psychology for falling in love with a guy What girl does not dream aboutliked the guy first confessed to love? But it happens so, when the guy does not notice the tender feelings towards him from the girl and does not reciprocate. But, it turns out, it's not worthwhile to sit with folded arms and sighing about sad fate. You just need to take the initiative in your hands. First of all, in order to understand how to fall in love with a guy, you need to understand a little about male psychology.

A little psychology

First, if you are asking this question, it meansat a subconscious level, you already think that to fall in love with a guy is quite realistic. And this is absolutely true! After all, in any case (and in love, in particular) the mood plays a very important role. The main thing here is the belief in yourself and your own strength, plus the knowledge of some tricks. In the end, you will achieve your goal. The most important thing is to understand what a young man who likes you wants. Answering the questions, what is his ideal beloved girl, what features she should have, you will already do half the job. Psychologists have long known the answers to these questions. The results of numerous studies and opinion polls give girls a powerful tool to attract the attention of a man's heart. So, what kind of girl does most men dream about? Firstly, the girl must be feminine. If you are naturally feminine, then you and the cards in hand. Well, if you lack this quality, you will have to work on yourself and form it yourself. Femininity is associated in men with weakness, vulnerability, fragility. Next to such a girl, any man automatically becomes a strong, courageous defender. Needless to say, how much does this masculine self-esteem and raise his self-esteem? The second quality that attracts men to girls is sexuality. Just do not confuse it with vulgarity: these are completely different things, between which many girls put an equal sign. This is a huge and irreparable mistake. Sexuality should be in everything: in clothes, gait, the manner of speaking and behaving. Therefore, if your style of clothing is far from sexual, if you prefer baggy pants and t-shirts two sizes larger, then to attract the attention of a young man it is better to change the image. This applies to the rest: do not allow rudeness in manners, abusive language, etc. The third quality, which men value in a weak field, is wit. And although more and more men say that it is important for them that the girl is intelligent, in this case it is not about the mind, namely about wit - these are somewhat different things. You can show wit in communication with a young man, when you understand him from a half-word, negotiate phrases for him, laugh at his jokes. All this will tell the guy that you are very suited to each other, because there is mutual understanding between you. But do not bend the stick: making phrases for the guy, try not to look like you are constantly interrupting him, and if his jokes really do not appeal to you (for example, they are flat or with a touch of vulgarity), then it is not worth it pretend that you are funny and really like it - do not indulge the guy. And the fourth is lightness. Men like cheerful girls, with whom it is easy, who are always in a good mood. A beautiful, but sullen girl who does not smile and is always dissatisfied with something, is unlikely to be interested in a guy. Therefore, try to always be in a good mood: smile more often, be open to communication. practical advice

How to fall in love with a guy: practical advice

First, let's see what it meansfall in love with a man? It means making him think of himself, dreaming, wanting. In fact, fall in love with a guy can be at least 1 day. For this it is necessary only to try. Let's try to draw up a concrete plan of action to win the guy. All of them will be directed to one thing: to create the best first impression and thus to be remembered for a long time by the young man.

  • Include all of your femininity and sexuality,on which only ways. Just do not forget: no vulgarity, rudeness, etc. Put on a beautiful dress, high heels, make-up, hairstyle, select the appropriate perfume. In this, follow your own style and taste, place and time of the meeting, but remember that your entire image should not be defiant.
  • Let the guy know that he likes you. But it must be done, though confidently, but not intrusively and not too aggressively. It would be appropriate to begin the conversation first, but remain a mystery to him, which he will want to solve. Do not open to him on the first evening. Of course, there can be no question of any intimacy: it will spoil everything. you do not want to earn the reputation of an easily accessible girl in the eyes of a guy? Then keep him in the distance.
  • But you can give a phone number! On the one hand, once again let the guy know that he is interesting to you. On the other hand, make sure that he is interested in you and is waiting for a new meeting. You can write a phone number on a napkin in advance, and when the guy asks you to dictate the number, give him a note. It will pleasantly surprise him.

How correctly to behave with the guy, that he fell in love with you?

It is known that male and female psychology is different. If you know the basics of male psychology and the tactics of correct behavior with a man, you can quickly and permanently become for him the only and unique.

  • Do not rush things.

This is the very first and important rule. Soon you will have tools in your hands that will help you fall in love with a guy, so do everything slowly, in stages and calmly. Do not rush yourself and do not rush things. Otherwise you can get the opposite result.

  • Be an attentive listener.

Often women make the mistake of talkingand forgetting that the man also wants to speak out. In conversations with a young man, try to have more monologue on his part: listen to him carefully, show that you are interested and understand what he is talking about (say yes, nod his head). But remember: if everything is agreed with a man, then it can bore him. If you do not agree with something, state your point of view, justify it. This warms up the interest and respect of the young man.

  • Be cheerful and cheerful.

Everyone, regardless of gender, loves people with lungs andcheerful. Be this: smile, laugh, joke - a young man will not leave such a girl without attention. Of course, all is well in moderation and laughing, too, must be able to place. But here's a kind, open, bright girl who always has a smile on her lips and joy in her eyes, like any guy.

  • Be interested in a young man.

Interested in the guy, what are his hobbies, thanhe is engaged. On the one hand, you will learn more about the person that you like. On the other hand, you will have topics for conversation. People who are keen on something like to talk about their hobbies. Be sure the guy will appreciate your interest in his hobbies and the opportunity to tell you about him. If the young man does not have certain hobbies, just ask him how he spends his free time, what he likes to do. This information will help you in the future: for example, if a guy likes active rest, you can suggest to go out of town or make a bike trip.

  • Let the guy feel like a hero.

We have already said that men love fragileand gentle girls. And such girls, as a rule, very much need the help of a strong guy. Ask the young man for help, show that you need him and without him you will not get by! And do not forget to thank him, because men love compliments no less than girls. In addition, every person in the depths of his soul wants to be necessary and useful. And to be necessary to a tender girl - what can be more beautiful for a man?

  • Show the guy how you fit each other.

Focus on your positive qualities. The simplest and most important thing is to show that you fit the guy as a partner. For example, you love the same thing (no matter what: Asian cuisine, fishing, extreme sports), you have the same hobbies, views on life, etc. And here you will be helped very much by the information that you received about interests of the young man. The more interests, views, etc., you share, the easier it will be for you to fall in love with a guy.

  • Become a friend

Become a good friend for a young man,who is always at hand in a difficult moment, is ready to help, support, listen. Men, after all, also need understanding and empathy no less than girls. If you are afraid that you will remain for a friend friend, do not worry: no guy will want to have a feminine, tender, sexy girl as a friend. But in this matter it is very important not to overdo it: do not become a girl in errands, who on the first call runs to help. Keep a balance between the willingness to always be around in a difficult moment and your own worth: the guy in no way should use you. behavior when communicating with a guy

When the relationship began

When the relationship has started, it is important to continue moving in the right direction. And the advice that psychologists give you will help.

  • Trust and let go.

In no way tie the guy to himself. It is clear that you want to spend more time together, but your relationship should not in any way curtail the personal freedom of each of you. The young man will still want to meet with friends, as it was before. Never be against it! Let it go, and you can meet your girlfriends - what is not an option? In addition, it is better to trust the guy from the first day, otherwise the relationship will not bring any of you joy. Relations built on mutual trust are strong and reliable. If you are all suspected and jealous of the guy, you will simply wipe yourself.

  • Do not give yourself cause for jealousy.

The same goes for you: to some extent it's nice when the guy is jealous. For many girls, this is an indicator that he is in love. But in reality it also says that a person does not fully trust you. Do not give reasons for distrust and jealousy: it will wipe out both the guy and you. Constant monitoring, the demand for a report "where was and with whom" - is it possible to bring happiness to the relationship? Hardly.

  • Change!

Remember, we already said that the girlshould remain for the man a riddle? Help in this matter and external reincarnations: for example, dye your hair in a new color or make a new make-up, dress in an unusual style. But change within the reasonable and at will: to want to surprise the guy and make him pleasantly commendable, but not to the detriment of one's desires, too. Your essence, the zest should always remain with you.

  • Develop.

Many young people point out that the girlshould not only be beautiful, but also smart. Men appreciate in their chosen minds and erudition. Therefore, develop, read more, learn something new. Even if you are not interested in, for example, world news, you still watch them: a cultural person is always aware of the events taking place in the world. Even if you are only interested in the latest collections of clothing designers, pay attention to the interests of the guy: if he likes cars, sometimes read magazines on automatics. And when you have the opportunity to shine with your knowledge, the guy and his friends will be shocked.

  • Be yourself.

In the end, you want tothe young man fell in love with you, in your inner world, and not in makeup, heels and dresses, is not it? So show him your inner world, acquaint him with him, because in the end people love each other not for appearance or mind, but for soul. the behavior of a girl in a relationship

How to fall in love with a guy, correspond with him?

In the age of the Internet this issue is becoming more and morerelevant. But since virtual communication is different from real, then the actions to conquer the guy will be different. If in real life the girl's attention can attract attention, first of all, through external data (makeup, clothes, manners, etc.), and then "turn on" the mind, then communicating with him virtually, such tactics are impossible. But it is in virtual communication that a girl can conquer a young person with intelligence, intellect, and communication culture. In addition, by correspondence, you must show attentiveness, sympathy for his problems, willingness to support, help, listen to the guy. All this is in Internet communication is highly valued. And, of course, you can show the guy that he likes you. Be attentive to the young man, to his hobby, life and what is happening in it. For example, if he told you that his dog is ill and he leads her to a veterinarian, be sure to ask then how the visit went. The guy will very highly appreciate this kind of care, rest assured. Thus, there are no special secrets in how to fall in love with a guy, no.