how to dress in a girl's club Every modern girl who has time fromtime visits nightclubs or walks in them constantly, you have to think about what clothes to pick up for such a hike. Why is the question of how to dress in a girl's club remains relevant and important, and is it true that there are some rules and restrictions in clothes in nightclubs? Indeed, in some clubs there is a certain dress code, not respecting which you will never go inside. For example, it could be a ban on a sporty style of clothing or a requirement for a certain length of dress or skirt. You always need to consider how to dress in the club based on what goals you want to achieve as a result of his visit. If the plans - just have fun with your souls with friends and dance, tirelessly, all night long, it is better to choose clothes that are as comfortable as possible, in which it will be convenient to be for several hours in a row. It can be stretch pants, tight jeans, shorts or a skirt. To them a simple light shirt or T-shirt is suitable, you can have a white color, which will be advantageous in the rays of ultraviolet. It will not be superfluous if it shows a pretty picture or an interesting inscription. Comfortable clothes are also leggings or leggings that do not shackle the movements. In pair to them it is possible to put on a long tunic of a free cut. Shoes are best to choose without a heel, on a flat sole. In this case ballet shoes, sandals or sneakers are suitable. In such shoes, even after several hours of incendiary dancing, your feet will not feel incredible fatigue. The variant of how you can dress in the club in order to get acquainted with the attracted guy can be a bright colorful outfit that will stand out from the crowd, and will not leave any girl unnoticed. Do not prohibit a large number of rhinestones and sequins sewn on clothes. It will also be appropriate to look like a dress or a blouse from fabrics of bright, saturated colors, the main thing is that their combination corresponds to other items of the wardrobe and accessories. This outfit will not look vulgar at nightclub at all, and, perhaps, will not attract a single fan to your person. how to dress in a club If you intend to wear jeans in combination withshoes with stilettos, then they will need some interesting belt, it will perfectly complement your feminine glamorous image. Put on a combination of simple blue jeans beautiful top and you will definitely be in the spotlight all evening. When hiking in a nightclub, emphasize your dignity, a suitable outfit, without embarrassment. As the owner of long slender, perfect legs, it is worth wearing a short skirt or shorts. Girls with beautiful breasts are perfect for a top or blouse with a deep neckline, or a sexy fashionable corset if you like extravagant outfits. Feminine shoulders and graceful neck can be emphasized with a dress on straps or absolutely without sleeves. A thin waist will be given by a belt or a tight dress. But always remember the important rule - if you open the chest, then the legs should be closed, and vice versa. Otherwise you may be mistaken for a girl of easy virtue. The dress that is most often dressed for discotheques, perhaps, remains a dress - Its color, style and length are not of great importance. If the girl plans to spend the whole evening sitting at a table or bar, with a glass of martini, she can safely wear even a long evening dress, the main advantage of which will not be his comfort, but aesthetic beauty. And if the plans include dancing with rhythmic music, it is better to choose a dress for which the maximum length reaches the knee, so as not to obstruct any movement. In addition, the dress should be very comfortable, so that during the dance, not even the slightest discomfort is felt. Very sexy looks dress with open shoulders, longer than the knees and emphasizing the waist with a thin strap. A romantic image of the princess will be given by a dress with an air multilayered skirt-bell and sleeves-lanterns. And, of course, the perfect dress for all occasions is a small black dress. Very well, if the material from which the dress is made, will have a shiny shade or flicker in the dark, with dim club light. Shoes under the dress can be selected on a high heel, medium heel or wedge. It can be elegant elegant shoes with a sharp toe, open light sandals made of thin straps or fashionable ankle boots of different styles. The color of shoes should be black or shiny shades. In the cold season, boots of medium length on the hairpin will look great, and with a super-short dress they perfectly match the boots. how can I get dressed in a club If the outside is not very hotair, under a dress or a skirt you can wear kapron tights or stockings. There are no restrictions. You can choose the usual tights of any color or with a variety of patterns and patterns, as well as pantyhose or stockings-mesh. Avoid putting on a nightclub clothes with long sleeves, as well as made of dense or synthetic materials. In clubs in such clothes, from a large crowd of people, their own energetic movements during the dancing and from the alcohol contained in the drunk cocktails, you will simply be unbearably hot. Do not just resort to the sporting style of clothing. You do not need to come to the club in knitted shorts and T-shirts, with the logos of the leading sports companies or in a jacket with a hood. The choice of accessories is also important for the completion of the stylish image of the girl. A handbag for a trip to a nightclub should be compact and beautiful. It is best to take with you a small clutch, in which you can place the most necessary items: a comb, a purse, lipstick and a phone. About large capacious bags have to forget, because they do not fit well with club clothes. Ornaments should also match the chosen one. If a girl has preferred a simple style in clothes, then it must be supplemented with bright accessories, such as large earrings, or a few bracelets on hand, the choice is yours! To the glamorous shiny side, it's better to choose a minimum of ornaments, otherwise you will look like a Christmas tree. Whichever style a girl chooses for a trip to a nightclub, the main thing is that her clothes look clean and neat. In this case, attention from the opposite sex will be provided to her, and she will have fun from the heart with her friends. We advise you to read: