spa manicure Manicure is not only a daily procedureThe care of nails or their decoration before any solemn event. In the modern beauty salon you can be offered a wide variety of hand care programs, including the very popular recently spa manicure. About what this procedure represents, and about all varieties of SPA-care, we will tell in this article.

What is SPA - manicure

First, let's look at the terminology. The word "SPA" is a Latin abbreviation, which can be translated as "health by means of water". In addition to the fact that during this procedure you will be put in order nails, SPA-care involves a complete relaxation. So SPA manicure is not just a manicure per se, but also a relaxing hand massage to the elbow, special care products, essential oils, lotions, masks and creams. The goal is quality care and creation of such a relaxing atmosphere, in which the client feels himself as comfortable as possible. I must say that SPA manicure is many-sided. There are no absolutely clear rules. Each salon that claims to have such a service offers its program. The main principle is relaxation and comfort for the client. A simplified version of the SPA can be called a hot manicure. It is recommended to use it if you have dry skin, and the nails break and break. For therapeutic purposes, this procedure is carried out once a week. For hot manicure requires a special nourishing lotion. It can include vitamins (primarily E and A), which promote the growth and strengthening of nails, substances that positively affect the skin of the hands (lanolin, nut or coconut oil). In addition, ideally, you need to have a special device for warming up the lotion. The procedure itself takes quite a long time, but this applies to all varieties of spa manicure. The nails are lowered into the heated lotion for several minutes after the remnants of the old varnish are removed and the filing of their surface is carried out. Then, from the fingertips, the lotion should be spread all over the arm to the elbow and rubbed into the skin, simultaneously with a massage of the hands. The next step is the processing of the cuticle, which by this time was softened by the action of the lotion. At the end of the procedure, the hands should be wiped with a damp cold towel to stimulate blood circulation. Remains of moisture and lotion, which could remain on the nails, are cleaned with a degreasing swab. Finally, if necessary, you can apply a firming or colored lacquer. useful spa manicure

Technique of SPA - manicure

When performing a full-fledged SPA manicureinvolves more special care products for nails and hands. The procedure starts with a warm oil bath. The skin of hands literally comes to life after such a font for hands consisting of warm oil. Then special lotions are used to strengthen and nourish not only the skin, but also the nail plate. Another effective component is the paraffin mask for the hands, after which the skin becomes tender as silk. In addition to all the above manipulations with SPA manicure, not only ordinary, sea or mineral water, but also therapeutic muds, as well as various masks and wraps with essential oils, are used as therapeutic agents. They all contain ingredients that strengthen thin and brittle nails, and also have high antibacterial and antifungal properties. One of the newest trends is the use of various food products as wrapping materials. It is believed that they have a very strong biological effect. Although this may seem unusual, many masks include chocolate, salt, tea, sugar or honey - foods containing a large supply of nutrients. Cuticle treatment in SPA manicure also has its own peculiarities. It is not cut off, but is removed with the help of a special formulation that practically dissolves it. This excludes any damage, respectively, there is no threat of infection. Moreover, regular nail care in the style of the spa leads to the fact that the cuticle is thinned and does not require for processing such a time expenditure as at the initial stage. Spa manicure is not just an ideal hand care, it is a real relaxation that allows you to restore both strength and peace of mind. We advise you to read: