papaya, pineapple. pigmentation on the face how to get rid Hardware peeling

  • Ultrasonic peeling

As in previous cases, US waves are usedto remove the upper layers of the skin. Of the advantages can be noted that you do not have to spend long preparation - on the appointed day, the master will cause a person to a special cream to improve the impact of the device, and then immediately begin to work packed. Also after the procedure, your face will not become burgundy-red, as it can after a chemical peel. In the worst case, there will be a slight pinkish blush that does not radically affect your appearance. Thus, immediately after the salon you can go to work, a date or to meet with friends. To achieve a positive effect, on average you will have to visit the cosmetologist's office about ten times. The only thing that can scare away a potential client is the rather high cost of specialist services. But in this case, the result will last much longer than if you use the usual clarifying cosmetics. In addition, because of the lack of aggressive effects on the skin, it is less injured and is quickly restored.

  • Laser Peeling

To date, laser peeling is consideredone of the most effective ways of removing pigment spots on the face, and at the same time it is still classified as dangerous and unpredictable. In this case, the fair sex has to choose between a really high positive effect and a completely healthy skin. Usually, the rehabilitation and recovery period after the procedure lasts more than one or two weeks, while patients have to spend a lot of effort, time for treatment, buy and apply a lot of additional funds to care for the treated area of ​​the body. how to get rid of pigmentation

How to remove pigmentation spots without harming yourself

Deciding to remove such defects on the face,Do not rush into the first available institution that provides its services. Ask the opinion of previous clients, learn positive and negative feedback. Of course, everyone will be happy with the procedures, but the presence of a large number of evil, aggressive or offended memories of visiting this beauty salon makes you think. Find the necessary information with ease can be in the Internet, usually in women's forums. Secondly, to begin with, visit the beauty salon, get acquainted with the prices, the situation, also do not forget to assess the purity of the institution. Remember that in all self-respecting salons the cost of chemical or hardware peeling should be almost the same. The difference can be about one hundred two hundred rubles, not more. If you are offered to use services with a thirty percent discount, then the salon is not popular and is trying to attract customers. Usually low demand indicates a low quality of service. Such benefits are successful and popular institutions provide only to regular customers. An important role is played by the attitude of the staff to the visitor. First of all, you have to examine, evaluate the skin condition, after which the expert is obliged to tell you how the procedure will go, how much it will cost you and what can be the negative consequences. In some establishments, clients are asked to sign a contract before the procedure, which clearly indicates what, when and by whom it was done. In this case, if something goes wrong, you can prove your case and demand compensation. To go to the salon for peeling (laser, chemical or mechanical) is best from October to March, when the sun is not as active as, for example, in the summer. Please note that in the next three months you will have to avoid contact with direct sunlight, otherwise the pigmented spots will appear again on the face. To protect yourself, use a cream with ultraviolet protection. We advise you to read: