castor oil for eyebrows Another five to ten years ago, thin, threadedplucked eyebrows were a squeak of fashion. Moreover, on the world's catwalks, now and then flashed models with strongly flashed or completely removed eyebrows. Now the situation has changed dramatically: in fashion, natural, thick eyebrows, like Natalia Vodyanova and Megan Fox. But how to achieve such beauty if you have thin, rare eyebrows by nature, and the hairs constantly break down and fall out? It is in such situations that you will be helped by a wonderful remedy - castor oil for eyebrows. It makes the skin under the eyebrows softer and prevents its peeling, and the hair itself makes it shiny, thick and promotes a significant acceleration of their growth. And most importantly, this oil is absolutely inexpensive and is available to absolutely any girl and woman who wants to have beautiful, thick brows.

Castor oil: what's the secret?

Most of us have castor oil (or castor oil)oil) is still associated with a powerful laxative, to which it is very cautious to resort. Nevertheless, the spectrum of application of this remedy is very wide: it is used in the production of industrial products (synthetic resins, paints, nylon, brake fluid), in the food industry (additives and flavors) and, of course, in perfumery - for making soaps and oils for hair. Castor oil is obtained from a special plant - castor oil, which is popularly called the "palm of the hand", and it is of two types. The first is a pale yellow liquid with a specific odor, produced in India, Brazil and China. The second is black castor oil, and it is made in Jamaica. For a very long time, a natural property of castor oil has been observed to promote accelerated hair growth, restoration of root bulbs. The fact that in castor oil ordinary contains a large amount of ricinoleic acid, which when applied to the skin penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis, strengthening the roots of the hair and provoking their accelerated growth. The United States, one of the main importers of castor oil, has used this tool for many years to manufacture oils for strengthening hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. In our country, hair care products based on this wonderful product are equally popular. However, at home, you can make several masks with castor oil, which will help improve the structure of the hairs and prevent their loss. useful castor oil for eyebrows

Masks and compresses of castor oil for eyebrows

Make such a mask is not difficult. The main thing - a little effort and desire. With regular use, castor oil creates real miracles: in a month your eyebrows will become more dense and well-groomed. We present you the most popular recipes for masks with the use of castor oil, which can be prepared at home. Compress of castor oil This compress is usually done at bedtime. First of all, you need to thoroughly clean eyebrows and skin around them with a cotton swab dipped in baby shampoo (so as not to pinch your eyes if you hit). Saturate the cotton strips with slightly warmed castor oil and apply them to the eyebrows. Lie in this position for five to ten minutes. After that, remove the cotton strips and go to bed, without washing the oil off your eyebrows. In the morning, wash thoroughly and wipe your eyebrows at first warm, then with cool water. Attention! Be careful and make sure that the castor oil does not get into your eyes! Seeds of castor oil contain poisonous substances that will seriously damage your eyesight and cause a rash on the skin around the eyes. Therefore, be extremely careful and do not rub your eyes and eyes in the evening and in the morning in order to avoid getting oil on the mucous membrane. Mask for eyebrows made of castor oil and rum To prepare this mask you will need: rum - one tablespoon, castor oil - one tablespoon. Mix the ingredients and heat the resulting mixture in a water bath to about forty degrees. Put the mask on the cotton strips and attach them to the eyebrows, wrapping around the forehead with a towel. It lasts for about fifteen to twenty minutes. With regular use of this rum mixture your eyebrows will become well-groomed and shiny. Only a month later, new hairs will appear, and the color of the eyebrows will darken to roughly the same tone. This is especially true for girls with light eyebrows. Mask made of licorice powder and castor oil This recipe is extremely popular in India, there almost every girl regularly uses this mask to strengthen hair and eyebrows. For cooking, we need the following ingredients: licorice powder (sold in pharmacies and health stores), sesame oil and castor oil. All mixed in equal proportions and heated in a water bath to room temperature. To apply on the eyebrows you will need a soft toothbrush. Dip the brush into the resulting mass and gently rub the contents into the roots of the eyebrows. Leave for two or three hours and rinse with warm water. Eyebrows after that grow thick, hairs thicken and cease to fall out. Still our grandmothers used "castor oil" to strengthen their hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. Maybe that's why in old photos we often see women with magnificent hair and eyebrows? Is not it time for us to adopt old national recipes and become more beautiful and attractive with the help of an undeservedly forgotten agent - castor oil? We advise you to read: