how to get rid of freckles Some people consider freckles on the faceaddition to the charming and cute image of innocence and purity. But most owners of these "solar specks" are constantly trying to make them as inconspicuous as possible, they are constantly worried about the question: how to get rid of freckles? If Mother Nature has awarded you with a fiery red hair color and light, almost transparent skin, then freckles will be an integral part of your appearance. Who, if not owners of this type of appearance, know that the active manifestation of freckles comes with the arrival of a warm season, when the sun's rays begin to shine brighter. Open areas of the body under the influence of ultraviolet light undergo a profuse rash of freckles. Particularly susceptible to their appearance are parts of the body, such as the face, shoulders and décolleté zone. Those women whose skin is more sensitive to the action of sunlight, it is necessary to begin to fight with the appearance of sunspots at the end of February or early March. At the end of winter it's time to start using special sunscreen, and continue to use these funds during the warm period. When entering the street you should use sunglasses. And if you decide to visit the beach or went to rest in hot countries, take care of additional protection of the skin from direct sunlight - grab a hat with wide margins and an umbrella. how to get rid of freckles at home

Folk recipes from freckles

If your face has already decorated the placergold spots, then you will need some secrets, through which you will learn how to get rid of freckles forever. Naturally, today in the world of cosmetic products there is a great variety of different bleaching creams, lotions and serums. But no ready-made remedy will replace a made at home, natural and useful product. The most actual means, whitening the skin and allowing to get rid of freckles, is parsley. Masks and infusions, which include this useful component, are very popular. Compress from the infusion of parsley 100 grams of fresh parsley leaves brew in 1-1,5 cups of boiling water. Infuse for 1-1.5 hours, then strain. Wadded disc, soaked in water, wipe your face every day - morning and evening. Lotion of parsley 50 grams of greenery pour into 0.2 liters of vodka. The mixture is infused in a cool dark place for two weeks. Then strain and wipe your face every other day, preferably before bedtime. Mask of tincture of parsley and sour cream 200 grams of fresh parsley pour half a glass of boiling water, insist one hour. Strain and add to the obtained tincture 30 grams of sour cream. Apply the mixture on your face and let stand for 20 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water. Mask with honey A tablespoon of chopped parsley to combine with a tablespoon of honey, add a few drops of lemon juice to the mixture. Apply the mask to face for 30 minutes. After the required time, rinse with warm water. To additionally whiten the skin, you can wipe it daily with lemon juice or sour milk. Lemon not only brightens well, but it is an excellent drying agent, which is necessary for oily and problem skin. Also lemon juice tones well. Lotion with lemon and protein Egg white lightly beat up until light foams, add to it the juice of one lemon, 50 milliliters of cologne and a teaspoon of glycerin. This lotion can wipe the face before going to sleep. Lemon Mask A teaspoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of milk add in 25 grams of yeast. Wear the mask on the face and leave for 20-25 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. And one more variant of a similar mask: smear the face with any fat cream, top the cream with a lemon, cut into thin plates. The mask should be kept on the face for no more than 10 minutes to avoid redness of the skin. After the procedure, wash your face with cool water or milk. Lotion of sour milk Half a cup of sour milk mixed with a teaspoon of onion juice. This solution needs to wipe the skin several times a day. After applying this lotion, you need to lubricate your face with a moisturizing cream. Cucumber Mask The clarifying properties of cucumber and cucumber juice are well known. This vegetable not only helps whiten the skin, removes pigment spots and freckles, but also tones and moisturizes the face, giving it a fresh look and elasticity. So means from a cucumber become the fine assistant in disposal of freckles in house conditions. The mask is prepared as follows: grate fresh cucumber on a fine grater and mix with a tablespoon of nutritious cream. Juice from a cucumber must also be used. Apply the mask to your face for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. After about a week you will see a positive result. You can cook cucumber lotion: 200 grams of cucumbers rub through a small grater and pour 200 grams of vodka. Infuse for two weeks in a dark cold place. Then strain and wipe the lotion face twice a day. Lotion from the juice of dandelion Freckles disappear, if you wipe them with a lotion, prepared from dandelions: two tablespoons of chopped dandelion flowers pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and put on a water bath for 1.5 hours. When the resulting broth cools, strain it and wipe the skin twice a day for 2-3 weeks. A few more useful recipes. It is possible to get rid of freckles at home by using foods that contain Vitamin C: apples, citrus fruits, hips, sour cabbage. If you do not have allergies to berries, you can safely make yourself a berry mask: 30 grams of black currant and 30 grams of strawberries pound and mix. Apply on face, hold for 30 minutes. After the time has elapsed, rinse with warm water. Excellent remedy for freckles - melon. Its flesh, crushed and boiled in water, can be applied to the face for 15-20 minutes. If you can not get rid of freckles, you can try to make them less noticeable. Carrot juice is suitable for this. Two medium carrots must be ground in a blender, obtained from them with juice to wipe the face. After rubbing, the face will acquire a darker, yellowish hue, and freckles will be less noticeable on it. how to get rid of freckles forever

Salon procedures

And what to do when none of the folkmeans from freckles to you does not help or assist? An exit in a similar situation will be an appeal to a specialized salon. The dermatologist will advise highly effective means for struggle against freckles and qualitative methods. Let's look at them in some detail. Chemical peeling is the application to the skin of solutions of lactic and glycolic acids, which remove the top layer of the skin, and along with it freckles. It is best to conduct chemical peeling before the onset of a warm season, since after this procedure, it is undesirable to apply ultraviolet rays to the skin. Phototherapy This action on the skin by pulses of light, due to which the skin is bleached. For an ideal result, at least five sessions are required. The first effect is noticeable after two weeks of therapy. Laser therapy This is perhaps the most modern and effective way to get rid of freckles. The laser works only on the cells that produce the pigment - melanin, without affecting other cells. After the procedure, in place of the former freckles, there is a crust, which eventually descends from the skin of the face, leaving scarring and scars behind. This method is absolutely painless and safe for health. Choosing the most suitable way to fight freckles for yourself, you not only get rid of unwanted "sun spots", but also return the skin elasticity, smoothness and youth. We advise you to read: