cacao butter Cocoa butter is known to everyone as one of theingredients so beloved to us plate chocolate, because it is cocoa beans that give the same bitter taste. But this is not its only advantage, this oil is widely used in cosmetology, and is also used for home skin care. The process of obtaining cocoa butter is much more complicated and longer than in the case of other oils. Seeds harvested from cocoa tree fruits are fermented or otherwise fermented, so they acquire a rich brown color and the same flavor of chocolate. After that, all the seeds are cleaned, crushed and heat treated, resulting in a cake of cocoa, which is again ground to grated cocoa. Well, and from the last by means of pressing, oil itself is extracted. In cosmetology, cocoa butter is used, which has passed qualitative cleaning and does not contain harmful chemical impurities. This oil remains solid even at 25-27 ° C and easily breaks into parts. It starts to melt at a temperature of 32-35 ° C, which is very convenient, because the temperature of our skin is about 36 ° C, which means that when it comes into contact with it, the oil will immediately begin to melt. In its composition, cocoa butter contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids (oleic, lauric, linoleic, stearic, palmitic and arachine), which play an extremely important role in the process of skin activity: they moisturize, slow down aging and nourish cells. cocoa butter in cosmetology

The effect of cocoa butter on the skin

Cocoa butter has really valuableproperties that are necessary for dry skin, as well as skin prone to peeling and early aging. It perfectly rejuvenates and moisturizes and nourishes the cells, filling them with energy and returning the skin a healthy radiance, elasticity and elasticity. For normal cocoa skin, oil will also be helpful. It will help to soften and maintain the tone of the skin, which will certainly become even more tender and smooth. In addition, this oil has a smoothing property that is simply necessary to get rid of wrinkles. Especially important is the use of cocoa butter in the winter, because the cold and wind dry and injure the delicate skin of the face and lips. Thanks to the properties of oil, the process of repairing damaged cells is accelerated. In the summer, this oil will be a great helper for lovers of good sun tanning, and also help in healing of small scars or traces of acne. Another great property that cocoa butter possesses is protection from toxins and other harmful substances that penetrate the skin cells. This is especially critical for people living in large cities. It is worth noting that this oil is perfect for the care of sensitive skin and the skin around the eyes, because it penetrates deeply into the skin, absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy marks and shine. The use of this oil gives a chic result, and most importantly it does not cause inconvenience and trouble.

Using cocoa butter at home

It is not necessary to apply to beauty salons toget quality facial treatment. Today, the market offers many cosmetics for the skin based on cocoa butter. However, you can use it and as a separate cosmetic product at home. Cocoa butter is perfect for a normal nutritious cream for dry and weakened skin, as well as for signs of aging and wrinkles. A small piece of this oil applied to the cleansed face is enough. For ease of application, oil should be held in hands, so that it melts or is applied as a mask with a thick layer, without melting. It is most convenient to perform such a procedure before going to bed, because it is at night that the skin absorbs useful substances better. If you are the owner of very dry and sensitive skin, then oil is quite suitable as an alternative to day cream. Just do not forget to get your face wet with a napkin before applying makeup. For the skin around the eyes, you can also use pure cocoa butter, it will not lead to swelling and redness. If you feel that after the application there is a feeling of oily film on the eyelids, you can use the oil in a mixture with other oils (rose, almond, peach or sesame) in the proportions of 1: 2 or 1: 3. It is also a great tool for strengthening the eyelashes and eyebrows, and treating cracks in the lips. cocoa butter

Hair care with oil

As you can see, cocoa butter in cosmetology playsa very important role, but this is not the only area of ​​its application. It is not only an excellent face cream, but also a good remedy to restore and accelerate hair growth, because it contains a lot of trace elements and fats that can quickly return hair to their strength and shine, as well as give extra volume and elasticity. Cocoa butter for hair can be used as for scalp massage, and as masks. It can be combined with other oils, kefir, egg yolk, etc. There are a lot of options for making such a mask, and each of them is good in its own way. Apply the mixture to the roots with light rubbing movements, then evenly distributed along the entire length to the very ends of the hair and covered with polyethylene or a special cap for one hour. For best effect, you can wrap your head with a towel in several layers, so that the oil is absorbed better by the heat. The mask is washed off with warm (not hot!) Water. It is enough to perform this procedure 2-3 times a week to notice a significant improvement in hair quality. All in your hands, it remains only to remember that in any case the main regularity and constancy, only then the results will please you! We advise you to read: