year after the wedding So, the honeymoon flew unnoticed, youreturned rested and full of hope for a happy continuation of joint existence already as legal spouses. At first everything seems wonderful, but over time you suddenly start to notice that the habits of your husband are annoying, and he himself expresses his love for you with much less fervor than before the wedding. What's happening? Feelings gradually cool down? Or were there none at all? Calm down, it's just time to take a sober look at the relationship, leave the tale and start building a family in reality, with all its difficulties and problems. And in this there is nothing terrible, because it depends on you, whether the prose of your life will become boring and gray, or, conversely, blossom with all the colors of a truly successful and happy marriage. And even if the first year of marriage is left behind, which is often the most difficult, it does not mean that everything will go on smoothly. But many young spouses believe that in such a short period of time they managed to get to know each other so much that they have now learned to understand from a half-word and are able to smooth out "acute angles" in the relationship. However, without the experience of family life, it is impossible to foresee all the joys and disappointments, ups and downs. It would seem that you already knew each other well enough, you can relax and enjoy life. That is why, soothing with the recognition effect, many young couples may simply not notice the pitfalls encountered in families at the beginning of their life together. No wonder the psychologists consider the first year of marriage one of the most crisis. the first year after the wedding

Pitfalls of life

Unfortunately, not everyone is destined to meetdestined to them fate half, with whom you can live happily to a very old age. Walking under the crown, each of us is sure: "This is it!"; However, a year or two later many begin to doubt this. In most cases, young couples are disappointed in their life partner. Until recently, he was attentive and gentle, generous and understanding, and now he does not notice your suffering, does not see that the apartment has long needed repair and even does not remember the date of the first anniversary of the wedding. Coming from work, quickly swallows dinner and the whole evening lies in front of the TV. You do not get tired of lamenting: where did the love and romance that were before have gone? Life in family relations somewhat lands feelings. The most difficult thing now is to catch the temperament and the spirit of the partner in time. Do not freak out if your desires do not match: he wants to lie in front of the TV, and you - just fool around or go to visit. Learn to adjust the mood of your half, even if for this you have to give up some of your habits. The year after the wedding is a difficult period of cohabitation already on legal rights, during which the relations of young spouses undergo a serious test for strength. And life - it's very difficult, because he ruined more than one love boat. There is no single recipe that would help avoid clogging and conflicts. But there is a rule that can minimize their damage to the young family: do not rush to conclusions, and when making decisions, carefully consider them. Even if you lived together for a while before the wedding and did not quarrel, this is not an excuse to say that misunderstandings will be avoided in the future. After all, before registering a marriage, you and your future husband had a feeling of euphoria from the fullness of feelings, from the desire to be constantly together, often even just touching each other. And, importantly, ahead of you was a holiday called "Wedding". But everyone knows that young girls in their desire to quickly find the status of a married woman show miracles of generosity and either just turn a blind eye to many of the shortcomings of the chosen one or inexplicably do not notice them. But after the wedding ceremony, they immediately drop "pink glasses", and reality is sometimes unpleasantly surprising. But do not be in a hurry to be disappointed if your spouse leaves your things wherever you are, and then gets you questions about where his socks and stuff are. This is not the most terrible sin in family relations, especially as you can correct the situation and, so to speak, correct the education received by your husband. Do not expect that your spouse, who before you may have lived alone, will instantly change his habits. It is very difficult to do this, especially under constant pressure. Therefore, have patience and all the comments sound gently and calmly. Although in general, psychologists advise you to remove scattered clothes not to those who are guilty of this, but to those to whom it interferes. There's a paradox! Of course, always add and hang sloppy things thrown by her husband - this is an extremely tedious business, but you can and do not admit exactly where you put them. For sure, after several unsuccessful attempts to find some toilet item your spouse, if he has common sense, will refuse help with the words: "Let, my dear, I will put my things to myself!". And then you can celebrate one of the first "bloodless" victories in the war for order. But do not forget that you yourself will have to make concessions, because the husband quite rightly can ask: "And where is my dinner?". Dwelling on the shortcomings of the second half and not noticing your own, you are unlikely to be able to build a solid foundation, in which the joint life will develop successfully. Very cautious should be and with formulations like: "If you are my husband, then I must ...". You can not speak so categorically, because love and marriage are not so much a set of rules and responsibilities as a mutual desire to do something for each other, and voluntarily. Therefore, it is better to build your requests differently: "I would like you to ..." or "I would be happy if you ...". Such wording sounds softer and allows a man to remain the master of the situation, because in this case he does not indicate a grumpy wife, and humanly asks for a beloved woman. 1 year after the wedding

Feelings, where are you?

Often a young wife in the first years of marriagebegins to feel a lack of attention from her husband. He prefers to watch TV, and not, as before, go with her for an evening walk or in a cafe. The woman is perplexed, pestering with questions, offended. But in this situation there is really nothing complicated or incomprehensible. At the beginning of the relationship, you and your husband constantly wanted to feel each other nearby, and with the onset of family life, there is a desire to be alone with yourself. Do not think that your husband has fallen out of love with you or stopped cherishing your relationship. The thing is that men and women differently perceive feelings. Girls are very emotional, and young people, on the contrary, are prone to rationalism. Therefore, wives, to feel loved, we need words, flowers and other signs of attention, and husbands are happy simply because we are around. Although in the beginning of relations and men are not devoid of sentimentality, but then stability becomes much more important for them. Therefore, do not harass your husband with questions or say: "Maybe let's leave, because I do not feel your love?". Do not torment him with questions about what happened. Live on and do not look for reasons to clarify the relationship. Just understand and try to accept the fact that romance in your relationship with each year will be less, it will not disappear altogether if you make certain efforts, but it will be replaced by the notorious habit, and the flashing love will give way to deep love and respect. So do not rush into conclusions; on the contrary, in the first year it is better to simply lie down and wait for the direction in which your life together will continue to flow. It is likely that everything will be arranged by itself, both of you will open new horizons of relations and you will gain common values. And problems, if they really exist, will also manifest themselves. And only after making sure of their reality, you can correctly approach to what to do with them. American psychologists have identified six steps that must be overcome by the feelings of any married couple. Successfully climbing them leads to the fact that the family eventually turns into a single organism, where the husband, wife and their children comfortably and happily coexist. At the first stage, the feelings of partners are experiencing a merger when the question of one: "What do you want to see on TV?" - the other will say: "Same as you". Next comes the next stage - separation. Here it is precisely that it is necessary for the first year after the wedding ceremony that the spouses begin to defend their own interests, thereby arranging a marriage test for strength. It is at this time that the newlyweds discover a difference in their convictions and aspirations. If the marriage passes this test with honor, it becomes the third stage - research. A man and a woman try to understand whether they can be separated from each other and be happy at the same time. In this period, more frequent meetings with friends are possible, holidays that are not held together. After a certain time the couple begins the next stage of the relationship - rapprochement. It is at this stage that common goals and a single way of life are developed. One of the last steps in the relationship is called help. During this period, the spouses have children, show interest in what interests each of them, interact in everyday life. The sixth, final, stage in the formation of the family is cooperation, when the couple is a united team, in addition to common children there is also a common circle of communication and often a common cause. year after marriage

Women's Wisdom

Psychologists, observing the development of relations induring the first years of marital life, determine a number of rules that help to avoid serious conflicts between the newlyweds. And they concern, first of all, women. After all, they are the soul of any family, it depends on them whether the weather in the house is sunny and serene or, conversely, gloomy and unfriendly. Therefore, if you want your house to radiate warmth and you would like to return to it always, adopt the following tips.

  • It is necessary to learn the balance between family andcareer Women are now on an equal footing with men trying to take place in the professional sphere and often sacrificing marriage for the sake of work, and then wonder why their husbands leave for other, though very simple-looking women who do not have special beauty and intelligence.
  • Yes, it is likely that your opponent canbut she bakes pies, she always finds time to pat her shirt and sew the missing buttons, after a day's work, feed a delicious dinner, etc. Of course, your spouse can respect your career achievements, but this will not replace him ordinary female heat and care. Therefore, it is so important already in the first year of marriage to find a "golden mean" between work and family and stick to it in the future.
  • Remember that a good family is not a gift withHeaven relying on a wedding This is a long and laborious work that will require patience, attention and serious efforts from you. Do not think that if you are young, you do not possess the necessary worldly wisdom. It is important to have a great desire to find happiness in your own family, and then you will be able to intuitively pick up that very key that opens for you the cherished door behind which there is a harmonious life together.
  • Any quarrel is not a reason at one strokesplash accumulated for the year grievances and claims First you need to calm down, and only then talk with her husband. Otherwise, you risk simply not reach the construct, and clarifying the relationship will result in a senseless scandal with mutual accusations and grievances. But the problem that caused it will remain unresolved.
  • The first year of marriage is an excellent occasion toas often as possible to tell her husband compliments Do not hesitate to praise your wife with phrases: "You're so smart!", "I really like your discretion", "And you know, you have a very good figure" and so on. Just do not flatter yourself frankly - better notice the positive moments in time and do not skimp on approval.
  • A wife who is always dissatisfied with something,looks sloppy and sad, has every chance to bore her husband already at the very beginning of a joint life. Therefore, do not always look for an excuse to complain or cry, in the hope that the husband will regret you as a child. At first, of course, your tears are touched, but in the future they will simply cause irritation. So it's best to look happy, because then the spouse next to you will feel comfortable.
  • It's no secret that in the first few years of marriagea young married woman attracts the attention of other men And she herself does not mind flirting with someone other than her own husband to make sure that she is still attractive and interesting. In principle, there is nothing terrible in this, but it is important not to cross the line of what is permissible and not afford a serious hobby on the side. After betraying your wife in this way and destroying your young family, you may find yourself completely out of work, because you do not know well who was screwed up with the novel. Perhaps he has more significant shortcomings than your husband, or in general will be a married man.
  • An important factor that allows to successfully startjoint life is respect from your side to the parents of the spouse Having learned tolerance in the first year of marriage and creating harmony in relations with them, you will show how much you cherish the peace and comfort of your husband. The spouse will necessarily appreciate your efforts, which will only add to you in his eyes another plus.
  • Try in everything and always consult your husband,especially if it concerns important decisions affecting the life of the family. Even if you are completely sure of your own right, do not act alone anyway. After all, by doing this, you let your husband understand that his opinion does not matter and you are the "first violin". But with the man you want to see as the head of the family, you can not do this. Otherwise, his self-esteem will drop too much, and you yourself will later express discontent with your husband-rag or henpecked.
  • Jealousy, do not harass the spouse, demonstratingmistrust at every turn Constantly feeling "guilty without guilt", he can go to the adultery to repent already on business. But do not show indifference to where, when and with whom your spouse spends his free time. In this case, the husband may think that you are not particularly concerned about his life, and will want to tickle your nerves. Therefore everything should be in moderation - and trust, and jealousy.
  • Do not take charge of all household chores already in thethe first year of marriage Involve your soul mate in this, but do it gently, as if asking for help, rather than making it a duty. After all, men are knights by their very nature, so it is much more pleasant for them to support a beloved woman than to fulfill the so-called "compulsory program". So, appeal to the nobility of your husband, and not saw: "You must, here you go!".
  • Solve family conflicts only among themselves, notdraw their parents and friends into them. After all, you, after all, make up and forgive each other, but your mother-in-law will have an occasion for displeasure with the son-in-law, as well as with her mother-in-law-with the daughter-in-law. Yes, and friends should not be forced to take either side in your quarrels, because in this case, it is quite possible mutual insults.
  • Believe me, there are no such families that did not happenwould be conflicts and problems, just like there are no such halves, which from the first day of life together would ideally be combined. Do you want your marriage to be happy and lasting? Try not to carp at each other on trifles. After all, in most cases quarrels and conflicts occur over trifles: because of an unclosed tube of paste, not washed in time, utensils and such small things. A year after the wedding, the couple should learn the main thing: there is no need to understand and prove who is right and who is to blame - it is necessary to simply help each other in everything. It is also worth learning how to get along with weaknesses and shortcomings of each other. In the first few years of marriage, the roles of the spouses are distributed: who will have a family cash register, who will be responsible for housekeeping and so on. Learn to overcome all the difficulties together, and not run around trifles to parents, trying to find in their person support during quarrels. With all the problems you can cope on your own, because you have the main weapon of struggle - your love. We advise you to read: