how to get rid of corns In the summer, you have to take care of your feetmore attention, since open shoes do not hide problems with stops. Clearly, the usual care for your feet - it's not difficult. But if there are corns and calluses, then special care is needed. Our article is just devoted to how to get rid of calluses-napotypes. To understand how to get rid of burrs, you must first know the nature of their appearance. Hemorrhages are, perhaps, the most common problem of feet. Outwardly they resemble coarsened skin areas, which do not have clear outlines. The natypes are sometimes quite painful and can remain on their feet for several years. Basically, the reason for the appearance of corns is tight, uncomfortable shoes. Also, the burrs can appear from the fact that the load on the feet is distributed unevenly, which usually happens when wearing high-heeled shoes. Chronic napotypes are almost always evidence of the development of flat feet, so it will not be superfluous to visit an orthopedist who will advise orthopedic insoles. The corns, in contrast to corns, do not affect the deep layers of the skin, which makes it quite easy to cope with them. Corns, in turn, are skin tightens, always painful, appearing on the toes and on the heels and having clear rounded borders. Usually corns in diameter reach only a few millimeters. There are calluses wet and dry. In wet calluses, a fluid accumulates that signals that the deeper layers of the skin are damaged, sometimes even the blood appears. Wet calluses are treated in the same way as small wounds and cuts. Over time, wet calluses turn into dry calluses, which have a rod. Dry calluses are much harder to treat, so for these purposes it is best to purchase funds from them in pharmacies. Treatment of corns on the feet, as well as corns, can be carried out in a salon or clinic, where liquid nitrogen, a laser beam and some kind of drill are used for this purpose. But these funds from the corns and calluses must be used only in chronic forms of these ailments. In other cases, it is possible to get rid of these problems at home, which will be much cheaper, both financially and in terms of time. So, you know the essence of calluses and corns now. Let's look at how to get rid of cornflakes on your feet, because this is the issue our article is devoted to.

Pharmacy products

treatment of corns on the legsThere are pharmacies in any locality - be ita huge metropolis or a small village. Therefore, it is not necessary to think about how to get rid of puffins for a long time - just go to the nearest pharmacy. In the pharmacy you can always pick up some remedy for the burrs. What means most effectively copes with its task, you can tell the pharmacist himself. But, nevertheless, you will not be hindered from having an idea of ​​what should be contained in the preparation from the corns. Such knowledge will speed up the process of selecting the appropriate means for you. The main component that is part of the medicinal remedies from the corns is salicylic acid. Cream or ointment from corns should contain 10% of salicylic acid in combination with other components, which include: vegetable oils (corn, flaxseed or vegetable), castor oil, glycerin and benzoic acid. When treating on the feet, it should be taken into account that the treating agent should not come into contact with healthy skin. Therefore, first the natypes are steamed in an antibacterial tray, then a patch is applied to it, in which a small hole is made to the size of the cornfield. That is, in the end it should turn out so that the natto-pestle is completely open, and the skin around it is pasted with adhesive tape. After that, the medicine is applied to the natto-ptum and it is sealed on top with a plaster for 6-8 hours. Then the trampled scrape off the foot scrub, pumice stone or brush. You can just buy in the pharmacy some vegetable oil in its pure form, preferably the first pressing, without flavoring and unrefined. Then with the oil you have to soak cotton socks and put them on for the night, wrapped on top with polyethylene and putting on top of it another pair of socks, only not soaked in oil. In the morning, the compress is removed, the feet are washed in warm water with mild soap, and the scurfs are scraped off with a brush or pumice stone. It is also possible to get rid of foot patches with compresses using glycerine and castor oil in equal parts.

We get rid of the trampled folk remedies

Equally effective are folk remediescorns. There are a huge number of recipes, according to which you can quickly get rid of the burrs. The most well-known method of combating the bugs is soap-soda baths. They are made as follows: 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of crushed laundry soap are added to 1 liter of warm water. Keep the feet in such a bath should be from 30 to 40 minutes, after which the tramps are scraped off, the feet are rinsed with clean water, wiped dry and then the nourishing cream is applied. If the trampled feet are painful, then you can make a foot bath of corns with salt and potassium permanganate. Salts need very little, and the potassium permanganate is so much that the water was not too rich pink. Steps to keep in such a bath should be 5-20 minutes, and after taking the foot do not wipe, and let them dry. Pain from the corns after taking the bath passes very quickly. In addition, cold foot baths from corns are very effective, which are prepared from 1 tablespoon of table salt and 1 liter of water and last 20-30 minutes. Such baths not only relieve painful sensations, but also remarkably soften the horny skin areas. Another good kind of bath is a bath with hydrogen peroxide, which is easy to buy at the pharmacy. The bath is diluted so: for 1 liter of warm water should be put 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and hold in the solution of the feet for half an hour, then remove the puffed with pumice. If you have sour milk, then it can also be used in the fight against natypes. So, before going to sleep in hot serum from sour milk for half an hour, feet fall, and then lubricate them with a mixture of castor oil and glycerin in equal parts. Also among the folk remedies from papillas are squeezed out packs of lemon crust, aloe leaf, onion, tomato puree, boiled oat straw or bread crumb. The selected ingredient is applied to the natypes, then the parts of the foot with the foot are wrapped in polyethylene, and socks are put on top. In the morning, the feet are rinsed with warm water, and the softened napotensis is scraped off with pumice stone. To do such compresses should be at night every day until the disappearance of the corns. Here are a few more ways to treat oncorrhages folk remedies:

  • Egg ointment. Mixed raw egg, 1 tbsp. l. vegetable oil and 1 tbsp. l. 70% vinegar, the resulting mixture is put overnight in the refrigerator. The next day in the evening, the feet should be steamed for 15 minutes, then the ointment is applied, over which the napkin lies and wear socks. Leave the ointment on all night, and in the morning, rinse your feet without scraping the burrs. For 5 days of daily use of the ointment, the stomatitis disappears.
  • In the milk, boil the prunes and take them outbones. In a hot form prunes should be applied to the natypes, and as the prunes cool, it should be replaced hot. The procedure is repeated for half an hour.
  • Potato lotion. Wipe raw potatoes, grate them on a small grater and, folding them in cheesecloth, it should be bandaged to the natypes for the night. Next morning the lotion should be removed and the feet rinsed.
  • Treatment of corpses with folk remedies will bemore effective and quick, if you combine several national recipes. So, before going to bed, you can make a bath, and put on ointment or lotion for the night. So you know how to get rid of the bungling at home by the means at your fingertips. Now you can consider and cosmetic means for softening the corns.

    Cosmetic products from coriander

    botanical remedy To find an effective remedy for yourselfnapotypes often have to go through a whole bunch of different creams. Let's look at some brands of cosmetics. So, how quickly to get rid of natoptyshes, if people's prescriptions do not inspire confidence in you, and you do not like chemist's funds? You just need to choose the right product in the cosmetic shop. Among the most well-known cosmetic brands that offer various creams from hips on the legs are the Faberlic and Avon brands. The first brand offers you a cream for the feet "K-9", which fights with natoptys and calluses. In the composition of this cream are components such as lactic and salicylic acid. And the second brand offers a cream from calluses and footprints «Foot Works», which includes rice bran oil, glycolic acid, vitamin E and aloe juice. In addition, the "Treasures of the Dead Sea" cream of the same brand also helps a lot. Also, a good cream from the footsteps on the feet is offered by the company "LUCHIKS", which is called "Mozol-Spas". This cream perfectly helps as a preventive agent, but not as a primary remedy for the removal of corns. The cream softens and moistens the problem areas of the feet well, which prevents the appearance of calluses and corns. For heavily corrupted nattoids, exfoliating paste "GEHWOL Schalpaste", which belongs to the category of professional cosmetic products, is perfect. When choosing the means for softening the corns, you should pay attention to the gel "Self perfection" of the company "Sally Hansen". The gel contains extracts of seaweed, aloe, orchid flowers. Also a good way to deal with this stamp's hives is a quick-acting remedy for getting rid of hardened calluses and corns "Thick callus remover" with tea tree oil and corn oil and vitamins A, E, D. Crème Pieds Callosites "Neutrogena" perfectly softens natoptysha and calluses, has an exfoliating effect. The cream leaves the skin of the foot tender and soft for 12-14 hours. The use of this cream regularly not only contributes to the disappearance of existing tufts, but also does not allow the appearance of new ones. If you need to urgently get rid of corns, you can choose a remover calluses and calluses "Callus Away", the use of which will literally within 5 minutes to cope with not too keratinous skin areas. To do this, you just need to apply the remedy to the problem areas, and after five minutes remove the cornscrew attached to the medium with a file. Cream "MOSOLSASP" effectively fights dry calluses and natypeshes and perfectly moisturizes the skin of the feet. With regular use of the cream to remove the corns and callosities "Muzzolspas", the foot skin will not be exposed to these problems. To remove the keratinized skin area, you should apply the cream on it, seal it with adhesive tape, and remove the pomice with pumice after a day. No less effective remedy for hives is the cream "Scholl", which contains lactic acid and urea, which not only promote soft peeling of problem areas, but also perfectly moisturize the feet. So we examined a lot of ways how to quickly get rid of natoptysha or calluses, and which one to choose - decide for yourself. But do not forget that, no matter how your girlfriends praised those or other creams or ointments from corns, it is not necessarily that they will be able to help you. It will be best to visit the pedicure salon and consult with specialists who will be able to adequately assess the condition of the skin of your feet and advise which tool you best choose. We advise you to read: