how to get rid of hair on hands A few decades ago, no one in the headIt would not have come to seriously discuss the problem of how to get rid of hair on hands. Girls and women who have vegetation on their hands - noticeable and not very - considered this fact absolutely natural and does not require any correction. There was even an old omen: if a girl has thick hair on her hands, then she will marry a rich man. Is it any wonder that instead of complexes about their "lack", the owners of excessive vegetation on their hands quietly rejoiced at their happiness and were proud of such a feature! Another thing is our time. Now, in the epoch of epilation and depilation prosperity, the hair on any part of the body of the woman, except perhaps the head, is considered the height of impropriety. Women's Internet forums boil with indignation at the first hint that one of the girls likes their hairy hands. "What a nightmare, this is ugliness!" Scream the enraged guardians of 100% smoothness of the skin. And what do men think about this? Here are some excerpts from various forums devoted to the discussion of this topic:

  • If the girl is blonde, then there are no problems - practically nothing is noticeable on her hands. But if the hair on the hands, like a dzhigit, it is better to somehow fix it.
  • Previously, too, hated hair in the hands of girls,but then noticed one thing: the more such hair, the more passionate and sexy she is in bed, and vice versa. Now I choose only those whose hands are covered with hair.
  • If a light fluff on the body - then it does not bother. But if the "jungle", then this is the trouble!

So what do we conclude? Those girls who have light hairs and barely noticeable, hardly need to seriously question how to get rid of hair on their hands. In the end, if the whole thing is to please a man, then it is not necessary to remove hair on his hands - as we see from the above replicas, smooth hairless hands are not a panacea for them at all. But those who are unlucky and whose hands are adorned with thick dark hair, will have to seriously think about how it is faster and easier to part with this vegetation

Hair removal without pain

Of course, the simplest way to get rid ofhair on hands - shaving machine. This is the fastest and painless option, other types of depilation do not give the most pleasant sensations. Here are just the disadvantages of this method of removal is much more than pluses. Well, it is not accepted in modern society that a girl with thorns should walk! And the fact that the pens "zakolyutsya" a couple of days, no doubt does not cause. Not only does hair grow very quickly, so instead of soft, smooth skin you will get "sandpaper". Well, what will the reaction of the male to such a "touching" touch? Alas, the only way to avoid such trouble can be a daily shave. Imagine, oil painting: every morning you argue with your young man, who first shaves at the mirror - he's a face, or you're hands! Br-rr ... So it's better to put the razor aside for other, more appropriate cases and think about how to get rid of unwanted hair on your hands in a different way. By the way, the razor is not the only painless method of fighting against hair on hands: there is also a depilation cream. All you need to do is apply the cream on the skin, wait a few minutes and wash it off with bothersome hairs. This procedure does not require you to either time costs or painful experiences because of the pain experienced. That's just the way this depilation method works for different people in completely different ways. Someone really manages to get rid of hair on hands practically forever after a couple of such procedures. And someone complains that after depilation cream hair to grow not only did not cease, but became thick, thick and black. Well, and besides, there is a risk of allergic reaction of your body to the substances that make up the cream. So, before you experience such a tool - make sure that it is safe for you. how to get rid of unwanted hair on your hands

Hair removal: it hurts, but you will be satisfied

Electric depilator is an excellent remedyfor a long time forget that there are hair on your hands. Due to the fact that the hairs are pulled together with the root, you do not have to deal with their removal too often. With each procedure, unpleasant hairs will become smaller and thinner. And if you are afraid of the problem of "ingrown hairs" (this happens after the depilation of the legs), then your experiences are in vain: the hands do not grow into hair after removal. This means that you will avoid the "red spots" on the skin caused by your diligence to remove these harmful hairs. Therefore safely take the depilator in your hands and use it for health. The only disadvantage of this method of getting rid of hair is soreness. Each woman has her own pain threshold: for someone, the process of instantly pulling hairs can be even pleasant and remind of tickling, but for most, the pain is so strong that it seems like the most real torture. What you will say, beauty requires sacrifice. In addition to the electric depilator, you can also use wax strips - they will perfectly cope with the problem of unnecessary hair on your hands, forcing you to forget about the problem for a long time. This is also a rather painful option - the skin on the hands is very thin and sensitive. But if you decided on such a method - do not worry: after several procedures the sensitivity of the skin will drop and you will be able to tear off the strips without tears and quiet screams. Those who do not trust the methods of hair removal and depilation in principle, you can advise to lighten the hair on your hands. In this case, all the horror stories that chemical stains spoil the hair structure, making them thin and lifeless, will only benefit you. As soon as your thick black hair on your hands turns into a light, harmless fluff, all the complexes and experiences about the "imperfection of the hands" will disappear by themselves. And even if you do not get rid of hair permanently, you will not be left in a loser: with such smooth hands it's not at all a shame to appear in the summer on the beach and in the winter in the office. It will never enter anyone's mind that your hands look "somehow wrong", light unobtrusive hairs are absolutely permissible and in our strict time smooth, hairless bodies. We advise you to read: