how to get rid of acne scars At a young age, almost everyone is confronted withacne - a strong eruption of comedones and acne on the face and body. Of course, with age, this unpleasant problem gradually passes, but it is replaced by another - scars and scars left after acne. In this article we will tell you how to get rid of acne scars as quickly and painlessly as possible, and advise which means to use for this purpose. But before we start discussing this issue directly, let's reveal the essence of the problem itself and determine why and how these unpleasant traces of acne on the face and body are formed. As soon as an inflammatory process occurs, our body immediately begins to fight it. This is manifested in the active growth of granulation tissue in the area of ​​a particular eel, because the appearance of the eel always means the emergence of an inflammatory process. What is it for? This is how the wound in the volume decreases, and more collagen and elastin fibers appear in the area of ​​inflammation. By itself, the process of replacing the epidermal cells is very slow, and in order for the skin to come to an ideal state, it takes a long time. To know exactly how you can get rid of scars, you need to distinguish between their main types:

  • Atrophic scars, resembling a small fossa in thea rectangle or an oval. The color of atrophic scars is usually bodily. There may also be rounded or chipped scars of rectangular shape;
  • Physiological scars are hardly visible on the face, they quickly heal;
  • The opposite of physiological scars is keloid, causing severe itching and other unpleasant sensations. On the face are formed rarely, but getting rid of them is difficult. They are convex in shape;
  • The latter species, hypertrophic, are dense convex formations of pink color. Their appearance on the skin is caused by an excessive amount of scar tissue.
  • To combat all of the above typesThere are various means available today. Your task is to choose exactly the method that is completely suitable for you. This can be either a salon procedure, or care at home. And maybe you will have to combine these methods. But first things first! how to get rid of acne scars

    Home remedies for acne scars

    Of course, preference is always given to the homemethods of treatment. As a rule, such techniques soften the skin and are more useful than salon ones. In addition, you can save time and money. Moreover, there are a lot of home methods:

    • The first effective means for getting rid ofScarring is a simple lemon juice. Periodically wipe the skin with lemon juice, but only its affected areas. The juice itself is very effective, therefore it is necessary to behave with caution. It is not only an effective anti-scabic remedy, but also a good method of cleaning the face skin at home.
    • Freshly prepared tomato juice will not bring the skinless benefit than lemon. It also needs to be applied to areas where there are scars. Tomato juice is designed to help the skin perform its basic functions, while carefully cleaning it.
    • Of course, do not forget about the cucumber -Vegetables, which are known for their good whitening, cleansing and toning properties. Scrub the cucumber, apply a slurry on the face and wait for 15 minutes, then just rinse with water. It is worth noting that this technique will help even when getting rid of dark spots, forget about the existence of which is the most difficult.
    • Almond oil can be used for easy massage, which will quickly get rid of acne marks.
    • A banana is also useful in this matter. Cook the banana puree and apply the mixture on the skin. This mask should be kept for no more than ten minutes, after which it should be washed off.
    • Sandal paste is extremely effective. Soak the sandalwood powder in the water for the night. After that, apply the resulting paste to the skin areas that are most damaged, for about 10 minutes. The paste dries quickly. After you have washed off the mask, rinse the skin with cold water. It will also be more useful if you prepare pasta based on milk or rose water.
    • Fenugreek (seeds). This tool is known not only for its medicinal properties, but also for the fact that it allows you to effectively get rid of acne and traces left after them. In the water (750 ml) add the seeds of the plant and put on fire for five minutes. Now let the broth cool down. Wash them face in the morning and in the evening, and very soon you will begin to notice how your skin's condition improves.
    • Masks based on clay were always famous for theirexcellent cleaning properties. For their preparation, take a little clay (literally a tablespoon) and dilute it in water, warm enough. It will not be superfluous to add here a little rosemary oil. Mix and apply to the skin. The duration of such treatment is three months.
    • Simple parsley can also help you in treatmenttraces and scars from acne. To do this, chop the parsley, then pour it with boiling water. Give the mixture 30 minutes to infuse, and pour into special ice forms. Broth can be washed several times a day.
    • Apple vinegar. Dilute a tablespoon of vinegar in three tablespoons of water and pour the mixture into ice molds. Rub your face in the morning and evening.

    Continuing to consider the problem of getting rid ofacne scars, you can not forget about essential oils. The oils of a carnation and a rosemary, a tea tree have most advantageously proved. Of course, in pure form, no essential oil can be used. They are better to be added to various masks and mixtures, to moisturizing creams. Here is one of the simple recipes: take a little kaolin and, adding warm water, dilute to a gruel of a uniform consistency. In this mass, add 1-2 drops of each of the above oils and mix well. This mask is applied to the face with a thick, dense layer. Keep on the face until the mask completely cools. You do not just cleanse the skin, but also get rid of redness, bleach the skin. Everyone knows that the herbs were always very effective for cleansing the skin. For example, Echinacea. It can be used either inward in the form of drops or tablets, and applied to the skin. The root of grapes is also effective. You can use the tea tree oil by mixing it with a moisturizer. In the same way, oregano and basil oil are used. how to get rid of scars on the face after acne

    Professional methods of getting rid of scars

    Now let's talk about professional cosmetologyand medicine, which is shown to people who have quite serious problems: deep scars, constantly inflamed skin. At home, such problems can not be solved.

    • Laser Therapy

    It is a complex removalmicroscopic layer of the epidermis, due to which the new skin is formed, but without scars. But we should also take into account the fact that those whose skin is dark can acquire new problems. So, newly formed skin areas are most likely to be light, and your skin will look unnatural. But today cosmetologists continue to improve this method, to maximally adapt it to all people.

    • Mechanical grinding, or dermabrasion

    The procedure that was first tested in Egypt. Then for its carrying out the hard sandpaper was used. Horrible, is not it? Now dermabrasion is performed in salon conditions using a special tool equipped with a wheel that removes all the damaged skin. Getting rid of scars with the help of the procedure of dermabrasion, you will have to accept the fact that the skin will be covered with a crust, which is quite natural. Then the crust disappears, and the skin will remain slightly red. However, after a few weeks, all the side effects will disappear.

    • Augmentation

    More serious procedure, when under the cicatrixIntroduce collagen or fat, worked out by your own organism. The scar gradually becomes equal to the surface, and the skin will look perfect. This will take about six months. Augmentation is prescribed, as a rule, with very deep, severe scars.

    • Subsidy

    During this procedure, the doctor separates the scar from thedeep layers of tissue. After that a place is formed, filled with blood. This is necessary in order to form a connective tissue, which will help to equalize the scar with the skin layer. Usually this procedure is used along with dermabrasion or laser therapy.

    • Exfoliation of the skin with fruit acids

    It is considered no less effective way. Today it is very popular. Fruit acids gradually renew and exfoliate the skin with all the scars, inflammation and scars. This method is distinguished by the absence of any contraindications, it can be safely assigned to people of any age. All of the above therapies are certainly very effective. You can use both salon procedures, and complement them with home ones to enhance the effect. But, remember that the skin condition is an indicator of your health. If you are constantly confronted with acne and comedones, rashes or acne, then perhaps it's all about wrong, irrational nutrition or problems with internal organs. It is necessary first of all to understand with this. And here about scars and scars it is necessary to say that only a highly qualified specialist who understands all the subtleties of modern techniques and skin features should prescribe therapy and procedure. Therefore we get rid of scars only competently! Your goal is to find a truly professional dermatologist and cosmetician who will recommend the most effective way to get rid of acne scars and scars. And after you have got rid of scars, try to keep the skin in good condition - everything is elementary! Your health, youth and beauty are gifts from nature that you need to cherish. Eat right, pay proper attention to sports and care for yourself, and then the reflection in the mirror will please you only!