how to get rid of food moths For sure, every housewifeproblem, as a food moth, which usually appears in the kitchen and causes considerable harm to food. How to get rid of food moths and prevent its further appearance in the apartment? Today we will talk about this. But first let's understand, because of what in the house there is this pest.

Why does a food moth appear?

First of all it is necessary to say that the placeThe habitat of such moths is a kitchen: here, of course, it is the most comfortable for her. Most often, its "nests" are found here. However, even if you get rid of moths and have eliminated the "nest", it may very soon turn out that the problem has not been solved - the mole appears in the same quantity, or it has become even larger. If you threw out an object or product that is hit by a moth, that does not mean that it is not in other places. Getting rid of moles is a process that can drag on for a long time. It is very important to know where it should be sought. In the kitchen, the moth most often lives in legumes or cereals, in baby food, as well as in muesli and cereal. Dry herbs, coffee, cocoa and teas are an ideal habitat for food moths. Why here? As a rule, all the products listed above are stored in sachets or cans, which will not be difficult to penetrate into for kitchen moths. She feels warm and comfortable there, she feels completely safe. And it's not a fact that the moth appeared on its own in the apartment - it is quite possible that you brought it directly from the store, where the larvae of moths could stay in bags or jars for a long time with their favorite "delicacies." This insect will like products that are stored in cabinets for a long period or whose shelf life has long expired. Please note that the products spoil directly the larvae of moths - an adult pest consumes only water. Because if you put an open source of water in your kitchen, then the entire adult mole will rather gather there, and not in products. However, how can a moth appear in a bag of flour or cereal if your house is kept in perfect purity? As we have already said, you can easily bring a package with a moth from the market or from a store - it can be in sweets or loose products. An adult mole can easily get out of the package and start spoiling other products. The kitchen moth, despite its name, does not necessarily feed on food - it can also affect clothing. Your main task is to stop its reproduction in time so that you do not have to get rid of the pest all over the apartment. And to act in this case it is necessary in a complex. How to do it, we'll tell you later. how to get rid of moths in the kitchen

What is harmful food mol?

Before you tell how to get rid of foodwe thought it important to inform you what exactly it is harmful and what damage it can cause if it settles in your apartment. The kitchen moth is harmful primarily because it spoils all food. By themselves, moths moths do not cause significant harm to things or products. From the eggs laid by the female, larvae appear with time; they are the main pests. And the problem is not only that they eat cereals, nuts, sugar and the like. They are also left in the dry products that we store for the preparation of cereals, drinks, bakery and so on, traces of their vital activity: feces, husks or skins discarded during the degeneration of the larva into a moth; corpses of larvae or adult moths; eggs laid by these pests. And if the traces of the stay of moths are in the package with any product, then you have to throw out all the packaging, and this is financial damage, you must agree! Subsequently, the larvae become harmless moths, the main purpose of which is the continuation of the genus. As a rule, male moths are active: they can often be found in an apartment. The male, having fertilized one female, immediately flies away in search of the second. So there are more and more harmful moth larvae.

Prevent the emergence of food moths

Of course, it is easier to prevent the appearance of a housemoth, than to get rid of it later. You need to take care in advance to prevent it from appearing in your kitchen. First of all, remember the main rule: immediately after the purchase, pour the grains, sugar and flour into glass, plastic or metal containers - the probability of getting into them is minimal. But it's better to forget about packing on fasteners or bags. Note that in a transparent container it's easy to see if there is a mole in it, which is not possible with packs or other packages. Try to maintain in the apartment order: daily clean in the kitchen, do not allow to leave on the table crumbs, food leftovers or food without packaging. Immediately after eating, remove everything from the table, leaving the kitchen clean. Mole Food How to Get Rid of

Ways of getting rid of a pest

It's time to talk about what methodsare best suited to get rid of moths in the kitchen. Once you have noticed the products affected by the moth, discard them immediately. The same ones that managed to survive, shift to other, clean containers. All shelves, cabinets and utensils should be thoroughly washed using a soapy solution. Then gently wipe it all with a solution of vinegar, and after cleaning, ventilate the room. Please note that after this cleaning you need to keep an eye on your kitchen for three days in a row. It is important that the larvae do not reappear. Perhaps during the cleaning you did not notice another hearth or did not notice any crevices in the furniture where pests could hide. Of course, in the fight against the food moth, the people's means have shown their effectiveness. One option is garlic. It must be cleaned and, dividing into denticles, put them in a container with cereals. In each package by tooth. Garlic smell very quickly disappears, therefore can not worry, that products will get a sharp aroma. A good alternative to garlic is lavender. Get rid of moths by simply putting a twig of the plant in the kitchen cupboard. You can also place traps throughout the kitchen that will attract the mole with the smell of pheromones. They need to be placed in all kitchen cabinets, many arrange traps throughout the apartment. Now it remains to wait. One larva can live a maximum of sixty days; it will be necessary to wait until the insect turns into an adult and falls into a trap. However, any chemistry is a potential harm to your health, so try to use such techniques rarely, if it really is necessary. To combat the moth, a variety of dried plants, such as sweet clover or geranium, will work well. By the way, you can simply put a geranium in a pot in the kitchen. However, this method can not be used if the family has people with allergies. The plant has a sharp odor, which can trigger a variety of allergic reactions. It is known that the mole is very afraid of cold weather. That is why cold chasing can be an excellent helper in your hard struggle with this pest. If you temporarily remove all containers with bulk products or cereals in the refrigerator, the larvae will "fall asleep." However, this is a controversial way, because with the onset of heat, the larvae will wake up and begin an even more active life. Therefore, we shall repeat, it is better to throw out the infected products in general. Much more difficult is the case with the disposal of moths in the country. It is recommended that every major spring cleaning be carried out every autumn with the approach of autumn - during this period of the year the moth significantly reduces its activity and gets rid of it much easier. In order to prevent infection, leave in the cottage house (in the dining room or in the kitchen) a couple of branches of the clover - it will become an excellent prevention of the appearance of the pest, and when you return to the dacha in the spring, you will not see moths on it. Concluding our story about how to get rid of food moths, it is worth mentioning about various preparations and tablets against moths, which are now sold everywhere. It is important to know that such products are suitable only for indoor moths, but not for kitchen or food - using these products in the kitchen, you can get poisoned. Use effective folk remedies, watch for cleanliness in the kitchen, do not forget about the prevention, and then the mothballs in your kitchen do not threaten!