how to remove stretch marks on chest Finding ways to remove stretch marks from problematiczones, in particular, from the breast is one of the most acute problems that worry almost every woman. Millions of women around the world are wondering how to remove stretch marks on their breasts, agreeing to the most original experiments and relying on the numerous experiences of their friends, co-workers, neighbors, fleeting acquaintances on forums and blogs. Proceeding from the numerous information presented in printed and virtual literature, the conclusion suggests that stretchings, called stria in medicine, are much easier to prevent, than later to devote a lot of financial resources and time to solving this problem. However, specialists do not completely deny the possibility of striae removal by home methods and salon procedures. Especially when it comes to comparatively fresh formations - no older than six months, this is the period of "ripening" of persistent scars.

What are stretch marks

Strei formed as a result of atrophicchanges in the skin, when the place of collagen fibers is occupied by connective tissue, first filled with blood capillaries, which causes pinkish or reddish color of fresh stretch marks. After some time, the vessels gradually disappear, completely atrophying into the cells of connective tissue, as evidenced by the white color of the old striae. Since nutrition in the absence of blood circulation in places with stretch marks becomes insufficient, then persistent scars are formed, which are difficult to eliminate.

Reasons for stretch marks

The cause of stretch marks, regardless of their locationlocalization, one - excessive stretching of the skin against a weakened elasticity and low muscle tone. There are similar phenomena with sudden fluctuations in weight (fast weight gain or weight loss), pregnancy, lactation, hormonal disorders and diseases of the endocrine system. Increasing in the volume of the mammary glands during pregnancy in the absence of proper preventive measures inevitably lead to the stretching of the skin, which often leads to postnatal stretches on the breast surface. But striae on the chest are not only the problem of young mothers, they often appear on young skin during the reorganization of the body at the adolescent stage, remaining unchanged in adulthood. how to remove stretch marks on your chest yourself

Home Remedies

Self-removal of stretch marks from the chestit is advisable to start at the first signs, since fresh strains can be disposed of at home. For persistent stretch marks, the effectiveness of home procedures is significantly reduced, at best, it will be possible to improve the skin due to discoloration and equalization of scars, most often it is necessary to remove two or more yearly stretch marks in a plastic surgery clinic or beauty salon. As a rule, the home treatment program is comprehensive and includes several obligatory measures for performing the activities - water procedures, massage, cosmetics and even changing the diet and diet. Water procedures Water plays an important role in solving the problem of stretch marks. Skin during water procedures receives the necessary moisture for normal functioning, microelements, conditions for cell regeneration and full blood circulation are created. Benefits also bring contrast shower, and pouring, and baths with aromatic oils, herbal extracts and sea salt. Contrast shower, combined with manual massage of each breast (excluding nipples), helps strengthen the vessels, increase the tone of the pectoral muscles and skin, the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. The effect of lifting - tightening the skin - creates rubbing the breast with ice slices or frozen herbal decoctions. You can also wipe the breast - first with a damp towel, then dry, with a slightly warm cloth. Massage A breast massage is performed at home, preferably in combination with water procedures or the use of suitable aromatic or vegetable oils. There are two main types of massage for the chest - manual and Taoist massage, differing from each other by the technique of execution. Manual consists in carrying out circular stroking, oscillating movements from the nipple to the shoulder joint, with one hand holding the chest and the other doing a massage. Taoist massage consists of rotational movements around each breast, from the outer contour to the center, and light pressure on the mammary glands. Experts advise to apply for a quality massage to professionals in order to avoid negative effects and maximum result from the procedure. Any kind of breast massage should be done avoiding intense, rough, violent movements, giving preference to stroking and slight rubbing. Cosmetic procedures and products Recommended home peeling coffee and honey mixtures, clay and algal wraps, rubbing into the skin of vegetable oils (olive, almond, linseed). Also, do not neglect masks with aromatic ingredients (frankincense, ginger, rosemary), aimed at improving the nutrition of skin tissues, metabolism and the synthesis of collagen cells in them. Prepare compositions for wraps and masks can be at home, using natural products - milk, sour cream, honey, cream, olive oil, cottage cheese, eggs and other ingredients. Ready-made cosmetics (creams, gels, lotions, masks) are preferable to take with the content of vitamins A and E, amino acids, lactic and hyaluronic acid, vegetable oils (coconut, avocado, wheat germ oil), protein hydrolysates and other components that promote the synthesis of collagen fibers . Any procedures with cosmetic products are made with light and easy movements, avoiding stretching the skin of the breast, which can result in a worsening of the situation. Physical exercises Of the huge number of physical exercises for the treatment of stretch marks, swimming, developing the pectoral muscles and, as a consequence, leading to the elasticity and elasticity of the skin of the breast, is the most helpful. You can also practice home gymnastics to strengthen the tone of the chest and lumbar muscles, since the correct posture is the key to an elastic breast without stretch marks. In particular, the following complex of exercises for the breast is recommended:

  • Stand facing the wall, rest your hands on it and make at least 10 jerks in the wall.
  • Stand with your back to the wall, palms stretched alongbodies of hands to press to the hips, try to connect the shoulder blades, maximally straightening the shoulders. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Repeat at least 10 times.
  • Sitting in Turkish, raise your hands, bent in the palms of your hands, join hands and squeeze them with effort for 10 seconds. Repeat 8-10 times.
  • Standing with your back against the wall, make at least 100 times the movements, imitating the style of swimming breaststroke.
  • Proper nutrition Choosing a program to removestretch marks, it is necessary to pay attention to the diet, which should be based on protein components, foods with a high content of vitamins A and E - vegetable oils, nuts, seafood, fruits. Carbohydrates and flour products should be limited to a minimum. Also, we will have to give up fatty and sweet dishes, semi-finished products and products with a high content of dyes, preservatives, and limit the consumption of coffee and alcoholic beverages. how to remove stretch marks on the chest in the cabin

    Salon and surgical methods of elimination

    Healed strias, numbering more than one yearlife, are practically not amenable to independent removal. In such cases it is better to trust qualified specialists of beauty salons or plastic surgery clinics who will help to find the best solution to the problem of how to remove stretch marks on the chest. As a rule, they can offer several options for treating stretch marks, depending on the severity of the striae, the general condition of the body, the financial capabilities and preferences of the client. Wraps The method is effective for fresh stretch marks, based on the effects of mixtures with seaweed, cosmetic clay or aromatic oils. Therapeutic compounds are applied to the skin of the chest with stretch marks, the top is covered with a thermo-blanket and is aged for 30-60 minutes. The course consists of 5-12 procedures depending on the scale of the damaged skin area. Chemical peeling During the procedure, the stria damaged skin area is treated with special compositions containing acids - trichloroacetic, phenolic, alpha-hydroxyl. Molecules of acids, deeply penetrating the epidermis, contribute to deep exfoliation and acceleration of cell regeneration. A session under general anesthesia is conducted, as it is accompanied by strong painful sensations. Contraindicated is a kind of peeling with heart and vascular diseases, allergic reaction and some chronic ailments. The side effects of the procedure are a certain proportion of the toxicity of the active substances and the possibility of scar formation. Microdermabrasion As a variant of peeling, this procedure is based on polishing the surface of the skin with a composition with microparticles of a soft abrasive substance. Since the method refers to the superficial exfoliation of the skin, the effect from it should be expected only with fresh stretch marks, from which there is no trace after a correctly conducted session. Laser peeling Cleansing of the skin from the upper keratinous layer of the skin along with striae with the help of a laser is distinguished by many advantages, including painlessness, rapidity, sterility and absence of complications with exact observance of all the doctor's recommendations during the rehabilitation period. Some experts do not recommend using laser peeling to treat stretch marks on the chest. Mesotherapy Problematic areas are cured with the introduction of special mixtures consisting of vitamin and mineral complexes, extracts from medicinal plants, nutrients of protein nature. As a result, the metabolism increases, which promotes complete (for fresh stretch marks) or partial (for persistent strains) resorption of scars. In total, no less than 6-10 procedures are performed at intervals of a week. Having achieved a certain result after home or salon procedures, it is recommended to follow a number of preventive measures to prevent the formation of new stretch marks - to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, regular cosmetic caring activities. This will allow for a long time to keep the skin of the breast smooth, elastic and attractive. We advise you to read: