how to apply self-tanning Beautiful smooth tan is able not only to makeyou are much more attractive, but also hide some of the shortcomings. For example stretch marks, "orange peel" in the most unsuitable places (on the hips, abdomen, buttocks), sagging shapes and other irregularities of the figure become much more invisible on the dark skin. And everyone wants to look charming! You can buy natural bronze shade in several ways: by natural way, and also with the help of modern methods and means of cosmetology. But there is not always time and opportunity to soak up the bright southern sun, so most people (both women and men) go to the solarium. But, despite the growing popularity of the latter, scientists have long proven their negative impact on the skin. So if you care about your health, the most appropriate option will be special means for self-tanning. About how to select them and how to correctly apply them, we'll talk just below.

What is autosunburn and what is it for?

This cosmetic product creates (with the help ofcoloring the skin of special substances) the feeling that you spent the whole day in the hot sun. This is an excellent alternative to a solarium, which, firstly, is contraindicated in certain diseases, and, secondly, it can lead to all sorts of negative consequences if you are excessively attracted to it. Problems can begin with a banal allergy and end with oncology. Therefore, experts advise to treat the visit to the solarium very carefully and seriously. If you want to give yourself a beautiful healthy appearance without side effects, buy a special lotion. With it, you can get rid of milky white skin in winter or hide small stretches, and also look stunning at a responsible event. Today, many salons provide such a service - from a miracle-machine, self-tanning in the form of a spray "sprayed" throughout the body. Therefore, to "auto-burn" you have two options - contact a specialist or apply lotion yourself. Some believe that it is difficult to conduct such a procedure at home, but this is a mistaken opinion. The main thing, observing simple rules, to do it correctly, and then the skin will be swarthy and beautiful 365 days a year. how to apply self-tanning

Variety of means: what are the tanning salons

This is an ideal option for rapid acquisitiontanning. It is indispensable in winter or in cases when on medical indicators a person is contraindicated to be under the influence of ultraviolet. Then a special toning lotion comes to the rescue. But before we talk about how to correctly apply it, let's look at a variety of cosmetics. There are several varieties:

  • accelerators of sunburn;
  • bronzants (they are also called bronzers);
  • and, in fact, self-tanning.

The first category of funds "works" to increasein the skin the amount of pigment synthesized by it. The most famous accelerator is tyrosine, which is a precursor in the melanin synthesis chain. This amino acid, falling in large quantities on the skin of a person, provokes cells (melanocytes) to produce as much pigment as possible, thereby accelerating the process of sunburn. The composition of bronzers include colorants. Therefore, after their application, the skin instantly acquires a dark color. The main drawback is the instability of staining. If water gets into the product, the product may dissolve and stain the clothes, and due to improper use, light strips and white spots may remain. If you still decide to purchase such a product, take a tone or two darker than the natural shade of your skin, so as not to look ridiculous. Apply it on those parts of the face or body that are most often in the sun, for example: on the line of the nose or cheekbone. As for autosunburn, it is produced in the form of a spray, milk or cream. Dihydroxyacetone, which is part of their composition, when interacting with skin proteins, stains its upper layer in a dark color. However, the effect of sunburn manifests itself not immediately, but within three to four hours after application. After a certain time, when the horny scales exfoliate, the person gradually "brightens". As cosmetologists note, this is the most effective and "long-lived" way of acquiring a bronze shade.

How to choose a self-tanner?

There is no need to buy a very expensive tool- the main thing is that it gives an effect that will naturally look on your skin. To do this, you need to choose the right tone. Take lotion and apply a few drops on a special test paper, then attach it to your hand. White girls prefer to use products with a light texture, for example, modeling agents or milk 2 in 1, which simultaneously moisturizes and tones. Representatives of the fair sex with blond and chestnut hair are remarkably comfortable with the sun's rays, so a darker self-tanning lotion will suit them. It will look natural. And if you want the skin to shine, take a remedy with flickering particles. Firstly, you will look truly charming, and secondly, it will help to hide defects and irregularities on the body. Those who have just returned from rest and wish to fix the result from sunbathing, it is recommended a spray or lotion with the mark "dark".

How to use autosunburn

Once you have decided on the tone, the mosttime to talk about how to apply it correctly. Otherwise, there is a chance instead of a beautiful swarthy skin to get the effect of a leopard. First of all, buy gloves and put them on your hands. The fact is that on the palms there is much more pores than on other parts of the body, so during the application they will absorb the lotion and will acquire a bright orange color. You do not want that, do you? If you decide to carry out the procedure at home, a week before, stop using cosmetics, which includes alpha-acids. And 24 hours before the direct application make depilation. If you will treat the whole body completely, remove excess hair on your hands, feet and in other places. In the evening, peel the skin and use a moisturizing lotion. The main thing is to wait a day, otherwise the remedy will lie unevenly, with strips and divorces. Owners of dry skin is better to buy a creamy product, for fatty light gels and lotions. Pre-try the cosmetic product on the inside of the hand to make sure the allergic reaction does not appear. Before applying self-tanning on the face, put on gloves and a bandage, remove the hair back. If you are doing the procedure for the first time to avoid an unexpected result, mix the remedy with a regular cream or lotion in the same proportion. Moisten the skin around the eyes, otherwise this area will be darker compared to other areas. Then squeeze a little of the autosunburn on the hand and with quick movements, shading well, apply on the face (you can use a sponge or a special sponge for this). Avoid the line of hair and eyebrows. Do not forget about the neck and the place behind the ears (also treat them). If there are streaks and streaks on the face, rip it off well and peel or use a whitening mask. Now take up the body. Each section visually divide into several parts, for example: the shin, the front part of the thigh, the back, caviar. Rinse the tan in circular motions, moving upwards against the growth of hair. Begin with the shin and go higher, leaving "for dessert" knees and feet. After all, with natural sun tanning, they are always slightly lighter than other areas. After you finish, apply a small amount of moisturizing lotion on top, which will help to redistribute the rest of the cream. Thus, treat the whole body, lastly - the elbows, as well as the inside of the hands. To make the figure visually slimmer, darken the hips and sides, on the abdomen, "draw" vertical strips and select the triceps on the hands. If you use a spray, shake the tube beforehand. Then, at a short distance (about 20 cm), apply the first layer of the product and rub it with a tissue or hand, after ten minutes, remove the excess with a towel and repeat the procedure. Cosmetics will soak for half an hour. than to apply a tanning agent

How to maintain the effect of sunburn

Four to five hours after application is notit is recommended that you exercise, shower, wash and so on. Any contact with water or afterwards is harmful to sunburn: moisture will not be afraid of it only after it is well "fixed" on your body. To the skin remained swarthy and beautiful for a long time, abundantly moisturize it with lotion and treat with autosunburn most protruding parts (nose, knees, shoulders, and cheekbones) every three days. If you want to remove the traces of the use of the product, you will be helped by water with lemon juice or vinegar, you can add hydrogen peroxide or use alcohol-containing lotions. After that, just wash the shower gel.

Good to know!

If you use self-tanning cream orlotion, then processing back or other hard-to-reach places will be quite difficult. This is ideal for spray. To the skin for a long time remained swarthy, repeat the procedure every four to five days. Today, there are remedies that appear on the body within 60 minutes after application. In order not to walk around the apartment for a long time, afraid to touch or sit down, choose a product that gives an effect in the shortest possible time. Using the tool for the first time, take a friend or mother to help. So you can correctly process the whole body in a short time. Autosunburn does not protect from the influence of ultraviolet: to keep the skin healthy and beautiful, get a special sunscreen makeup. We hope, our advice will help you to remain always beautiful and charming! We advise you to read: